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Karen Arlene Penrod-Gibbons

June 8, 1961September 1, 2019

Karen Arlene Penrod-Gibbons, 58, of Phoenix Arizona entered into heaven peacefully on September 1, 2019 in Sun City, Arizona. Karen was born on June 8,1961 to Barbara Bernice Russell (McCullough) and Arland “Curley” Ardell Penrod.

Karen was the mother of four daughters. Her passion was her family. Karen attended school to have a career. Karen got a great job, but after about a year she became disabled due to her battle with lupus.

Karen then focused all of her attention on her family. When they were not around she loved to watch murder mysteries; IE; Chicago PD and Law and Order; she loved to eat chocolate, all kinds, especially Reese’s; her favorite color was purple; and she loved Bon Jovi.

Karen leaves behind her husband Gregory Gibbons, Mother Dude Penrod, children Nicole & (Joe), Jennifer & ( Henry), Jami & (Frank), and Darcy & (Kris); Grandchildren Tyler, Amber, Tiana, Daniel, Damien, Samuel, Alicia, Kaci, Aubrey, and Joe; great grand child Alliyah; brothers and sisters Frances, Penny, Buddy, Shawn, Raylynn and La Quita.

Karen is preceded by her Mother and Father

Service is Sunday September 15 at 2pm at Chapel of the Chimes Mortuary , Glendale, Arizona.


  • Gregory Gibbons, Husband
  • also Mother Dude Penrod, children: Nicole & (Joe), Jennifer & ( Henry), Jami & (Frank), and Darcy & (Kris); grandchildren: Tyler, Amber, Tiana, Daniel, Damien, Samuel, Alicia, Kaci, Aubrey, and Joe; great grand child: Alliyah; brothers and sisters Frances, Penny, Buddy, Shawn, Raylynn and La Quita.


  • Memorial Service Sunday, September 15, 2019


Karen Arlene Penrod-Gibbons

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Sherry Stearns

September 14, 2019

Karen, I feel I have known you for many years. I am your daughter Nicole’s “Work Mom”. I don’t really feel worthy of writing in this beautiful book where all your family and loved ones are sharing their most loving memories. But I want to share that you did an amazing job of raising Nicole to be a kind, caring, hard working and loving person! I had the privilege of finally meeting you at Nicole‘s baby shower. In that one meeting I could tell where Nicole gets her strength and her courage that has carried her through her life. Karen you can be proud of your legacy. I know it will carry on. May you rest in pease, you beautiful lady!
My sincere condolences to the family!

Diane Stecklein

September 11, 2019

Missing you so much my dear friend. It took so long to find you and now I lost you again. Rest in peace my dear friend. Thanks Jenny for helping me through this. Love you. Diane

DeeDee Doyle

September 11, 2019

The funniest memory I have of us was when you and I were smoking in the bathroom and heard your Mom (Aunt Barbara) drive up so we flicked our cigarettes out the window or so we thought! So we're sitting down eating Dinner and we smell something like smoke so my Aunt goes to investigate where it's coming from and there were clothes in the bathtub on 🔥. Busted

Nicole Bishop

September 11, 2019

I'm still at a loss for words when I stop long enough to realize you are really gone it is heart breaking the worst heart break I've ever felt in my life. I made a promise by your bedside when I was 13 to keep us girls together only difference is now I'm 42 now and there is are 9 more little people including those 3 little girls and I found myself making the same very promise by your bedside last week 30 years later. You have my promise until the day we meet again. Thank you for making me who I am today your strength throughout our life has been incredible you. I know they were not easy years. I am happy you are at peace and no longer on pain. You raised me to pick up the pieces and handle shit and that is what I'm doing in your memory forever and always I love you your daughter Nicole

Penny Penrod-Motes

September 11, 2019

I will never say goodbye I can"t you have always been my big little sister even tho we haven't been close I have always though of you .the memory I want to share is from our childhood we weren't very old but all of us shared a bedroom.this one night we were all in bed and we heard something scratching at the window.we were all scarred. Momma came in to tell us to stop talking and we told why .after she checked it out laughing cuz it was just pomagranic tree scraping the window.
I have always loved you and always will.
I love you Ksren you are always going to be I my heart.

LaQuita Houston

September 10, 2019

My sister was the best mom I knew !!!! She always taught me with her actions !!! She was a pistol and always set me straight when I was wrong !!!! I will never forget what a good example she was !!! She will never be forgotten !!! Love you Karen!!!!!

Jackie Ramos

September 10, 2019

Where do I start!! I have soo many memories! I first met you 38 years ago at County Hospital. We became fast friends. But the one BIG memory I'm going to share is meeting Jon Bon Jovi. We had gone to the Fair Grounds to see them in concert. Just had the Most wonderful time. But we weren't ready to leave yet. So we decided to wait and see if we could meet them. Well we waited about 30 mins and noticed a van leaving and just know they where in it. So we had to run to the car and follow it. Doing everything we could not to loss them( I don't think I've ever drove so crazy). Well we ended up following them all the way to the airport. Running on adrenaline we jumped out of the car to see them get out of the van. Sure glad it was them after all! They ended up coming over to talk to us. All but Richie! We talked for about 45 mins. Jon did give each of us a purple rose. We where told they where his favorite.They did invite us to fly with them to California but we refused. ( Had kids waiting at home for us). With reluctance we got back in the car and watched the plane take off. After it was gone I proceeded to drive away still in shock that we meet them. As I drove out of the airport, you grew really silent. When out of know where you let out the most blood curling scream , kicking the floor and punching the roof of the car. I still hear it today!! I know we didn't have much contact over the last few years but I've always considered you my one true best friend!!! I hope this memory makes sense to everyone because I'm writing it through tears. I Love You Karen Gibbons!!!

Frances Davenport

September 10, 2019

It’s not goodbye because you will always be in my heart .Be at pease and free of pain . Love you always Sister I will miss you so much .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jami Davis

September 10, 2019

I Love You Forever Karen

DeeDee Doyle

September 10, 2019

I have so many memories of us growing up and many more as Mother's raising our children that I will treasure forever. Even though we were cousins you and Franny were the sister I never had. Through the years you were the strongest woman I knew. You have been my inspiration for fighting Lupus. I love you Karen.