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Kristin Lynne McClay

January 15, 1964November 28, 2020

Kristin Lynne McClay went quietly to be with our Lord, Saturday November 28, 2020 at the Oak Ridge Care Center in Union Grove, WI. She was born January 15, 1964 in Plymouth Indiana.

She is survived by her parents Charles & Barbara McClay and her three brothers Victor & Robin McClay of Warner Robins GA, Phillip & Doris McClay of Fountain Hills AZ and Steve & Julie McClay of Harrisonburg VA, a number of nieces and nephews; and her aunt Betty Cox of Morgantown, WV.

Preceding Kristin in death are her grandparents Charles & Ruth McClay of Plymouth IN and Ernest & Mabel Blake of New Cumberland WV.

The family will receive friends 1-3 pm, Friday, December 4, 2020 at Lindsey Funeral Home in Harrisonburg. A graveside service will be held, 11 am, Saturday, December 5, 2020 at Woodbine Cemetery with Rev. Tim Frost officiating. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting www.lindseyharrisonburg.com.

Kristin (Krissy) was born with Downs Syndrome and heart abnormalities that threaten her very existence in her early years. Her development was slow, taking months longer than normal to roll over, hold her head up, crawl, feed herself, first steps etc. Her general health improved and the heart problems declined. She attended a special needs school in Kokomo IN, age 4 and in Fairborn Ohio, age 6. Her vocabulary was limited and she was mentally like a toddler. She was a happy child who loved and was loved by her parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews. She attended Shepherds Home & School in Union Grove, WI from June 1975 to April 2017 and went home with family for Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays. Christmas was her favorite holiday and she loved Christmas carols. She like to sing along in church services, off tune, but good volume. Her favorite movies were Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music. She began to have mobility problems while home on summer vacation 2005, and began using a walker and wheelchair by Christmas 2007. In May 2017 she developed a blood infection from a canker sore in her mouth. Her recovery left her with very limited mobility and her being in long term care at Oak Ridge. She loved her friends and teachers at Shepherds, the staff and her friends at Oak Ridge and was loved by those who knew her. She never owned property, possessed money or means, but she had a profound impact on those around her. She memorized John 3:16 and often told us that Jesus died on the cross for you and for me. Krissy is much loved by her family and will be missed.

Fond Memories Kris was always with her parents at Christmas and she enjoyed shopping. She would be towed in her wheelchair, by holding on to a shopping cart while mom or dad pulled the cart from the front. People seeing her pleasure would smile at her as she passed by, sometimes being greeted with Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! That always got a big smile The family went to the local 4H fair. The boys went to see the small animal exhibits. Kris stayed with mom and dad in one of the sewing and baked goods buildings. We were watching Kris, watch a lady with a big spool of cotton candy on a paper cone. When the lady discovered us watching she looked at Kris eyeing her cotton candy and said to her “I’ll bet you’d like a bite of this?” and Kris leaned forward and took a big bite of her cotton candy. The lady then gave the cotton candy to Kris.

Family vacations were tent camping. Kris had no fear of the great outdoors and would readily explore on her own, requiring our complete attention to corral her in camp. Her ability to take off at any opportune moment, was a problem when the rest of the family was setting up camp. The solution was to tie a short rope around her waist and tether her to a tree or anything to restrict her to camp until camp was set up. She saw the rope restraint as a challenge and would set down to work on the knot around her waist until she was free. She became proficient at freeing herself before we had camp set up so the waist restraint evolved into a shoulder waist harness with the knot on her back. She still could free herself from the new escape proof restraint, but not before we could get camp setup. Kris had a stuffed frog with long arms and feet with Velcro pads that she wore around her neck. A friend bought the frog for her shortly after Kris went into long term care. Frog and Kris were inseparable which was only a problem when the frogs’ feet, that were fastened together right below her chin, became soiled with food and needed to be washed. It was always a hassle to take the frog away from her long enough to clean its feet. Mom bought her a second frog for Kris to wear while soiled froggy was being washed and dried. A short time later, Kris had 2 frogs on her neck. Kris would and did wonder off on her own frequently. The family along with grandparents went to a theme park and grandparents watched Kris while mom, dad and brothers made a pit stop. Upon return grandparent were setting waiting on us, but no Kris. The family headed out in different directions to find her, a routine we had performed dozens of times. One of her brothers found her about 500 feet away setting on a rock watching the crowd go by. On another family outing we were a small lake and campground for a picnic. There was a nice playground and a small train ride concession where tickets could be purchased. During pickup of lunch items with the boys off on play equipment Kris went missing. Not a big issue because she liked to swing, slide and play, so I took off for the playground expecting to find her. No Kris. Not a lot of play area to check and a good field of vision surrounding the playground but still no Kris. I noticed the train ride was running and one child riding. I didn’t think it was Kris because a ticket was required and she didn’t have money. When I walked up to the ride it was Kris riding and the ticket taker said she just got on and he started it up with every intent to let her ride as long as she wanted, no charge.


