Eulis "Bearman" Saylor

March 26, 1931October 21, 2018

Eulis “Bearman” Saylor, age 87 of Hamilton, passed away on Sunday October 21, 2018 at Ft Hamilton Hospital.

He was born in Harlan, Kentucky the son of the late Denver and Claudia Saylor. On March 25, 1961 he married Bessie M. Fox and she preceded him in death on March 6, 1989. Eulis was an Air Force Veteran and had retired from General Motors as a Tool & Die Maker. He is survived by his two sons, Steven (Kim) Saylor and Jeff (Trisha Enamorado) Saylor; 6 grandchildren, Andrea (Jon) O’Hearn, Christina (Gio) Falconi, Kelsey Saylor, Brandon Saylor, Tesla Saylor and Stephanie Saylor. Eulis was also preceded in death by two siblings. Visitation will be held on Thursday November 1, 2018 from 11am to 1pm at the Webb Noonan Kidd Funeral Home. Funeral ceremony will follow at 1pm at the funeral home with interment at Greenwood Cemetery.


  • Visitation Thursday, November 1, 2018
  • Funeral Ceremony Thursday, November 1, 2018

Eulis "Bearman" Saylor

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Stephanie Saylor

October 31, 2018

I miss you so much already. Everything seems so much darker now that you’re gone but i know you’re in a better place. You were the highlight of my weeks; coming down to clean up the apartment, do laundry, eat Wendy’s salads and tell me stories of your buddies and how you moved to California two days after graduating high school to work for Pepsi. You always seemed to asked if i talked to anyone and if i was getting along okay. Thank you for all of your love, laughs and treating Noah like your own. You were my world and it was my job to take care of you at the end, and that made me the happiest person i can be. You’re the reason I want to be a nurse and work super hard to help others because that’s what you did for us. For dad, Uncle Steve, Tes, and anyone who seemed to ask. You’d give me your shoes off your own feet if i needed shoes and that was your best trait. You were my best friend in this entire world and someone I’ll think about everyday. I have so much to say but i know you wouldn’t want me being sad. I am who I am because of you and I hope i will make you proud one day. I love you so much, Rest Easy.

Tesla Saylor

October 30, 2018

I'm always going to miss that smile the most. I love you tons, papal! ❤

Lisa Hance

October 30, 2018

My sincerest condolances to Jeff, Steve and the rest of the Saylor family!! Please lean on God right now, he will get you through this. Your Dad is up in heaven now and will forever be your Guardian Angel!! God Bless! Lisa Hance

jeff saylor

October 30, 2018

Trisha Enamorado

October 30, 2018

Dad- This still doesn't feel real. We're still in shock. You was making all your plans on Saturday, lol. I think your in just as much shock as we are.. We have so many memories with you. Picking up the girls and us all going to Frisches. I remember staying at your place every weekend when Jeff lived with you. You loved listening to Country music. You and I would listen to CMT while Jeff would get ready. You liked old country. I remember you always wanted to make us Biscuits and gravy. Jeff laughed and said you put me in a coma the first time. But he had also gave me a allergy pill- clartin. I slept half the day. It was so cozy in your all's apartment. Jeff always decorated the whole thing for Christmas and you loved that. We had so many memories in that place almost four years til Jeff and I got our own place. Then you'd come down our place. You'd sit on the porch and hold the dog. You said the funniest things I ever heard. You'd say things like " Tell them lies and feed them Jelly beans" lol.
Sure going to miss hearing those things. You loved to try to make your place smell good. We'd get you; your warmers and scents. You loved mulberry and fruity smells. We're going to miss holidays with you and Fathers day. And going to dinner just because. Or helping get your place clean.
Please be our Guardian Angel. And watch over Jeff. He's having a really tough time with this and Holidays will be hard. We always brought you a plate of food on Thanksgiving. So will be really hard this year.
It was a honor to be your daughter in law.
Rest in Peace dad, May God accept you with all your loved ones that past before you.
We will meet again someday.
Love ya Trisha

christina falconi

October 30, 2018

Even though I have not seen you in a while, I know that you always did your best in supporting my Dad, Jeff, and the girls, Tesla and Stephanie with whatever they needed, even if it meant you not having money for groceries for yourself. I am thankful for you for helping the girls become better young ladies, with respect to coming and helping you out by getting groceries or running your errands for you, and for that I am eternally grateful. I may remember more of you than they do, like when you would make me crackers with peanut butter and call them "ho-ho's" and watch old movies, or when we would go to the dollar tree, or when you drove out to bring me money because Dad was unable to because I was a broke teenager. You were always willing to give the shirt off of your back, which has rubbed off on all of us. Rest easy Grandpa, say Hello to Grandma Bessie for us!


Tesla Saylor

October 30, 2018

Papal I miss you! I miss you more and more everyday since you took your last breathe last Sunday. You meant more to me than you could have ever imagined! I will always remember our most loving memories; always going to the dollar tree when we saw you, or our trips to jollys on Friday we were waiting for dad to get off work. I will never forget the smile on your face when we would walk through the door because its been awhile since you saw us last. I would always love playing cards with you after we got done eating and I would always beat you in go fish you would always call me your silly little rabbit. Im forever grateful to of had you in my life for the past 18 years, I know what you will always looking down on me and making sure that I'm always okay! I'm going to make you proud papal, I know you always were but I'm going to make you prouder. Don't worry I will take care of dad for you, I know he misses you a lot and its very very hard on. We miss you so much papal. I'm so happy that you aren't in pain anymore. I hope they have gunsmoke on repeat for you!! I love you so much, I will see you on the other side papal❤

Jeff Saylor

October 30, 2018

Dad - You're more than a dad to me & my kids. Was one of our best friends. I could call you & talk about anything. You was always there. You liked to crack jokes & help anyone you could. I know sometimes that made you feel wanted too. I will never forget spending every Christmas, every holiday, every birthday, & especially Fathers day with you, Trisha & the kids. You'd light up when we came over. You would always joke & say: "Dont come in unless you have food or money". I'll never
forget your little sayings. You will be missed more than you'll ever know. This has been really rough for me to let go. I think of times I will no longer have with you. No more Holidays, birthdays or Fathers day. You never got to see my new house. You loved all your gifts from myself, Trish & the kids when we would bring them over. You would always say Wow, why did you buy me so much. You need your money for you guys. Well dad- Why is because you deserved it & was worth it. You did alot for anyone when you could. You always wanted to help everyone. Even your neighbors & friends. That's why I loved spending time with you & helping you too. That's what family does. I guess I got it from you. Myself, Trish & kids looked forward to come clean up the apartment, laundry, dishes, take out trash & go to the grocery. Once Steph got her licence, she helped a ton when I couldn't. I know Tess was working on getting her licence so she could help too. We'll never forget time together. Your funny jokes. Teaching me & the kids to play cards. And to play the numbers on the face of a dollar bill. You love country music, family, fishing, bear hunting, horses, horse races. And you loved your grandchildren. Was excited when they would visit. They were just as excited. They loved when you took them to the dollar store. Thank you for everything you ever did for us. For your love & support. I'll see you again someday Dad. Bud, Budman, Bearman, Bubbles, Johnny Smith lol love you................

Kim Saylor

October 28, 2018

Better known to me as “Bud”, he just recently became my father-in-law after almost 9 yrs. Most of the time he talked about Horse racing, fishing, football and playing card games. He had a long life and lived each day to the fullest until lately because of his bad knee. He always had a joke or a wise crack to say. He will be missed. Love u Bud..😢