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Manuel Salgado Jr.

May 1, 1997December 5, 2019

Manuel Salgado was born on May 1, 1997 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and passed away on December 5, 2019 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


  • Visitation Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Manuel Salgado Jr.

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Christina Tranguilino Borja

December 10, 2019

All my memories I had with you my favorite one was that you always played soccer with me at the style center. I can write a book about you and tell you everything in my thoughts and memory. I love you for being the best cousin I had.

Alejandro Borja

December 10, 2019

I remember as kids him and I would always walk from the house on Indiana to Mcdonalds on Fulton st or the KFC. Get a couple burgers and then split the fries. Thats all we would have enough for lol. He would always tell me how i'd eat most of them. From then until now me and him would always eat together from sharing and trading plates to everything else we did. This is probably the hardest time of my life but I know he is up there watching over me and my family. All i wanna do is play some Apex with you again. I LOVE you cousin

Maria Salgado

December 10, 2019

I have to say my final goodbye today to my baby brother. I don’t know why god does things or why some of us pass this way. I can’t change time nor can I change futures. I can however find comfort, knowing that I KNOW I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN. I will never see you walk this earth again man and that hurts me more and more as we move forward.

I just wish, wishes really could be granted. All three wishes would be for you to be here.

I just ask that you leave in peace brother. I hope that you find yourself in a sanctuary brother. I hope that in heaven you can also stand by my mother brother. Stand by us when we need to find assurance of your peace.

Brother I love you so much. You were so loved. We will never have an angel walk this earth like you. You were so kind. Gave so much back and never expected anything in return.

You were the realist of the realist and I don’t say that because you were my brother. You were a true family man baby. Took care of your mother, took care of the family, gave back when needed, gave reassurance, and most of all loved like no other.

Baby they don’t make them like you no more.

I remember my little brother being 5 years old. Little blue jeans, no shirt, cowboy boots on and with that green little plastic stunt gun. Talking about bang, bang, and running off.

This time you’re not coming back after bang bang.

Maria Arellano

December 10, 2019

How to pick just one memory of out the millions we have? He was the most humble guy I’ve ever met. He always made sure his son and I never needed anything. He was such a great person and would go to the end of the earth for anyone he knew. Manuel would show everyone love, whether it was his friends or family he always had so much love in his heart. He was such a great person. He always motivated everyone around him and he always wanted the best for everyone. He wanted to see everyone shine. I will never let our son forget the great person his dad was.

Bri Zambrana

December 9, 2019

I knew Manuel since 5th grade and we were really close for a long time. My whole family knew him and loved him. He was in my quince even tho he swore he would never do it bc he couldn’t dance which was kinda true lmao but he still put his suit on and did the walts and even did my surprise dance without complaining 😂 I have no bad words about him or the person he was. He was definitely a protecter and a lover of the ones close to him. I love you bro and I’ll never forget you.

Scott Prater

December 9, 2019

I had Manuel in class when he was at East Lee. He was always really good to talk too. Even after Manuel left, all of the staff remained hopeful that he, like so many other former students would move on, graduate and do amazing things in the next phase of life. I don't recall seeing or running into Manuel after he left East Lee, but I do remember Manuel. Easy to talk to, teacher-student wise. Listened when others talked with him. Got along great with his peers. Had a great sense of humor. I really liked having him in class.

We all miss you and hopefully one day each and everyone of your loved ones can one day see you again, give you a hug and hear your voice again. I am so sorry for your family and friends loss. Deep down, whatever happened after he left my class that last day, I know that Manny had a good heart and I hope with the time that he had that he made a lasting impact on the people in his life.

Manny is definitely one of my former students that I will never forgot. Prayers to the family and friends. Good kid gone way to soon.

Much respect and love.

Mr. Scott Prater
GLPS- East Lee Campus Teacher

Kelly Depaz

December 9, 2019

So many memories ee made together this past year. You joining us to lenis and lilis birthdays,to all the cook out we had over the summer. To all the nights of loteria where you just made us laugh. We going to miss you for the rest of our life. Leni and I love you we just never got the chance to tell you in person.

Amanda Salgado

December 8, 2019

I have soo many memories of my little brother but the one that has always stuck to me, was when I would pick on him and say I'm bigger than you so you will never win. As he grew older he would always say to me look who's bigger now? Lol. He was the glue to our family. So kind and humble. We will always miss you brother ♥️