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Salim M. Said

October 9, 1924September 26, 2019

Salim Mansour Said passed away on September 26th, 2019 10 days away from his 95th birthday. Salim was born in Nazareth on October 9, 1924. He began working in the Ministry of Finance for the British Mandate as teenager in Nazareth to help support his family. He was the eldest of seven siblings—four sisters and two brothers. He continued to educate himself all his life –professionally as an accountant and was a voracious reader of many subjects.

In 1955 he married Hala Wehbe of Beirut. He worked in Beirut, Lebanon from 1955 until 1956 when they move to Baghdad, Iraq. In 1959, they moved to Kuwait and in 1978 to Dubai, UAE. He worked as an accountant from 1955 to 2001. In the early 1960s he took a correspondence course through La Salle University, Chicago to study for the CPA. In 2001 he moved to the US with his wife, Hala.

He loved to read, and play chess, crosswords, Sudoku, card games ( Morto). Mostly of all he was fond of Arabic poetry. He was multi-lingual in English, Arabic, Hebrew and some French. He adored is wife, Hala of 64 years, daughters, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren and many family and friends.

He is survived by his wife, Hala and daughters Janan (wife of Bassem Kardoush) and Rana; four grandchildren, Omar, Dana, Nader and Tala; and three great grandchildren, Chloe, Thio, and Jonathan. He is survived also by three sisters in Nazareth.

Funeral Service will be held Monday at 11 AM at Marsh Funeral Home, 305 N Cemetery Rd, Gurnee. Interment will follow at Ascension Cemetery, Libertyville.


  • Gathering Monday, September 30, 2019
  • Funeral Service Monday, September 30, 2019
  • Graveside Service Monday, September 30, 2019


Salim M. Said

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Suhair Nafal

September 30, 2019

My father Yousef and I met Ammo Salim last year during a visit to his & Auntie Hala's home. My father and he hit it off immediately and sat and talked non stop (about their lives and experiences in Palestine and beyond), and laughed and really hit it off, which put a smile on our faces seeing how much they were enjoying each other's company.

After that visit, my father would say every few days "when are we going to go visit that lovely old man with his lovely daughter and granddaughter from Nasra again?" (my dad suffers with memory loss)..

I am so blessed that I got to witness another several visits between Ammo Salim & Bobba as each visit brought so much joy, not only to them, but to the rest of us witnessing their interaction and how much they loved each other's company..

Needless to say, I could not be more honored and happy that my father and I had the opportunity to have met Ammo Salim, a beautiful man with an even more beautiful soul before his passing .

May he rest in peace. Allah yir7amak Ammo Salim Habibi ❤️

Peter Gray

September 30, 2019

I will never forget the warmth and the welcome that I received from Salim and Auntie Hala when I was very first introduced to the Wehbe and Said families almost forty years ago. That special warmth never changed; Salim always made you feel that somehow you had a special relationship with him. A true gentleman and a lovely human being.

Nadia Wehbe

September 29, 2019

Amo I will miss you. Your honesty your authenticity, your loyalty, you humour and your love of sirsriye. Love you Amo

Chris Wehbe

September 29, 2019

My uncle Salim was such a generally calm man that when he did launch into the odd rant it was worth listening to, mainly because he remained pretty calm and spoke in decent decibels - but also for the choice of words he chose. Case in point when I saw him arrive home from work one evening in Sharjah and the drivers on his commute had been particularly anarchical. In urgent but soft tones he questioned why, if these crazy drivers wanted to get home to their families so fast, were they willing to kill themselves doing it? Brilliant, I thought in my head. Immediately followed by a smile as I imagined how my own dad would have shared such an experience.

Ammo Salim fascinated me from when I was a kid. He had qualities that stood out against the excitable, loud, in-your-face, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ type family I loved and grew up in. His meticulously tidy desk in the Kuwait villa I remember so well. The ink blotter, the sharp shiny envelope opener, his eyeglasses, his bottle of Optrex eye bath ... I can still see them all neatly arranged. I used to love reading his encyclopaedias and his famous collection of National Geographic magazines.

He was a source of positivity, steadiness and calm in my life growing up when that was sometimes missing.

He never stopped learning, never stopped reading and his natural curiosity for history, cultures, politics, literature, languages and simply whoever was sitting with him, never waned.

How wonderful that we had him with us as long as we did. How wonderful that he stood by his wife, my beloved Aunty Hala, and loved her faithfully every moment of their long marriage. And what a blessing that he had so much room in his heart to love his daughters, grandchildren and great grandkids and ... be so loved back! It’s so easy for those of us who knew him to conjure up that vision of Salim’s face lighting up when a loved one walked through his door.

Rest in peace dear Ammo Salim. Forever in our hearts!

Janan Kardoush

September 28, 2019

Janan Kardoush

September 27, 2019

Marcus Muallem

September 27, 2019

It is hard to say goodbye to such an adored human being, one who filled the room with dignity, joy, love and passion. It is hard to say goodbye to someone who helped shape who you are, hugged you as a son, loved your children as his grandchildren, and infused you with wisdom of life.
As his body leaves, his soul is engraved in my heart.
Thank you ammo for all lessons learned. You have been a dad in the foreign land.

Let heaven rejoice
Gates open wide
Welcome his soul
His body died
Angels and saints
Your chariots ride
Prepare his place
His marching guide

You will forever live ammo.
Marcus, Suhair, Nabil, Sari and Fadi