  • Barbara Blake McClay, Mother
  • Charles McClay, Father
  • Victor McClay (Robin), Brother
  • Phillip McClay (Doris), Brother
  • Steve McClay (Julie), Brother
  • A Number of, Nieces & Nephews
  • Betty Cox, Aunt
  • Ruth McClay, Paternal Grandmother (deceased)
  • Charles McClay, Paternal Grandfather (deceased)
  • Mabel Blake, Maternal Grandmother (deceased)
  • Ernest Blake, Maternal Grandfather (deceased)


  • Visitation

    Friday, December 4, 2020

  • Graveside Service

    Saturday, December 5, 2020


Kristin Lynne McClay

have a memory or condolence to add?

betty Hanna

December 12, 2020

We enjoyed MMAPing with you folks and know
your hearts are hurting right now.
But you know her life in Heaven is even more meaningful and you will see her again. She will be completely healed, PTL

So hugs from Granny Bear until then

Please pray for our 57 year old daughter
who found breast cancer this week.

Nancy Lackey

December 8, 2020

I was only fortunate to be with Krissy back in the early 70"s, I think. My Husband was a cousin to Krissy's Dad and we would be lucky enough to get together at Uncle Mac's and Aunt Ruth's. Such a blessing she has always been in my memory ....she was so loving and lovable. Your tribute to her is so wonderful and precious - the memory I take away now, no matter where she roams "off", she is always safe in His arms and someday, I will get to see her again.

Michael Legg

December 5, 2020

Dear McClay Family
Our hearts and prays are with you! May the LORD overwhelm your hearts with comfort and peace over the loss of dear Kristin.
We have experienced the warmth and joy of friendship with the Mcclay’s through Steve and Julie Mcclay. Someday, there will be glorious reunion with Kristin and all who believe in CHRIST. Until then, may the beautiful memories of her life keep your hearts warm and make you laugh through your tears.
Michael and Christine Legg

Eric and Lien Jenkins

December 5, 2020

Mr. McClay,
Lien and I were aware of your sisters passing and wanted to express our sorrow. Liens sister passed away a few years ago at this time of the year so we understand how it feels.
Lien will never forget how nice you were to her during your time at Good Shepherd. Eric and Lien Jenkins


December 4, 2020

I worked with Krissy and her family for a number of years while Krissy was at Shepherds. Krissy had a great sense of humor and easily made others smile. She loved to joke around and talk about her interests. Her family is fabulous and a joy to know! She is loved!

Bill and Nancy Amstutz

December 4, 2020

What fun memories I have Of Chrissy at Shepherds Ministries. You as parents took such good care of her. She was away from the ministry for a period of time and then you returned with her and we were blessed. Many caretakers have pre-deceased Chrissy, but you as a family will always be remembered as faithful servants of the Lord and great parents. You took such great care of Chrissy, you are to be commended. Nancy and I now are retired in Michigan, and while sad news about Chrissy we are blessed and have hope that will see her again one day in heaven.

Katie Roy

December 2, 2020

I got to experience Aunt Kris in many different ways as I grew up with her as a constant presence at family holidays and gatherings.

My first memories of Aunt Kris are not understanding why she didn't want to share her crayons and coloring pages with me. Clearly it was a maturity issue on my end as she happily shared and colored side by side with me as I grew older.

I got to watch her favorite movie, Wizard of Oz, with her numerous times throughout the years. She loved Toto. She also loved cats and babies and Happy Meal toys, and I always checked to see whatever fun new stuffed animal or toy she had at her coloring station each time I saw her. While she loved to color, she also loved colorful things and decorated herself with numerous hair clips and necklaces.

Aunt Kris was a friend to everyone, and she made you feel special when she announced this. Because she didn't just say "You're my friend." She would grab you around the neck, beam to the whole room, and point to you excitedly while announcing "That's my friend!" Like having you as a friend was the best thing in the world.

I love Aunt Kris and am so thankful that so many memories come so easily. I treasure these memories and Aunt Kris will be very missed.

Stephanie Eriksen

December 2, 2020

I remember spending a weekend at the lake house with Steve and Julie and the family. Kris was camped out in the doorway of her room holding her Elmo and letting us all know that that was her room (meaning, don't think you can even take up some floor space)! 😊 That same trip she happily got in the lake and found her way over to me where we quickly became lake buddies. She had a beautiful smile, and that is what I will see whenever I think of her. 💜

Julie McClay

December 2, 2020

Kris was always a delight when home for the holidays (mostly). Set up on the couch with her tray table, coloring book, crayons, stickers, and puzzle, she would happily entertain herself. We often said she was 4 with x years of experience (add remaining number to equal her current age. At her death she has 52 years of experience in coloring, smiling, wearing sparkly jewelry, and working puzzles). She joyfully embraced each day.

All would be well until the latest niece or nephew approached the tempting set up to claim a crayon or puzzle piece with a chubby hand. A cloud then passed over her face and the words “dumb baby!” mumbled under her breath. The very infant that she held with such pride just months earlier (“that’s my baby!” ) had become a menacing toddler, threatening her activity center equilibrium. With 10 nieces and nephews, she always had a little friend (or nuisance) close by. She was a loving aunt who tolerated the disruptions with grace (mostly).

It was only recently that I realized my husband was actually her original baby (“That’s my brother! You’re cute, Steve!”) when I saw a picture of his infant self being held in her lap, a smile of pride and joy on her face. She poured a heart of little girl love and delight into him that influenced the generous, kind man he became and who I married. The one with eyes and a heart for the vulnerable.

Thank you, Sweet Kris. Your life was a precious gift and while you are deeply missed, you are finally home.