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Armando Remonte Rivera

January 27, 1940March 11, 2020

Armando Remonte Rivera was born on January 27, 1940 and passed away on March 11, 2020.


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Armando Remonte Rivera

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Cathy and Art Pimmarleejs

April 4, 2020

We met Mandy when we decided to become parishioners of Queen of Angels Tridentine Catholic Church. We know him as a very happy, jolly and funny gentleman. He always say "Hi!" to everyone and smile back at you while throwing some jokes at the same time. You can't help to either continue his jokes or just laugh while you guys are saying bye to each other.

It's actually hard to talk about Mandy alone as him and Carmelita are inseparable. We love both of them and they're a couple who's very loving to our Lord and down to earth. If I would ask Mandy anything about the church he would always give us answers but he always wants us to ask Carmelita for the same questions to make sure.

On our wedding back in 2015, of all the members of the QOA, we have invited the head Pastor Fr. Radecki and the couple, Mandy and Carmelita. We are so grateful for their presence. Sunday after the wedding, we have received a special wedding gifts from both Mandy and Carmelita. It was this huge beautiful and blessed framed image of St. Michael and The Madonna and Child with two Angels. Art is so happy to receive the St. Michael image as he has been wanting to own one for a long time. As if they knew exactly what we like as a wedding gift.

Mandy was very active to the church. We saw it until his last days. Sometimes we are thinking that the Lord will understand him if he would just take a break and get well at the comfort of his home. But we still saw him singing for our Lord until we heard that he can't anymore. The love for our Lord... that's something that he have proven to everyone who witnessed, how much he have given himself to the Lord. We've never seen someone so passionate and persevered serving our Lord until he can't anymore. He's an inspiration and we pray, every night that our Lord will grant him eternal rest and may perpetual light shine upon him and may he rest in peace. We miss you Mandy.

Daisy Atienza

April 3, 2020

Dearest Lita,

Sharing your deepest sadness but always remember LOVE lives forever.

You have been blessed with the assurance where Mandy is and he will remain with you forever... Memories of the many years of loving togetherness will keep you company in the years to come, and surely you will not be alone.

It was more than 40 years ago when Pete G. introduced me to Mandy when they met me at Schipol International Airport to attend a graduate study program at the Hague, Netherlands. Mandy's warm friendliness and his sincerity was immediately evident. He told me that his Mom used to play tennis with my Dad and when he & his brothers were studying at the
University of the Philippines, my Dad used to guarantee their student loans as the University Registrar. Mandy at the Hague, was UBER to Filipinos participating in the fellowship programs. He was also our generous host as well as our tourist guide on many occasions.

Meeting you and Mandy in Glendale in the late eighties was heaven sent for me. You and Mandy guided me to the path of loving kindness and forgiveness. Both of you have fortified my faith and devotion to our Blessed Mother and her beloved son, Jesus. These are truly very precious gifts and I'm truly grateful forever.

Let the endless love of Mandy prevail in your heart that you may have joy in the days to come. Much love and prayers always...


Harriet Ruiz

April 2, 2020

Thank you, Carmelita.

Hope you are doing well. Cora called me and informed me about Mandy. Although Father Dominic announced Mandy's viewing and funeral at Mass, Cora said that Father recently told her that there are changes due to the state lockdown: no Masses, and the funeral is limited to family members. I just want you to know that I have prayed for Mandy and I will miss him, his jokes, our breakfasts and lunches, the flower arranging for processions, and every activity you did - Mandy was always there. I am glad that God introduced you and Mandy to me and gave me such sincere, loyal friends. My life is richer for it.

Take care. Your family and your brother's family are leaning on you now. As Father said at Mass: Fear not, for Jesus is with us.
If you need anything, please let me know.


Sr. Mary Josephine CMRI

April 2, 2020

Dear Carmelita,

May Mother Mary's arms enclose you tightly to Her Heart as you feel the loss of your brother, and now Mandy. May they both rest peacefully in the Sacred Heart of our Savior.

I will always remember with gratitude when Father Dominic brought us to your home for several hours (after the Sisters flight to Spokane was canceled). It made that Christmas 2017 very special! God will reward you and Mandy for your kind hospitality...as well as for many hours of loving service to the Church.

Please be assured of my prayers for Mandy and your brother, and for you especially at this time. May God bless you always.

With lots of love,
Sister Mary Josephine, CMRI

Sr. Mary Loretta CMRI

April 2, 2020

Dear Carmelita,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve the loss of your beloved husband, just a few short days after your brother. I am sure it is not easy to lose the love of your life at any time, but God knows the perfect time, and gives His grace to you to bear the heavy cross.

Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts on Mandy. I can relate to all you said, as he was someone with much patience, joy and respect for all, especially religious. Reminiscing of him during our visits to Queen of Angels: singing with him in the choir; him being there and helping with the flowers you were so beautifully arranging; sharing time with you when you would take us out to eat; and on our last visit to California in the summer, being able to welcome Jesus into your home, and visiting with you. etc….Many fond memories.

Depending on how things go in our current crisis, we hope we will still be able to travel, and see you for Holy Week and Easter.

May God hold you in the Palm of His Hand and may Our Blessed Mother wrap her mantle securely around you.

“We don’t know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future.”

God bless you,

Sister Mary Loretta

Debbie Walberg

March 31, 2020

I am Armando Rivera’s niece. He and my late father were brothers. Known as Uncle Manding, he was a pillar of my childhood, of my earliest and fondest memories. I remember his presence at family gatherings, graduations and other milestones. I remember going swimming in the pool at his and Aunty Lita’s home, where his appreciation for fine arts was apparent in the decor and was probably my earliest impression of such things. He had discerning tastes and such grace and humility. He retired in 2013 from a long and successful career as an engineer. His sweet and gentle demeanor, his voice and easy laughter, good humor and good cheer are still vivid in my heart and mind.

The last time I saw him was in December at a family Christmas party, and I am very grateful for that. I went out to the sidewalk to greet him, Aunty Lita, and his brother-in-law, the late Jaime Chan (Uncle Jimmy) when they arrived. (Uncle Jimmy’s unexpected death a couple weeks before Uncle Manding’s also weighs heavy on my heart. Uncle Jimmy’s generous heart and his flair for lovingly wrapping and giving gifts also remain vivid. These are mournful times indeed.) I was holding my son, and the first thing Uncle Manding said was (to my son), “You look like your mama!” (Thank goodness for that.) As I once told my husband (who, much to my lament, never got to meet my father): To get a sense of what my father was like, just talk to his two brothers. Though the three had their dissimilarities, they had similar vibes.

From the family gatherings of my childhood to that last family Christmas party, I am grateful for every last occasion with our dearly departed, as well as other family. Just being there has meant so much, in celebration and in mourning with one another through the years. Kindness resonates for always. In losing Uncle Manding, another beloved link to a precious and dear, ever-receding family history is lost. And I cherish all of you who are the links still remaining.

Fr. John Trough

March 15, 2020

Dear Carmelita,

I will miss dear Mandy. He was such a fine example of a good Catholic gentleman. I am so inspired by his deep love for the Catholic Faith and the true Mass. It was such a privilege to have Mandy serve my Mass the last time I visited Queen of Angels in September of 2018. Be assured of my prayers for his soul and for you. May Our Lady and the Sacred Heart be your comfort and refuge!

In Jesus and Mary,
Fr. John Trough