Joseph Jacob Fleischman

March 10, 1946November 7, 2018

Fleischman, Joseph J., 72 of Englewood Cliffs, N.J. died on 11/7/18. He was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rutgers University and a graduate of Columbia Law School. He is survived by his wife Gloria, sons Michael and Richard (Emily, M.D.), and brothers Charles, Martin, and Mitchell.


  • Gloria Fleischman, Wife
  • Michael Fleischman, Son
  • Richard Fleischman, Son
  • Charles Fleischman, Brother
  • Mitchell Fleischman, Brother
  • Martin Fleischman, Brother
  • Emily Jacobs MD, Daughter-in-law


  • Funeral Service Friday, November 9, 2018
  • Committal Service Friday, November 9, 2018

Joseph Jacob Fleischman

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Robert Schachter

December 3, 2018

Our friendship was born out of a Kiddush meal on most Saturdays immediately following the conclusion of a Shabbat service. Our mutual commitment to attend and pray on Shabbat was a sufficient bond. On a professional level we shared our lawyer stories but soon thereafter, as happened on most Shabbats, we delved into personal matters. Being disconnected in this regard (we never socialized outside of the synagogue), save for Shabbat, allowed us each to have an objectivity that more often than not resulted in a bit of wisdom and advice. His was always so very much appreciated. And he was an excellent listener. Since his passing, I have often gazed across the aisle on Shabbat and I can still see his profile and smile. I miss him very much but thank him for his listening, laughing and advice.

Bernard J. D'Avella, Jr.

November 10, 2018

So many wonderful memories come flooding back. We started as associates out of law school at Hannoch, Weisman, Stern and Besser a year part, he in 1972, me in 1973. We shared a lot then, and became strong friends and partners. I had married Elaine (born four days before Joe) before starting, and he found Gloria a few years later. What a change she wrought. His expression of delight at seeing our first born BJ at less than a month, with Gloria. The many times the four of us spent together talking and laughing, sharing common bonds, talking about family, and Michael and Richard coming along. He had me do his parents' estate planning. I'll never forget Ben and Esther, a great window on Joe's inner workings.

What I remember most was his constancy, his thoughtful and caring way. As managing partner in a very much growing firm I spoke to many partners about challenges and opportunities facing us. Joe always had good, unselfish input on what was going on and was often very helpful in understanding the culture and where we should head. And he had good relations with many of the partners which helped bind the firm together. As a lawyer he was intelligent, hardworking, persistent, effective, and completely driven by what would advance his client's interest. He was clearly a lawyer's lawyer, a team player and in so many ways the heart of the firm.

Joe was a mensch who will be sorely missed.

Carl Kemph

November 9, 2018

Joe was a total pro. a devoted friend whose memory I will cherish. Gloria I am saddened for you but for his sons, they have an image of greatness to emulate