Carl "Frank" Bailes

October 11, 1954August 2, 2012

Carl "Frank" Bailes of Henderson, passed away Thursday August 2, 2012. He is survived by his wife Dee, son Bryon, mother Mary, brother Jack and 4 grandchildren Scott, Ashton, Alissa and Hailey. Memorial service to be held at Palm Mortuary 800 S Boulder Highway, Henderson, NV 89015, on Thursday, August 16th, 2012 at 10am.


  • Funeral Thursday, August 16, 2012
  • Memorial Service Thursday, August 16, 2012

Carl "Frank" Bailes

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August 11, 2012

I want to send my special prayers for the family and wrap my arms around their sorrow to help take it away. This is a kind family and my heart hurts for them all for their loss. May God give you all a new look on life with peace and love for one another in honor of Frank and his kind personality.Rest in Peace Mr. Bailes.

Joe Atwood

August 9, 2012

I remember that Frank was a great father to Bryon. That he did things with him and I guess most of all, he had time for him. Also he was a hard worker. His job as a welder was a job that I know is a hard working honest job and in a place like Las Vegas it had to be a lot harder because of the weather in Vegas. I admired Frank's work ethic especially in such harsh conditions. Joe Atwood

Edith Deke

August 9, 2012

All of my memories of Frankie are of him smiling or laughing. We went to the same school and was only seperated one year. In high school we had the same gym class time and the boys would be setting on the court and all of girls would round the corner and Frankie and I would look at each other and start laughing because he would sing "chug a lug chug a lug" he was always thinking of some way to have fun and share his smile and laugh with everyone. We went to church with his Mom and we went to the same Sunday School class together, most of the time we did go to Sunday School and then some times we would wait until Aunt Mary went to hers and him and I would go to the strip mall and get a soda and mess around until time for class to be over, one time we went to the grocery store and filled up a basket of food and each went down a different isle and then out the front door and back to church so Aunt Mary would not know we was bieng mischief which we did alot. We lived side by side for years and we would think up crazy stuff to do and Halloween gave us the best excuse to do some of our crazy stuff soap windows, let the air out of tires and throw water ballons at people's house's in our neighborhood. We would call each other and see which Dad had beer and cigaretts and we would drink and smoke in my back yard because my Mom worked 3-11 and Aunt Mary the night shift. On my and Corky's way to Atlanta we stopped in Mississippi to see Frankie and Dee. We always had fun together. Uncle Frank would let us drive when we was 12 and 14, all we had to do was say come on lets see if this old truck can roll. Frankie and Dee came to see Lance and I in Hawaii and we had a great visit. We drank a few to many and went swimming in the ocean after dark and didn't think about the sand sharks that came close to shore at night. Dee being the only smart one stay at home with my girls. The last time Frankie was at my house was around Christmas a couple of years ago when Aunt Mary came to spend Christmas with my Mom. We laughed about all of our pranks that we will not mention here, and had a wonderful time together. I would call him and check on him alot and Bryon would be there just hanging out with his Dad, Frankie and I talked about our grandchildren alot and they gave us joy and another reason to be mischief. I love you Frankie and will see you in Heaven. Your mischief buddy Edith


August 9, 2012

Two memories stand out for me regarding Frank: 1) We (Dee's mom & dad, my mom & dad,Frank, Dee's brother Joe & I) were all returning from Disneyland in Dad's motorhome. it was very late at night and we were all very tired. Out of all of us there, it was Frank who got up, approached my folks to ask them if they were comfortable and needed anything, a pillow, etc. He was very kiind, considerate and solicitous of others; 2) Melia (our oldest)was just a toddler sitting on the floor of the living room playing with her tea set. It was Frank out of everyone present who sat on the carpet with Melia and began playing tea party with her. These may not seem like Big Things, yet as Mother Theresa said, "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love ..." My memory of Frank are the small things he did with "great love." LEILANI KAPELA ATWOOD (New Braunfels, TX)

