Timothy Joe Siple

March 5, 1952April 10, 2019

Timothy Joe Siple, 67, passed away from heart failure at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, Oregon on April 10, 2019. He was born on March 5, 1952 in Horton, Kansas to Lyle L. and Betty R. (Coombs) Siple. He graduated from Topeka High School in 1970. Timothy worked as a Service Manager at Amada America for 24 years. His coworkers will always remember his wit and sarcasm, and his presence will be greatly missed. Timothy was a huge sports fan – he enjoyed watching live and televised sports (and even re-runs!). He faithfully attended the sporting events of his grandchildren, and watching them play hockey and softball brought him a great deal of happiness! He loved watching movies (especially in the middle of the night, much to his wife’s chagrin). He was a wonderful storyteller, and he loved telling stories of the adventures and antics of his younger years. He was always there to offer moral support and guidance to his family and friends. His wit, sarcasm, and wonderful sense of humor will be greatly missed by all of those who had the pleasure of knowing him. Timothy was preceded in death by his father, Lyle L. Siple and his brother, Steve Siple. He is survived by his loving wife, Rebecca Siple Jones; his son, Joseph Siple and his daughter, Kristin McMillan; his daughter in law, Marie; grandchildren, Daylin, Aubrianna and Braydon; his mother, Betty R. Siple Coombs and his brother, Phil Siple. A Celebration of Life will be held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Timberline Room at Bateman Carroll Funeral Home, 520 W Powell Boulevard, Gresham, Oregon 97030. All are welcome to attend. Please come and share your favorite memories of Timothy.


  • Celebration of Life Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Timothy Joe Siple

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Ron Torrence

April 17, 2019

I have few memories of a world without Tim. It all started in the fall of 1957, Miss Tawny's kindergarten class at Potwin Elementary School. For some twenty years we did it all and did it together. Time and distance brought separation but can never diminish the memories. The number of firsts I celebrated with him are far to numerous to list. I am sure that if we sat down together today, it would pick up again right where it left off. I will remember my friend with great fondness. You were one of a kind. RIP

Roy Moore

April 16, 2019

First I would like to thank Tim for the opportunity that he gave me and my family by hiring me to work for Amada. I would not be where I am at today without that opportunity Tim gave me.

Tim was a good man that would always give it to you straight. He kept you on your toes. Tim always and had a joke or a saying that would make me laugh. He could tell the best stories. Even though I didn't always agree with Tim, he was always fair and had my back and looked out for me. I appreciated everything he did for me. I will miss his jokes and wisecracks! R.I.P Tim!!

LuAnn Hodges

April 16, 2019

Tim lost in law status long ago. Tim was just my big brother. The one that taught me silly songs, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer is the first I remember. Oh how hilarious I thought that was. Participated in the family choir teaching me beautiful songs The Rose my all-time favorite. The family choir wouldn't have been complete without him. , He was always there to lighten the mood share the good luck show the good time always knew the right words to say to help you deal with the moment, oh how I need him now. If you ever wondered what Santa was like as a person I think he might have been a lot like Tim.

Kelly Jones

April 15, 2019

My first memory of Tim was on the front porch of our Parent's home sitting between he and Becky on a date. She was not happy. That was the kind of thing I thought was funny (maybe still do). Tim showed me however, that pranks and jokes were a two way street. He was good at sharing his escapades, jokes and retelling a special prank; but timing is everything. He especially liked telling something funny when my mouth was full and spewing food in all directions was his goal. I particularly remember a pre-hunting breakfast( 6 or more around the table) with biscuits and gravy being shared, so to speak, in that way. He could quiet my Mother (Bless her soul) with a quick anecdote in a heart beat and he had a way with others that invited them to see life was just sometimes too serious. Great skills for a salesman, husband, father and service provider, friend or family member alike. I always enjoyed visiting the Siple's from Kansas. I remember Atlanta and it's many venues the week following the 1996 Olympics, and the Portland, Oregon area where we saw the Mountain, the Gorge, fruit orchards, the Beach and many things in between. However, distance, time, busy schedules and life made contact sparse over the years and I regret not finding more time to share adventures, stories and laughs; and most of all saying "Good Bye, Tim - God's speed and the Peace that passes all understanding!" Love, Kelly, Melissa and Family

