Glen Edward Anthony

June 6, 1926April 9, 2014

Arrangements under the direction of People's Funeral Chapel, Hanford, CA.


Glen Edward Anthony

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Jeremy Anthony

April 18, 2014

I gave every effort to speak these words at grandpa's funeral, but could not...

We know that none of us will escape death. It is incredibly sad to me that my grandapa was taken before, I'm sure, he thought he was ready to go. While I am certainly sad though, I choose to think about all of the things I learned from him starting at a very young age.

The first thing he gave me was a great example of what a repspectable work ethic is. This man could do or make anything (garden plows from old ten speed wheels is the first think that comes to mind). As a child spending my summers with him, he was a super hero to me. I loved him. He would take me to work fixing signs for the county and I have never had more fun...out cruising the farm roads with MY grandpa.

Another thing he and grandma gave me was the love of the outdoors. We used to take trips, all the kids staring out the window of the camper, five or six abreast, to Yosemite, to big and little sandy, the sequoias, and fishing trips where ever he thought we might catch dinner. I remember once casting a lure straight up in the air over the branch of a big tree and he said in his slow drawl, "you might need to practice a little more". Aunt JoAnn thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen.

Recently, about a week ago, the boat that Jonette and I fish in all the time developed a tear in the upholstery. We talked at length about having it professionally repaired when I thought of my grandpa. In a million years, he would never pay someone to fix that tear. So I tapped into my inner seamstress. I thought, "it's a fishing boat for crying out loud". So I'm out in the garage sewing away and literally laughing out loud and thinking of my grandpa...I may never replace it.

All of us kids would come to Hanford for a couple weeks in the summer to enjoy the water and hang out with grandma and grandpa. Grandma would fix the most delicious dinner and grandpa would deal bread to whoever would catch it. Why was that so amazing to us??

Then we would adjourn outside. Every time I open a Pepsi and have some peanuts I think about the Pepsi and peanuts parties we would have in the back yard on those hot summer nights. We'd get all hopped up on soda and ride pedal cars around the backyard and then see how many of us could cram into the hallway to lay under the swamp cooler. Those were good days!

In recent years we were told stories about the military years, family, and how grandpa had an incredible ability to drive the dolphin motor home while wedging his arm between the seat and the door so that he could get a little nap on a good straight section of freeway when grandma wasn't looking. ..Great stories told by a great man, with just enough smirk and smile that you wouldn't know if he was pulling your leg or not.

Yeah, we lost a great man and the head of this family, and it's terribly sad probably because of its suddenness. But I've got some of the fondest memories in my life because of him..and those are the things I will choose to remember and to cherish!

Tommy Parker

April 17, 2014

My prayers and condolences to Joanne and the rest of the Anthony family. May God continue to watch over and be with you.

Christine Carter

April 17, 2014

My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.

Delia (Pruitt) Lee

April 15, 2014

Joann. So so sorry to hear about losing your dad. It hurts deep to lose your parents, I know! But I also know who holds our future. God is an awesome God.So good that he died for us to allow us the blessed gift of being able to see them again, on the other side. Hallelejah to that! Rejoice, I say Rejoice. Love you, keep you in my pra

Glen Paul Anthony

April 14, 2014

We will all miss Dad. There was nothing that he could not fix, or re-engineer using what ever material he may have out in the shed. He made some amazing things, like walk behind plows made out of old lawn chairs and bicycle rims. The list goes on, and anyone who has ever been in his backyard knows what I am talking about!!!

glenn terry

April 14, 2014

I was named after Glen and only got to meet him once. We went froggin in a small boat and I still remember how kind and friendly he was to all of us.
The world is a better place because of him.

charles terry

April 14, 2014

I didn't get a chance to know Glen. My only encounter that serves my memory was riding in a boat with my cousins and Glen sterring the boat. The things that I DO know about Glen, I have to get from his children.
Larry had a great personality and was capable of just about anything he wanted to do in life. A very handsome man so the girls all thought. I thought he was ok.
Glen Paul, well, he too fit all the things I just said. And then David.....same thing. And John, maybe the most talented of them all and again.....all the other things I began with. So I guess Glen Edward was all those things he left in each one of his boys wasn't he. A handsome man with a magnetic personality. Everyone must have loved him. Not a task he couldn't conqure for certain. Math must have been something he excelled in. And.......he must have been really full of love. Because each one of these men are my cousins. I'm extremely proud to be called their cousin. I love them each and every one like my own brother. God Bless you Glen Edward Anthony for giving us your boys.

Mark Carter

April 14, 2014

Glen was a good man.

My best wishes go to Norma, Laura, and the boys.