August 9, 2012

Frank and I became friends when my daughter and his son started going together, and we hit it off right away.We had some good times camping and doing other things. I called him the gadget man because he had every kind of gadget you could think of, if you needed some`thing ask Frank,he had it and was always willing to let you use it,and was willing to help. Frank was a good man. I am going to miss him.God bless him. His friend Harvey Smith

sam pecktol

August 9, 2012

Frankie we had alot of good times growing up together in the same neighborhood. many people might not know what a great basketball player you were. dam frank gonna miss ya buddy sammy

Bryon Sheri n Kids Bailes

August 9, 2012

My dad was a kind hearted man, always willing to help anyone and everyone in need. He will be greatly missed, I will miss shooting, fishing and just being able to spend time with him. I will miss having him to go to for his knowledge on repairing just about anything. I also inherited my good looks and personality from him. He will always be in my heart and always in my mind. I know that I will forever have a guardian angel looking down on me and will love him forever.-Bryon

Frank will always be a very special person to me. He was always there for me anytime I needed someone to talk to. He loved me and my girls like we are his very own and that means everything to me. He had a heart of gold and no one will ever take his place.-Sheri

I will miss my papa very much, also I will always remember the times we went camping also when we would go to the movies together and when he would help us drive our monster truck.-Scott

I will always remember how crazy papa was driving the 4 wheeler, all the christmas' we spent together, I am going to miss my papa and how he was always there for me. I will also miss all the times he came over for BBQ's and all the fun gifts he would get me-Alissa

He was a great papa, I loved how when we would go camping him and papa Harvey would always do everything together like best friends. I love him and will miss him-Hailey

I loved when papa hiked with us on camping trips, he would help us find walking sticks. I always thought it was funny when he told me I kicked him in my sleep. I really miss and love him a lot-Ashton

jack bailes

August 8, 2012

Frank was my brother and my best friend ,and i will miss him so much .We shared our life togerther ,and he was always there for me .Rest in peace and know i will always Love you. Always in my heart Jack

August 8, 2012

Frank was one of my favorite nephews and I always enjoyed our visits. I will surely miss him. Love Uncle Hiley

August 8, 2012

Frank was one of my closest cousins since I didn't live near any of my cousins growing up, We shared many good times together whether we were on the west or east coast. Whenever we visited Frank and his family he always had fun things planned for our family. He was always great to my husband and treated him just like a brother. Mark especially enjoyed the deep sea fishing trip they went on and then the great meal made from their catch. My son will remember when we left him with Frank and the family while we travelled and the great time Frank showed him. We will miss you and we love you, Cousin Sue Buler and family.


Carl "Frank" Bailes was born in West Virginia on October 11,1954 to Frank and Mary Bailes, he also has an older brother Jack. He moved to Chula Vista, CA at 18 months old where he resided until he was married in 1973. During Frank's early years he was active in sports thru the local boys n girls club. He earned awards for ping pong, baseball, basketball and pigeon raising. His childhood friends included Sammy Pecktol, Don Beers, Miguel Mendez. Frank graduated from Castle Park High School in 1972, was engaged to Dee just prior to graduation and they were married January 1973. Frank and Dee lived in Mississippi for 2 years where Frank worked as a welder building naval ships. In 1977, they moved to Las Vegas and in 1982 they welcomed their only son Bryon. Frank enjoyed fishing whether it be for striper, deep sea fishing, catching sail fish in Mexico and a marlin in Hawaii. During Bryon's childhood they enjoyed participating in Taekwondo, vacations to Mexico, Florida, Hawaii, Disneyland and Kansas City. Frank retired after working for the same company for 27 years. Frank had a liver transplant in 1997 at UCLA and in 2005 had a kidney transplant. After retiring, Frank found a love for collecting coins. Frank cared for his mother Mary after she moved in with them in 2007. In 2010, his son Bryon married Sheri and they have 4 children Scott, Ashton, Alissa and Hailey, Franks pride and joys. Frank enjoyed spending time with his grand kids, he went on camping trips, family vacations, scouting and school events to support them. Frank looked forward to his Thursday visits with Bryon, when they could go shooting, watch movies or just hang out and talk together. After a long fight of illness, Frank passed away on August 2, 2012. Anyone that knew Frank knew his heart of gold and what a loving husband, father, son, brother and papa he was.