Barbara Jones

April 15, 2019

I remember meeting Tim at the Jones' house. I was dating Jeff while Becky dated Tim. Initially, we exchanged curious glances as Bernice ranted about one of those things. Later we watched in wonder as she was totally ignored. Tim and I once challenged each other to a pizza eating contest. He was a big guy, but I ate more. Somehow, we again faced off over a bowl of mashed potatoes. He could eat alot of mashed potatoes. I could eat more. We enjoyed our friendly competitions when we were young. Rest in Peace Tim.

Jeff Jones

April 15, 2019

It is hard to remember when Tim was not part of the Jones family. My first experience driving a manual transmission was under Tim's patient direction (not). It cost him a little rubber and wear 'n' tear on his treasured '64 Impala SS.

Fishing, hunting and exploring adventures on the Snake River in Wyoming and Idaho, the mountains of eastern Idaho and the fields of western Kansas and on his family's property near Holton are still wonderful memories. We surprised a bear in Yellowstone, chased pheasants and quail in Kansas, and were chased by a couple of scared young badgers in Idaho (Joe remembers). Oh! and the skunk in the bucket in the Sawtooth mountains after an evening of fishing and campfire side stories.

I remember the eating contests between Barb and Tim. Tim, Barb is smiling. Pizza and mashed potatoes though not a the same time. Tim could chug a pitcher of beer faster than any other. To be young once more.

Recently, Tim and I reminisced of baseballs thrown and hit. Perhaps not as fast or as far as our aging minds remember. I was lucky to be included in the garage when Phil and Tim worked on the '69 Nova. I may have learned a little, but not about cars.

Thank you Tim! for all you did for me. It hurt to see you suffer. May you be forever young once more.


Abbie Flory

April 14, 2019

Tim is my brother in law and has been around along as I can remember. I have a lot of wonderful memories of him from playing catch with me when I was little, buying me beer as a teenager, watching him play softball or helping defuse difficult situations with his since of humor. He was always there. I will miss him dearly 💔.

Russ & Mila Thomanm

April 14, 2019

We were talking the other day about the memories, the trip we took to Yellowstone, especially the night we spent in Tensleep, Wyoming and celebrated our anniversaries with the toughest steak, the time we got caught skinny dipping in Lake Wabaunse, the many visits when we lived in KC and the numerous trips to the Zarda Ice Cream stores, church softball games, and the many times Tim helped me with projects.
Even though the miles separated us for many years, the memories will live forever in our hearts and minds.
Rest In Peace my friend

Kristin McMillan

April 13, 2019

When I was 14 my dad coached my softball team. We were playing a particularly tough team and I was pitching to a girl that must have been about 6' tall. I hung one over the plate and she drove that sucker straight up the middle like a yellow rocket and right in to my shin. It dropped me like a bucket of rocks. After making sure it wasn't broken my dad stood over me as I laid in the dirt crying and said, "if you're hurt, you're hurt. Go sit the bench. If you're not, get up and finish the game." I don't know if he knew it at the time but that is the biggest life lesson my dad ever taught me. I cursed him under my breath for the next few innings but I finished that game.
Dad, no matter what life throws at me I promise to never choose the bench.

Hank Gerdes

April 13, 2019

I'm so sorry for your loss. Even though my memory fails me frequently, I remember Tim. He was a hard worker & a good man, one of my most loyal & honest employees. He had a great sense of humor & could always get me to laugh.
Rest in peace. May all the family find peace that he suffers no more. Best wishes & prayers for a quick recovery to you, Becky.

Hank Gerdes