James Jim Clyde Crotcher

September 1, 1947May 23, 2016
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VERSAILLES – James Clyde Crotcher, 68, of Versailles, Ohio, went home to be with the Lord on Monday, May 23, 2016, after a 3-year battle with cancer. Jim is the son of Clyde and Isabelle (Fultz) Crotcher. He grew up on a farm in Bellevue, Ohio, and then attended the Ohio State University graduating with a degree in Animal Science. It was at Ohio State where he met his wife, Shirley Beard. They have been married 47 years. In 1970, they moved to Darke County where Jim was a feed specialist for 29 years for Landmark/Countrymark in Greenville and New Weston before becoming a realtor.

In addition to his wife, Jim is survived by his three daughters, Kim and Milan Pozderac of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Kelly and Travis Fliehman of Greenville, Ohio, and Kristi and John Kaiser of Versailles, Ohio, and eight grandchildren: Abby, Milan, and Maribeth Pozderac; Lexi Fliehman; and Alex, Caleb, Luke, and Ben Kaiser. Also surviving is Jim’s sister Judy and Rick Lauer of Nineveh, Indiana.

The funeral service will be held at 10:30 am Thursday May 26, 2016 at St. John Lutheran Church 7814 St. Rt. 121 North Greenville, Ohio with Pastor Patti Morlock officiating. Burial will follow in the St. John Church Cemetery. The family will receive friends on Wednesday May 25, 2016 from 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm in the Zechar Bailey Funeral Home Greenville, Ohio and on Thursday 1 hour prior to the services in the church.

It is the wishes of the family that Memorial Contributions be given to the Versailles Emergency Medical Services or the Darke County Cancer Association.


  • Visitation Wednesday, May 25, 2016
  • Funeral Service Thursday, May 26, 2016

James Jim Clyde Crotcher

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May 8, 2017

Jim Crotcher, our good friend and colleague, passed away on May 23rd after a 3-year battle with cancer.

Jim was a good guy, always with a smile on his face, treating everybody with honesty and integrity. His Real Estate career began in 1999 and thru the years we all came to know and admire his work ethic.

The highest tribute to Jim is not with grief, but gratitude for having known Jim and having him be a part of our lives.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Professional Realty

May 8, 2017

Message of his granddaughter, Abby Kristina Pozderac

Tubby Butter
When I was little, probably 3 or 4, I remember we were all sitting around Grandma and Grandpa's dining room table laughing and having a good time when Grandpa whipped out Mr. Tubby Butter (a country crock margarine container). Mr Tubby Butter was quite the character, he would talk to us, tell us stories, and sometimes Papa even joked with us that Mr. Tubby Butter was going to get us and he would chase us around the table with it. While I know that Mr. Tubby Butter made multiple mealtime appearances this is the best memory I have of Papa and Mr. Tubby Butter probably because we were all there having fun.

The Underwear Hat
I always remember Grandpa's underwear hat sitting in his office. Every time that I walked through there I looked at it and thought how weird it was and would ask myself, "Why would anyone wear that hat?" While I don't know the background story of where the underwear hat came from I understand why Grandpa wore that goofy hat. When Grandpa would walk out of the office in his treasured underwear hat everyone would begin laughing, his goofy antics created smiles and laughter. Grandpa was always trying to make us grandkids laugh and the underwear hat was one of the many ways that he accomplished that throughout the years.

Macaroni Tree
Sitting to the right side of the swing set was the macaroni tree, the source of all things good and cheesy. I can remember on several visits when Grandma would be making macaroni and cheese from the macaroni tree, all of us grandkids would excitingly ask if we could help pick the macaroni from the tree but every time we visited Grandpa had just picked all the macaronis already. I remember Milan and I climbing up the ash trees and looking for baby macaronis that were beginning to grow but to our dismay we never found any. To this day the trees beside the swing set are still known as the macaroni trees.

Where does Chocolate Milk come from?
This was a very important lesson that Papa Crotcher taught all of the grandkids at a young age. I remember sitting around the dinner table when he taught Milan, Lexi, and myself a very important agricultural lesson. Chocolate milk comes from a brown, chocolate cow, white milk comes from a white cow, and strawberry milk comes from a strawberry cow.

