Candelaria Gonzales Martinez

May 25, 1935April 2, 2018

Candelaria Gonzales Martinez was born on May 25, 1935 and passed away on April 2, 2018


  • Visitation Tuesday, April 10, 2018
  • Funeral Mass Wednesday, April 11, 2018
  • Committal Service Wednesday, April 11, 2018
  • Reception Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Candelaria Gonzales Martinez

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Beatriz Gruenberg

April 18, 2018

The last 3 years were the most precious times we had. Every day I would come home from work my Mom waited for me and she would be sitting in her wheelchair at the door of her room and she would have me offer both sides of my cheeks after I kissed her in greeting so she could kiss me and say, "Kabila naman" and planted 2 Filipino style kisses with the "singhot", then I would say "Kumusta ka na Ma" to which she'd reply "Eto, buhay pa." I would bring our dinner and eat together, then she would let me lie down on her bed while she stayed in her wheelchair. Sometimes we talked about her past, her experiences in her life, incidents of the day or from another day which she thought were from present day, my problems or just watched the news, comedy shows or Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, the Voice or I'd doze off and sometimes it'll be late and she'd be knocking off in her chair and she would just keep letting me sleep. She always put us first before herself and I wish that I came back that last night when she asked me to and told me she'd wait for me but I told her I'll just come right after work not knowing there was not going to be a tomorrow. "Mommy, you'd just have to wait for me in heaven! I love you todo todo, always and forever" not "tomorrow no more" as you would automatically reply. I'll hold you in my heart and hold on to your love till I see you next and embrace you more tightly so I'll never have to let you go!

Angel Ortega

April 10, 2018

I seldom visit lola when i was a kid but i remember one time when i had a sleepover,we shared one room. My siblings never ask lola to do an errand for them but i remember once while i was taking a bath,i forgot to bring the shampoo so i had no choice but to call lola to get the shampoo in the room for me that she cheetfully did and when i told my sister about it,she was shocked and said "talaga,nautusan mo si lola?!".i didnt know why but for me,that was one way she showed her care for her apo. She also asked me for a massage.there were plenty of food on the table as my reward.we talked about a lot of things but i was surprised why all of a sudden it was so quiet and when i checked,lola was already sound asleep. The last time i saw lola was on a video call with Tita Betty and Papa. Im very happy hearing her voice and seeing her smile. Lola you will always be remembered in my heart. We love you and missed you

Enrique Gruenberg IV

April 7, 2018

It is sad to hear about your death Lola, but I know that God will rest your soul in peace in Heaven. You will always be remembered, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I love you Lola.


April 6, 2018

My deepest condolences to the family. i met Lola rara on a video call with Daddy Manny. she's so cute!her smile is so genuine it's unfortunate i came to see her and met her for a very short time. i knew her from the stories of daddy manny and my husband marvyn. it would have been great to meet lola rara personally. but for sure she is now very happy with the Lord our God


April 6, 2018

it's been a while since i saw lola Rara when my dad went for video chat at one time. lola never change being cheerful and making sure food is available 😄🥐we always remember lola from her laughter. that you can hear across the room and when meal time is coming nothing beats her cooking, as always you will feel like your going to a buffet line and when you had enough. lola will say have some more and when everything is coming out from your eyes. lola will say try this one no matter what you will end up feeling like exploding on your chair
she may scream, she may say a lot of things but it will never amount the gesture of love she gives to her apo's and everybody in the house
we will miss you lola but you will never be forgotten
may you be in our God Lord kingdom in heaven enjoying all the splendor of Jesus
we love you lola always

Mary Catherine Gruenberg

April 6, 2018

there was never a time with lola without good food.her sinigang,adobong tostado,spaghetti,caldereta,sinabawang isda,everything she cooked were really really a kid,i grew up with lola's dogs all over the house and i used to think that she loves them more than she loves me but as i grew older,i started to love dogs too and right now i let my dogs sleep on my bed,exactly the way lola does.she also loves to be massaged from head to foot.whenever she calls me to her room to give her a massage,there's always a twenty peso bill (or even more) and some chips on the table for me but i can only have it once she falls asleep which sometimes takes more than an hour because she talks about a lot of things before sleeping.there were times that we dont get along really well but i sure know how kind and loving my lola was.if you are a nice person,she'll be nicer to you but never disobey or disrespect her or you'll end up kneeling infront of the altar...lola,all these memories i will forever treasure in my heart.may you rest in peace.i love you so much.

Janelle Hilario

April 4, 2018

My favorite memory of Lola is when she first taught me how to cook her famous fried adobo. The recipe was straight from her memory without exact measurements, more by eye and hand measurements and her instructions were in Tagalog (which I understood half).
I loved her colorful clothes (especially green) and her love of animals (something that her great grand-daughter Isabelle has in common). One moment, I admired & complimented her green jeweled bracelet and she took it off and gave it to me (which I didn’t ask for). I kept it as an heirloom to pass on to Isabelle. She was a strong spirit, but very kind and giving. We will miss her dearly. Rest In Peace Lola.