Doug Cygan

May 23, 1963July 5, 2018

It is with great sadness the family of Douglas Martin Cygan announce his passing on July 5, 2018, at the age of 55. He was born May 23, 1963 to Richard and Mary Cygan and grew up in Mundelein, IL. Doug will forever be remembered by his beloved wife and best friend, Shonna, his treasured children Mitchell, Taylor, Alexa, Timothy, Mikyla, and Ryan, his dear brothers Rich and Scott and mother, Mary. Doug was President at Jewel Osco. He worked hard and was proud of the people and company he led. Doug served on the boards of The Northern Illinois Food Bank, Greater Chicago Food Depository and Western Michigan University, his alma mater. Doug had a gift for inspiring others with his positive attitude. He always left people feeling like they were heard and important to him. He was loyal, generous, funny and full of life. In his personal life, Doug had an extremely close bond with his wife and children. Being together with family and close friends created many of Doug's greatest memories and life highlights.

Doug’s Celebration of Life will be held Thursday July 12, 2018 The Chapel-Grayslake Campus 25270 IL-60 Grayslake, IL 60030 The hour and a half service will begin promptly at 7:00pm.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made in memory of Doug to one of the following charities: Northern Illinois Food Bank at Greater Chicago Food Depository at

For funeral info: or 847-336-0127.


  • Celebration of Life Thursday, July 12, 2018

Doug Cygan

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Mike Buhrmann

August 23, 2018

Doug was a VERY special man - who never failed to stop just to say "Hi" and thank me for assisting at a Jewel store. As "The Donut Guy" at Clyde's Donuts, I would see him at Jewel meetings, grand openings, re-grand openings, etc..... and he was always there with a pat on the back & a sincere Thank You! My FAVORITE memory though was at a Jewel holiday luncheon just last year in early December at the Itasca office. With my full white beard I was asked to make a special appearance as Santa, at the lunch, and came in looking for "Little Doug".........I told him how excited the elves were after seeing him in the video making the FIRST home delivery and wanted to know if they could deliver to The North Pole. His answer - YES. We then said what a great job he did on the video and gave him a special acting award for his performance. The Elves nominated him for BEST actor, but he didn't get it.......and before I could give him the punchline that he got Best "Supporting Actor", he beat me to it by saying - "Yeah - Jo Jo probably got it!!" I laughed and said - "Doug, you ruined my line!" I pulled an "academy award" looking award out of my Santa pack, and he received it proudly. Again, this was my favorite memory of Doug. He will be missed by me and all of his friends at Clyde's Donuts!! Mike Buhrmann / Clyde's Donuts - Addison, IL.

Corey Barker

August 18, 2018 Carissa remembers going out with Lexi and Doug somewhere in the early years and they had to stop by Jewel in Round Lake. Well...low and behold, as Doug was walking through the store, it truly was not representative of how he felt it should look. He spend the next hour with the store manager addressing whatever issues there was. This was a great conversation with Carissa as to Doug's commitment to excellence at all times. He was the picture of commitment and hard work, as I knew that from my wee hour emails handling your real estate matters. I never heard him complained, he loved his job and all that was in front of him with family or activities. The positive energy was real and honest!
This goes without saying....he is thought about often!

Corey Barker

July 24, 2018

What enjoyment I received watching you two continually walked around our subdivision when you lived here in Timberwoods “hand in hand”. It made good conversations around my dinner table with my daughters as a strong component to a great relationship.
I knew in both your busy Worlds, this was a time to catch up and appreciate your time together.
People learn from actions, not words many times.
Just one of many moments’fir me!
Best to you
Corey and daughters.

steve pear

July 23, 2018

I have been trying to write this for a week now but somehow I keep putting it off because it brings a finality I am not ready for as my eyes start to tear up now. Doug was my best friend the last 15 years and the best friend I will ever have I know. We met each other through work but soon came to realize this was gonna be a friendship like no other. I spent holidays at Doug's house back then and have been part of the Cygan family since. Even after I moved from Chicago in 2009, we talked every week , maybe only a minute or 2 with our schedules but always ended with love ya and miss ya brother. We met for dinner at least 1x a quarter when I was in Chicago for work and had dinner at Hugo Frog's bar and just laughed for hours on end catching up. We went on trips with our wives and were planning our next one when Doug got sick. My kids adored him and still talk about him even though they only saw him a few times because why? Doug made them feel special like he did for everyone. And then there are our annual trips to Vegas with my buddies or with Fitti(Rich) and Hotti(Scott) and Pool Boy(Jon B). These trips will never be the same. We did bring Mitch last year so he is now forever more on the trip! Shonna, we love you so much and want to help in any way we can to support you and the kids through these heart breaking days so please let us know. Doug(Freshee), I know you are in a better place and God will re unite us again one day. I still can see you in my life as I know when things are going my way, its you up there making it happen for me and my family. Love ya and miss ya brother