Little Lady
The first 4-H ewe lamb that Grandpa ever bought me was Little Lady from Forsee. I remember coming home from school one day and in the pasture outside of the lean-to there was a beautiful Southdown ewe lamb. Mom and Grandpa both told me how special she was and how I needed to take care of her because she was very pretty. Little Lady was one of my best ewes. Over the eight years we had her we saved five or six ewes from her that are still in the flock today. The lessons that Grandpa taught me with the sheep are ones that I will cherish and carry with me for the rest of my life. It's safe to say that I'm grateful that I spent most of my childhood in the barn.

The last ewe Grandpa bought me was Prom. She received her name because while I was dancing the night away at my senior prom Grandpa was driving to Mount Vernon from the Eaton Sale to deliver me a ewe lamb. When I arrived home that night Grandpa was already back in Versailles and waiting for me in the barn was a surprise that I had not been expecting, a fall ewe lamb, that Grandpa and I both agreed should be named Prom due to the night that she came into our lives.

While we were living in St. Marys Georgia, Grandpa and Grandma were beginning to get into the Southdown business. One night we received a phone call that they had just purchased some Southdown lambs. Grandpa asked me what I wanted to name one of them and I told him Crystal. That summer Crystal was my partner in the Pee Wee Showmanship and Decorator Class at The Great Darke County Fair. She was the lamb that got me started in the sheep showing business.

Bob Evans
Bob Evans was the go to place of the Crotcher Clan. After sheep shows, for special visits, and to celebrate Bob Evans was the restaurant of choice. Many long conversations, laughs, and smiles, took place in those restaurants. Every time I drive past one it makes me think of Grandpa, Grandma, and all of the jellies Lexi would shove into her pockets and take with her on the way out of the restaurant.

Knee Slap
Riding shotgun with Grandpa meant that you always needed to be alert and ready for the knee slap. Grandpa's hands were so big and he would slap you so hard that you would have a big red mark on your leg and it would tingle. One time on the way to the Indiana State Fair I fell asleep in the front seat of the truck. When Papa slapped my knee, I woke right up! And remained awake for the rest of the trip after that because I had to be on guard.

Singing in the Shower
When Grandpa would come in from the barn he would change on the back porch and then hop into the shower. Usually the radio would be on and he would be singing on the top of his lungs so we would all be able to hear him from the kitchen. Often he would change the lyrics and just sing something silly and off key to make us laugh.

May 8, 2017

Message by his granddaughter, Alexis Taylor Fliehman

Oh grandpa, where do I start! I have made so many wonderful memories with grandpa that I will never forget! To start out the list, I remember when I was just a little girl we would go out to the barn and he would show me the old and new bird nests the swallows made each year. It was a peaceful time just watching the birds fly around outside with him. He would also show me the little kittens in the barn and show me how to hold them and feed them.

Even though I have never really been a true "country girl", grandpa would always attempt to teach me how to show a sheep properly. We would go out to the barn and he would walk the sheep around the yard, and I would try standing and place the sheep. I've never been that great, but he tried his best! At The Great Darke County Fair, I can remember a specific time when I was little, my cousins and I would play around the sheep pens and pretend we were sheep. At that time, Luke was a little squirt, so we would put him on the sheep stand and pretend to be getting him ready for showing. Grandpa was not so pleased with us, but it is a memory I can look back at and laugh.

I cherished growing up with such a wonderful family, with cousins of all ages, and I specifically remember when grandpa would tell us "drink more milk, it puts hair on your chest". I can honestly tell you, I was terrified when he told me that and it might be the reason why I don't like milk anymore (haha). Also, as my cousins and I grew up I can remember grandpa teaching the boys how to "grunt like men" and soon it became their chant, so us girls decided to make a high pitch squeak. Anytime the boys would grunt, we would squeak. I can proudly tell you, the girls won (even though the boys will probably fight me on that).

I remember when I would stay the night at grandma and grandpas, and grandpa would always wake up so super early. I never enjoyed waking up that early, but I knew there was going to be donuts, so it was worth it (haha). Also, whenever my cousins and I stayed the night at grandpa's, he was bound to scare us at some point! Just so you know, I am easily frightened, so just imagine that. He was such a funny man and he was definitely a goofball.

No one can forget all of grandpa's silly talking animals he had scattered around the house as well. I believe there was a new one each year! We would all look forward to seeing the animals, laughing at all the others he had gathered over the years.

A memory I will always have of grandpa is the smell of his workshop. I love it! The smell of dust and gasoline in his shop for some reason made me feel safe and happy when I was around him. I find myself smelling that mixture of dust and gasoline at the most random of times, but it makes me happy because it reminds me of him.

