Joseph A. Morales

March 19, 1940December 4, 2018

Joseph “Jose” A. Morales (78) of Tolleson, Arizona entered into Heaven on December 4, 2018. Jose was born on March 19, 1940 in Phoenix, Arizona to Frank and Cecilia (Alcaraz) Morales. Jose was married to the Love of his life, Esther (Avila), in April of 1969. Jose and Esther were blessed with 3 children, 13 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Jose worked extremely hard to support his family both financially and emotionally.

He was a accomplish musician whose accolades included recording many studio albums, receiving musician of the year award (1980), performing around the United States of America and many other countries and appearing with the famous Mariachi Vargas.

Jose leaves behind his wife Esther, children Ernestina, Cecilia and Ritchie, Joe and Dina; grandchildren Melissa, Anita, Leonard, Casandra, Salina, David, Joe Jr, Brendan, Stephanie, Michael, Christopher, Jason, and Liam; great grandchildren Gabriel and Fabian. He is preceded in Heaven by his mother and his father.

Jose was a devoted son, husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. He was loved by all and will truly be missed.

SERVICE: Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the ceremony of life for my beloved father Joseph Alcaraz Morales. My father Joseph Alcaraz Morales was born on March 19 1940 in Phoenix Arizona to my grandparents Frank and Cecilia Morales. He married the love of his life My Mother Esther Morales in 1973 and was blessed with 45 years of marriage. Those who truly knew my mother and father know there marriage was very unique, but always full of love. They were blessed with 3 children Tina, Cecilia, and Joe. He was blessed with his daughter in-law my wife Dina Morales for 30 years who he mentioned many times her cooking reminded him of his mother’s. He was blessed with his son in-law my sister Cecilia’s husband Richie Iatrate for 8 years he enjoyed Richie’s homemade lasagna. The lord blessed them with 13 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. My father had nicknames for all of his grandchildren; my daughter Casandra (His tough wrestler), My third to the youngest son (His last Morales), My daughter Anita (His Doctor), My daughter Salina (Beautiful), My son Joe j.r.(Bigboy), My infant son Liam (Lee), My son Jason (The Preacher ), My daughter Stephanie (The doll), My son Michael (The shark tamer), My sister Cecilia’s children (The megatroids) and my sister Tina’s daughter ( Mellissa Meha). My father would always speak to his grandchildren and make carinios to them even when they were not around. He always had them in his mind and in his heart. My father was a mariachi musician for 5 decades, performing throughout the United States and many countries. He was experience in many instruments the violin, harp, trumpet, wewella (small guitar), Guitar, piano, organ, the guetaron (Bass Guitar), Drums, and many more. He recorded numerous albums with respected mariachi groups. Numerous mariachi groups would seek him to join there groups, do to his experience dedication, and love for his music. He achieved musician of the year award in 1980 by Mr. Vicente Sanchez and the S. A. M. A. organization. I was blessed two see my father perform in many concerts, but there was one performance that stood out from the rest. He was performing at a mariachi festival in Glendale Arizona. My mother, wife and I were present at this performance. His Mariachi group was performing and had just completed performing a song. I noticed my father step up to the microphone and dedicated the next song he performed and sung himself to my mother. I can recall my father’s demeanor that day how proud he stood singing the song he had dedicated to my mother. As he continued to perform I glanced at my mother and notice she had tears in her eyes. At the end of my father’s mariachi performance he proceeded to exit the stage and came straight to my mother immediately hugging her. I looked at my parents and saw truly how much love they had for each other. As we proceeded to my vehicle my father was stopped numerous times by other musicians who showed there respect for my father and his music. As I walked with my father I remember how proud I was of him. There was another time my father and I went to meet his friends from mariachi Vargas at a resort. When we arrived we proceeded to a room where one of his closest friends was awaiting his arrival. His friend open the door and immediately they hugged each other like there was no tomorrow. Throughout the visit I noticed other members of mariachi Vargas coming to the room to visit with my father. By the end of our visit all of the members of mariachi Vargas had visited with him. During this visit I noticed the respect these respected musicians had for my father. They proceeded to autograph an album and poster for him before the end of the visit. As a humorous ending to this visit, I drove my father home that night do to him having some adult beverages with his mariachi friends. When we were at a stop light on 7th Ave and Broadway my father proceeded to open the car door. I immediately told him to close the door, explaining to him we were at a stop light. He them turned to me and told me “I will be back, I’m going to perform with my group “. I told my father “he did enough performing that night and it was time to go home mom was going to be mad, we need to get home”. My father had another love and it was visiting sing high were he would eat Chinese food. He was always the last one to leave the table when it came to Chinese food. My father made people feel comfortable around him by speaking with all he would come in contact respectfully. He would make the people laugh as he did on the weekends when he would speak with his sister my Tia Rachel, sharing jokes with her. My father loved all of his family and was proud of his children and grandchildren. Through this journey with my father, I learned that life is too short. Too short to be angry, arguing, complaining, and worried in this life time. It’s not about how much money you have or the career, but about having love, respect, faith and being a man or woman of your word. He shared with my Wife Dina a saying he would always quote “if there is a fix to the problem great, and if there is not a fix great, why worry.” He advised us to put Jesus first in our life, to trust in him and all would be fine. He taught me that life, family, and love is the most important and valuable gifts our Lord has blessed us with. The day before my father passed I made a promised to him that I would continue to take care of my wife and children. To rest in peace as I would take care of my mother and sisters as well. I remember my father moving his eyes as if he was speaking to me telling me he loved me and thank you. Dad that is a promised I tend to keep.

