Jordan Louis FALCO

May 8, 2003April 29, 2020

Jordan Louis Falco, born May 8, 2003, died suddenly and tragically on April 29th, 2020 in Haworth New Jersey. He was 16 years old. He was a lifelong resident ofDemarest, New Jersey and was in his junior year at Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest at the time of his passing. Jordan suffered from severe clinical depression which contributed to his death.

Jordan played the sousaphone for the Northern Valley Demarest marching band, the tuba for the wind symphony, and trombone for the jazz band and pep band. He also held theposition of head librarian for all instrumental bands and orchestras. He was a member of the Thespian Society and the audio engineer for all shows at Northern Valley Demarest including the 2020 productions of “The Addams Family” and “Noises Off.” He was amember of Mock Trial and Student Senate. Since the age of twelve up until the time of his death he worked for the school district’s student aftercare program (SACC) where he supervised younger students and helped them with their homework. He volunteered forArtsRock, a not for profit organization producing live performing arts in Rockland County, NY.

Jordan was known for his pun T-shirts, his oversized hair, his infectious smile, his kindness and his willingness to help those in need. One Northern Valley Student commented; “I don’t know what was bigger, his heart or his hair.”

He was also known for his wry sense of humor. After receiving an award for perfect attendance in 2018, he commented, “You know, they don’t give this to you for just showingup.”

He is survived by his Mother (Dara Falco), Father (Frank Falco), older Brother (Alec Falco), 2 Grandmothers (Louise Falco and Ellen Arzt), Grandfather (David Arzt), and numerousAunts, Uncles and cousins.

On the evening following his death, numerous Northern Valley Demarest students attended an impromptu candlelight vigil for Falco at the Demarest Gazebo on County Road. Thevigil was halted by the authorities due to curfew during the Covid 19 crisis. After the vigil, over 100 candles were left at the scene.


Jordan Louis FALCO

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Anastasia Daludado

April 30, 2021

We miss you, its almost your birthday I hope you are safe in heaven thank you for always putting a smile on my face

Anastasia Daludado

November 10, 2020

Jorden was my old sacc teacher he knew how to make people laugh and smile

Laura Falco

May 8, 2020

My brother and I are the youngest ones in the cousin group on the Falco side, so much younger that we didn’t really get to know our cousins all that much as kids. Hearing all these stories about Jordan vividly reminded me of someone in our family. Frank, or in our cousin group, Big Frank, as my brother is also a Frank- we had a big frank and frank… anyway..We made our monthly pilgrimage out to long island for Sunday dinners, well they were 5 -6 courses of all day eating and it started at 2pm so I’m not 100% sure how to categorize them…David - a shout out for the fruit and nut course… The cousin my brother and I spent the most time with, by far was big frank. He was always kind, always had time for us, he took us to the beach club, drove like a maniac for us on purpose, took us to the playground, made sure we got our trip to nunleys in- he sat on the “rollercoaster” with us.. and then when we got back to his house we sat in his room for hours being entertained by him.. sometimes with card tricks - I think you actually taught me how to shuffle cards too … he let us jump on his bed and fly across his bedroom - and mind you we were younger, he was in high school and then college, and what high school boy wants to entertain his cousins for hours… well big Frank did. Now I didn’t know Jordan the way I know Frank, but story after story, Jordan was just like his father, my cousin big frank. He had so much of your kindness, caring, patience and sense of humor- I know- how Jordan made each and every younger kid feel special, because that is how you always made us feel. You both poured your hearts and souls into your kids, Jordan was, and Alec is an awesome person. That’s because they came from both of you…