Whenever I was with grandpa, I was bound to laugh at one point or another, and that was a quality I will always remember him having. He was also a generous man, for instance, each time I saw grandpa when I was younger, he would always give me a "papa treat" before leaving. I could not wait to see what I got each time. It was like Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, the Crotcher Family Christmas Gatherings were by far the highlight of each year. I knew the holiday was approaching when the boys, grandpa and I would head to Birts and get a bag full of candy to start off the season. It is a memory so dear to my heart that it just is not the same without him. Do not worry though grandpa, I do not plan on breaking the tradition. Another Christmas tradition that I cherish is when the family would go to the Christmas Eve Service together and when we would light the candles. I would look at grandpa and smile. It was a special moment when I could enjoy the present and thank God for grandpa and my family.

Each year grandma and grandpa would pick me up and we would go venture out to find the perfect Christmas tree. Whether we found the tree within a minute, or an hour, I took in every second. I loved that tradition they made with me and it made me feel special. Not to mention the free candy canes that always came at the end of the trip:)

Of course we cannot forget the Christmas boxes each grandchild would receive the month of December. I absolutely loved those as I was growing up! I remember grandpa would call and ask what I got, I would be so ecstatic to tell him! Now I know he knew exactly what was in the box, but cared to call me anyway just to hear my excitement. Once Christmas Day rolled around, it was time for the family dinner and opening presents. I will always remember the image of the whole family gathered in a large circle watching each person opening their gifts. I love that feeling of togetherness and love.

Now I cannot forget about the other holidays we celebrated, such as Easter and Halloween. The love continued at Easter gatherings and celebrating The Lord rising from the dead, forgiving our sins, and calling us His own. Grandpa said the sweetest of prayers and made the time we had together special and full of love. The grandchildren would receive Easter baskets full of candy and I can remember grandpa watching as we would swap candy and wager the price of Reese's. Also, he and grandma would put together little pumpkins full of candy for Halloween, and grandpa would take me and the boys to go pick out pumpkins each year. I can still picture the first time grandpa took me to get a pumpkin, just him and I, and that was a special day for me. It is a tradition that will carry on, even though I miss him coming along with us.

I remember grandpa being one of my biggest supporters when it came to swimming. He would call and leave me "voice texts" wishing me luck and to swim fast. He claimed that my feet were webbed and called them "fins" once he realized his granddaughter was practically a fish (haha).

A memory that will always be dear to my heart is when grandpa would buy me Reese's because he knew it was my favorite candy. He called it my "fuel" to swimming fast;) I remember that day that grandma dropped off two huge bags of Reese's and said that it was the last load. I could not help but cry, not because I would no longer get Reese's, but because I would no longer get Reese's from him. Not to worry, I made sure to put a Reese's in his casket so we can share it the moment I see him again.

Grandpa, you have taught me so much and I am so thankful to be called your granddaughter. You have taught me how to be a strong individual, to not over think, to do my best, and to Trust in The Lord. I am so proud of the man you came to be and taught me that as long as I am in a relationship with God, and I communicate with Him, anything is possible and I will be blessed beyond compare. I miss you and I sometimes find myself asking, "What would grandpa say?". You always had great advice and were always there to put a smile on my face. I love you.

Your loving granddaughter, Lexi

May 8, 2017

Message of his granddaughter, Maribeth Ann Pozderac

When I think of my grandpa, memories come rushing back. Every single one of those memories comes with a lesson you always end up learning. From the moment that he started called me Midget, I have always understood that my grandpa loved to joke around, but no matter what, you know that was his way of saying he cared.

One of the first memories I have of my grandpa was us riding the Dumbo ride when we went to Disney World. All I really remember was us together and I was just having so much fun. I wasn't that old when we went on that trip so it is shocking I remember as much as I do and that out of all of the things we did, one of the most memorable moments at Disney was the Dumbo ride. Whenever I think of that moment it reminds me that no matter what's going on, joy can come from anything even an elephant ride.

Grandpa was always coming up with new little jokes to confuse us even more as little children. For the first ten years of my life I thought that chocolate milk came from brown cows, eggnog came from the nog bird, and that my parents found me on the side of the road. I found out all these things weren't true around the same time I found that Jim was just a nickname for James. Let me tell you, my life was changed! But every single one of these jokes taught me that it is so easy to make someone's day just a little better.