Timothy Moya

July 22, 2018

Hi Doug.. I miss you immensely. My heart, hasn’t really been able to process everything. I’m not sure if it ever will. But something I do know, is that you irrecovably changed my life. Not just mine, but my brothers and sisters and most importantly my mothers. We had a long history of brokenness. We were scattered and torn, our relationships hurt. But one day, you came into our lives. You saw our family and though you had no obligation to, you choose to welcome us with open arms into your family. You brought all of us together again and helped mend the pain that lingered with us. You loved and protected us. You taught us all lessons, you gave us all memories, you took us by the hand and brought us with you to a happier future. One where we all laughed, traveled places, and spent time together as a family. For this I am eternally grateful.

When you asked me to take care of things, if something happened.. I never thought even for a second something would. But I promised you anyways. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to be as great of a man as you were. But I will never stop trying, and I will never forget my promise to you. I love you Doug. Thank you so much for coming into our lives.

Kim Connery

July 21, 2018

Dear Shonna and family,
I've worked for Doug on his team for the last 23 years. I have so many wonderful memories of him but my favorite is my time spent with him every Saturday at the office. Without fail, around 1045am, I'd hear that familiar whistle as he walked down the hall. He'd come into my office and casually sit in the chair. We'd talk about everything and nothing for about 20 minutes. Usually our conversations centered around our families, our plans for the weekend, vacation plans and our "home bosses". He always made me laugh and he made himself laugh too as he talked. He would without fail tell me "dont stay to long" and he'd be off. I still wait for that whistle on Saturdays around 1045 and that fun time spent with him. Saturdays will never be the same without him. I will forever treasure those talks with him each week.
Sending you much peace and love,
Kim. xoxo

Eden Soroka

July 21, 2018

I first met Doug at one of Lexi and Kaylee’s dance competitions. He was so friendly and I could tell right away what a good person he was. His pride for Lexi and the team was so obvious, and the girls were all so happy to have him there. I remember Kaylee telling me he had bought her a snack when I wasn’t around. She was so impressed with him, the kind gesture really made an impression on her. She mentioned more than once how sweet she thought it was of him to think of her. It’s those little gestures that can make lasting impressions, and that was the type of guy Doug was, I would bet he left lasting impressions on everyone he came in contact with. I will always regret not making plans to get together with Shonna & Doug with my husband Matt and I. I believe they would’ve enjoyed each other’s company, and would have had a lot of fun together. We will miss & remember Doug fondly, and pray that his family can find peace in knowing he led such a passionate life. We love you Shonna and are here for you always! Love Eden & Kaylee XOXO

Tom & Nancy Hong

July 21, 2018

Doug by the Letters:
An appreciation from Tom and Nancy Hong!

A-B Amazing Brother
C-D Compassionate Doug
E-F Exceptional Father
G-H Grateful Humanitarian
I-J Incomparable Jewel
K-L Kind Leader
M-N Mentor Networker
O-P Outstanding Personality
Q-R Quality Retailer
S-T Superlative Teacher
U-V Unlimited Vision
W-X Wisdom equals X+Y=Z
X is People
Y is together and
Z is the end result of X+Y
Z is People Together, we end up with Positive Impactfull Results!

Corey Barker

July 21, 2018

Still painful for me and my thoughts are continual for you and family as you move forward.
However, “Dougeisms” define him to me as his character and strength.
He would be thinking a mile a minute, and one step ahead of you as he’d quickly mention something, his eyes start darting back and forth and then quickly say “right “” as he looks at you the. with a chuckle:)
I miss him!

John Carpenter

July 20, 2018

I still wait for my 6 am phone call on his way to work, I still wait for his 7 pm phone call on his way home. After 20 years of this I am still not sure if he was checking on me to see if I was working or to let me know he was, I guess I will have to wait to ask him in person. There are countless times throughout the day when I catch myself drifting off and smiling about the time I was fortunate enough to have been around him. He had a unique way of making your day a little bit better even if it was just a quick call.

There are not many people in your life that you come across who touched so many. Doug was a friend to all but still made each of us feel like we were more special to him than him to us. I hope I will always wake up looking for his call and close the day the same way, I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with him and I am sure we all feel the same way.

Love you Scooter.