The next day after my father’s passing I went into his room and I called out to him. I looked up to the ceiling and said “Dad I already miss you, why did you leave me”. As tears were running down my face I remember a warm peaceful feeling coming over me. I then told my father I love you and in my heart I felt my father tell me as he would “I love you too meho”. Later that night my mother presented me my father’s bible. As I sat on my mother’s bed reading my father’s bible I felt my father take me directly to the book of Galatians Chapter 2 Verse 20 which states “I am crucified with Christ: never the less I live yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith of the son of god, who loved me, and gave himself for me”. My father’s message is Christ is love and that is what all of us need to have in our hearts. For life which I now live in flesh, I live by faith of the son of god. My father does not want us to be sad, but instead rejoice that he is now with our lord, with my grandparents his (mother and father), my nana and ta-ta his (mother in-law and father in-law), with his sister in laws and brother in-law. With the way he lived his life from the start to the end with family, love, peace, and with Christ.

Mom, Tina, Cecilia, My wife Dina, brother in-law Richie and to all of his grandchildren dad is gone in the flesh, but know that he lives in each and every one of our hearts. Always be kind, respectful, loving, and with Christ in your lives as dad would want it to be.

May God Bless You All and be with you always.


  • Esther Morales, Wife
  • also his children Ernestina, Cecilia and Ritchie, Joe and Dina; grandchildren Melissa, Anita, Leonard, Casandra, Salina, David, Joe Jr, Brendan, Stephanie, Michael, Christopher, Jason, and Liam; great grandchildren Gabriel and Fabian.


  • Celebration of Life Friday, December 21, 2018
  • Memorial Service Friday, December 21, 2018

Joseph A. Morales

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Nancy Martinez

December 20, 2018

My heart and prayers to the loved ones he leaves behind. May the Lord strengthen your hearts and may he fill you All with his Love and stregth that only God can give. Amen

Vicente Avila

December 18, 2018

So sorry for your loss my condolences to the Morales Family......

Teresa, Raul Gutierrez

December 14, 2018

Morales Family,

So sorry for this big loss. My most sincere condolences to the family, you all are in my prayers and thoughts. May God give you wisdom to go through this pain. Best wishes for all of you, stay strong and together as a family, that would have been his wishes.


Teresa and Raul Gutierrez

Casandra Morales

December 12, 2018

Casandra -Granddaughter
I will miss you grandpa thank you for being a funny grandpa , a wonderful father in law to my mom also a wonderful father to my Dad. Now you enter the Gates of Heaven with God being with your mom and dad.
You're also a wonderful musician of the mariachi band , i do miss you going to church with us but also watching wrestling with me saying where is my little wrestler.
The best memory that I had with you was my 11th birthday that you came out with your guitar singing happy birthday to me and then my high school choir concert you came to support me on that day watching me singing from the very first time with my high school choir class also watching old movies.
We will meet again in heaven with the Lord of Jesus Christ with the angels Amen💖🙏
I can do all things when the Lord strengthens me. (Philippians 4: 14) 🙏

Salina Morales

December 11, 2018

To My Grandfather Thank You For Wonderful Memories That We Share Together Thank You For Always Loving Me And My Sliblings Im Proud To Be Your Grandaughter And Carrie Your Blood Through My Veins Of A Wonderful Man That You Are Because To Me You Will Always Live In My Heart And I Will Always Remember The Funny Memories That We Had You Will Always Make Me Laugh With Your Funny Stories And Your Jokes Im Very Blessed To Have A Special Bound With You And How Much We Both Love Mariachi Music <3 Thank You For Raising A Good Man That I Called Dad <3 Thank You For Being A Wonderful Father In Law To My Mother <3 And Thank You For Being A Fun, Funny, Amazing, Wonderful, And Blessed Grandfather To Me And My Sliblings <3 You Will Always Ask My Mom For Me Saying How Is My Beautiful Salina My Granddaughter And He Will Say My Son Pick A Beautiful Women Cause My Grandchildren Are Beautiful When My Dad Got His Bible After He Pass There Was My Picture And My Slibings Pictures Which Shows He Was A Man Of God And Dont Worrie Tata My Dad Has His Wife And Children That Will Always Be There For Him And Will Take Good Care Of Him May You Enter The Gates Of Heaven And Reunite With The Lord And Hug Him Tight Tata Cause You Made It And May You Reunite With Your Parents And Family Up There I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!
Love From Your Beautiful Granddaughter Salina Morales <3 <3 <3
And Your 9 Grandchildren

Dina Morales

December 11, 2018

Joesph my father-in-law
Thank you for being the best in the world. I was blessed with such a wonderful father-in-law. I am so thankful GOD gave me you in my life. You were always so kind and loving with me and my children. You were a humble and honest man. Thats what made me admire you. Plus you always said my cooking was the best and it remind you of your mothers cooking thats why I loved to cook for you suegrito. You have left me your only daughter in law good memories. I was spoild by you because I was your only daughter in law. Your last words to me were when I told you I love you, you answered back quickly I love you MORE!! And that made me happy. I'll always remember you as the HONEST man you were ,loving, and a man of your word. Takes special person to be honest and loving.😘😘😘😘😘

Casandra Morales

December 10, 2018

I will always love you grandpa , your a wonderful grandpa also the best musician . the best memories that i had with you is when my 11th birhtday you came out with your guitar started play singing Happy Birthday to me. We will meet again in heaven with God in Jesus name Amen 💖🙏