Nothing is as great as the first time our family won the 2013 Ohio State Fair Premier Exhibitor Award. The pride that I saw in my grandpa was like nothing I have ever seen. I either saw my grandpa laughing, seriously thinking, or doing something. But what I saw that day was gratefulness and I felt the feeling that he was proud not just of me or the rest of the family but for the first time that I remember he was proud in himself not like his head just blew up, but like he was thankful and proud of what God had blessed him with and this is something I try to do every time I win or lose to always make sure that my feet stay on the ground and be thankful of God's Grace.

When I think of my grandpa I used to try not to remember him being sick. Then just a few weeks ago, I realized when he was sick I learned some of the most important lessons of life. Many times I catch myself saying I wish I could just go back to bed or so many times I would complain about doing chores. But while I was saying these things, my grandpa was staying positive and shining God's light to every single person he came in contact with. It never mattered where he was or how grandpa was feeling, no matter what, there was always something he could learn and there was always something he could teach us...

May 8, 2017

Message by his grandson, Milan Scott James Pozderac

To summarize all that my grandfather has taught and given me would require pages of memories from so many people, so I will highlight some of the main characteristics of my grandfather which I will remember the most and which will live on in his grandchildren.

I recall how he would teach me good work ethics. He wouldn't just have me complete a task, he would make sure I did it right. We would spend the day stacking hay or hauling manure or mowing grass. Once I remember I mowed an entire section of the yard without the blades down, and so he had me redo that whole part of the yard. Afterward though, we would go to the shop and grab a pop. He always made there be a reward for the work we had done.

His care for all that God has given him was very powerful to me. He would never leave a tool out of place, the barn unswept, or anyone get in his truck with muddy boots on. He took care of what he was given, which allowed him to have things nice for a very long time. This is such a powerful viewpoint in a world where everything is disposable.

He never lost his sense of humor either. The group man grunt, as we called it, was a tradition which he, the boys and I would do to "show off our manliness". His constant jokes when we were not working, or sometimes when we were working, showed that he valued just spending time with his family and getting to know his grandchildren more personally.

More than anything else though, I remember his love of family and for me. One of his last gifts he gave to me was 'The Journey' by Billy Graham. The fact that one of his last gifts to me was a book to allow me to better understand God shows how much he really loved me. I will always admire him for desiring to grow closer to God, and for his passion for me to have that same close relationship with our Creator.

My grandfather set the bar very high in these aspects of his life, and many others which I did not get the chance to mention in this text. I will do my best to live up to these standards that he held for himself and for his family, and I will always respect him for all that he did for his family.

I love you papa, and I believe that I speak for the whole family when I say that we will miss you dearly.

May 8, 2017

Message by Kelly Margaret Fliehman,

My Dad

A Husband, a Father, a Grandpa, a Friend,
A Sheepherder, a Realtor, a Feed Salesman.

My dad was many things throughout his life,
But most of all, he loved humor, just ask his wife.

Many times we would laugh until we cried,
We would laugh so hard it would hurt my side!

We won't forget the macaroni tree,
Herman Lynchovich and watering the posie.

So many funny things you would do,
Like scaring your nurses at night saying....BOO!

So much laughter and joy you have brought,
We will never forget how hard you fought!

The most important lesson you have given,
Is the Word of God to our children...

Abby, Lexi, Milan, Maribeth,
Alex, Caleb, Luke and Ben,
Are your pride and joy, your grandchildren.

Thank you for the memories throughout the years,
Oh, how I wish I could stop these tears...

Many things he means to you and I,
How hard it is to say good-bye.

I thank God for Blessing my life with You,
I love you daddy - I will see you soon...

Teresa Ramge

May 25, 2016

So very sorry to hear of Jim's passing. In my 15 years at Leis Realty, I had many occasion to deal with him, and he was always a pleasure! Prayers to the family. RIP Jim!

Doug Wiedle

May 25, 2016

So sorry on your loss. Got to see Jim a couple years ago at Alumni banquet. He was the same old Jim we went to school with. May he rest in peace.

Carolyn Waymire

May 25, 2016

Our sincere sorrow on the death of your loving husband, dear father, and most probably a teasing, adored grandfather. To his sister also our condolences. I didn't know him personally but I will remember his smile. He must have had a special love of animals. Those are always good people. May God wrap His arms around you and give you peace. He is very much at peace now...I don't think he will go for the wings too much. Carolyn and Don Waymire

May 25, 2016

Sorry for your families loss. I'll treasure the memories of you dad and family showing sheep at the fair. He'll be missed. Jeff And Kathy Unger and family.