Christian Monge

December 18, 1981April 4, 2018
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Christian Monge passed away on April 4, 2018 at the age of 36 years old. He was born on December 18, 1981 and is the youngest son of Federico and Elva Monge. Christian was married to Elizabeth Monge, and they shared 11 years of happiness and an amazing son, Damian, together. Christian will be lovingly remembered by his family and friends. A visitation and celebration of Christian’s life will be held at Reeves Funeral Home in Hope Mills, NC on Sunday, April 8th from 4pm to 8pm.


  • Visitation Sunday, April 8, 2018
  • Remembrance of Life Sunday, April 8, 2018

Christian Monge

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Tina Hackworth

April 9, 2018

We are so very sorry to see you go so soon. Our family is grateful and lucky to have finally be able to meet you and Liz and Damian while we lived in NC. We will see you again someday.

The Hackworths

Rayna Tam

April 9, 2018

I will always think about you whenever I smell cookie scented lotion! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to meet such a wonderful soul. You always have been there when needed and wanted. Thank you so much for all the memories we have been able to share. Just know that I will always be there for Liz and Damian. I see so much of you when I look at Damian. You will truly be missed, but surely never forgotten. Your memory will live on forever.

Until we meet again,
Rayna aka Peaches

Ivonne Knutson

April 8, 2018

You left us too many memories from the D.R. to N.C. when my sisters and I would visit during summer break. You were a good person and will be greatly missed.

Buen viaje primo.

Christina Arrieux

April 8, 2018

I will always remember you as a stand up guy. Smart as all get out... quiet, but would whip out knowledge like a champ...One who was always there. Willing to help your friends and family. Your smile and laugh will ring in the memories of many. You will forever be remembered, missed, and loved. Most importantly, you will be carried on forever in the memories of many.

Much love,
Christina Lynn

Sabrina Miles

April 8, 2018

We had some great times that began in high school and included some of life’s big moments. Your wedding, my wedding, meeting Damien and all the fun times. You were always honest and kind, and added humor to most situations. Thanks for helping me with all the home renovations and being there during some of the toughest times in my life. I will miss your smile and your friendship. Look out for Grant up there. Fly high Christian.

Shealla McPherson

April 7, 2018

Our sympathy and condolences to the family.
Walter and Shealla McPherson

Beth Neal

April 6, 2018

Hey big guy. I hope you’re doing okay up there. We really miss you and your silent jokes that always had us in tears. You were the best co-coach, best spades and taboo partner, and my Halloween buddy. It’s not gonna be the same without you, but Stacey and I will make sure Liz and Damian are okay. Promise you that. Love you buddy.

Nicole Faunda

April 6, 2018

Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day...unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear. I hope that you find peace and understanding in this hour of darkness. My thoughts and love are with you, LizzyBeth, and little man. I love you both.



Christian Monge was a man for whom actions would speak louder than words. His life motto might well have been “if it isn’t logical, it’s not important.” The qualities of being fair, just and the ability to recognize what was right were clearly driving forces in Christian’s life. He was also the kind of person who could respect a “do not disturb” sign, whether it was real or implied. He was analytical and observant, with an ability to be simultaneously spontaneous and keenly perceptive. Christian was modest in his actions and extremely literal in his thoughts and in the manner in which he communicated with others. When Christian said something, he meant it. All those who knew him appreciated this trademark quality.

      Christian was born on December 18, 1981 at Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo. His parents were Elva I. Perez and Federico Monge. Christian was raised in Fayetteville, NC. Even as a small child, Christian wanted to understand what was right and what was wrong in any given situation. As Christian grew older, he realized the importance of being treated fairly, and in return, he treated everyone around him the same way. This belief in fair play served Christian well throughout his life and despite his natural shyness; he enjoyed a solid group of friends.

      Since Christian sought to treat those around him with respect, he often found himself in the role of playing peacemaker within his family. He was comfortable in working through the types of sibling rivalry situations that quite often occur, because he loved the challenge of conflict resolution. He would look at the most reasonable and practical ways to settle any disputes. Christian was raised with Two Siblings. He had two older Brothers, Michael and Carlos. Christian was constantly involved in activities with his siblings. Christian and his siblings had the typical rivalries while growing up, but they shared many life experiences.

      The fact that he was curious was an asset to Christian while he was in school. He possessed strong study skills and good concentration. He relished the task of scrutinizing problems, investigating all of the options and then solving them. Christian enjoyed tackling the project that was right in front of him and working it straight through to its conclusion. Sometimes, he would become so involved in the process of problem solving that he would lose awareness of his surroundings. Experience was Christian’s best teacher. He enjoyed some courses more than others, having favorite classes and teachers. His favorite class in high school was carpentry.

      The same qualities that served as assets for Christian while he was in high school were tools that built success in his college years. His ability to work through problems and assignments without wasting time and energy demonstrated to his instructors that he possessed a real “stick to it” attitude that allowed him to succeed despite an underlying desire to defer making difficult decisions. Christian was an analytical and an independent thinker, qualities that allowed him to develop and implement effective strategies and techniques to meet his college workload. He was working to complete in December 2018. He also pursued his BA in finance. His favorite professor was Dr. Joseph Lakatos. He worked hard towards his degree while maintaining his business.

      Those who didn’t know Christian well might have thought him to be objective and somewhat emotionally detached, but family and friends who were close to him knew that he was capable of unexpected flashes of humor. Christian’s good friends tended to be “thinkers” like himself. Even though the circle of friends was somewhat small, it was a strong and loyal group, and Christian liked nothing better than to spend his free time with them. Christian was well known for always being up front and open, never hiding his true feelings, qualities that drew deep loyalty from his friends because they understood and appreciated him for the person he was. Another quality that people admired in Christian was his ability to link cause and effect and apply the appropriate connection in his assessment of any new situation. While growing up, some of his best friends were Lisa Holmes, Derek Ingram and Jeremy Engelskirchen. Later in life, he became friends with Lisa Holmes and Derek Ingram.

      This same loyalty and up front honesty Christian shared with his friends carried over to other aspects of his life, including his relationships with his family. The marriage became a solid relationship, due in part to Christian’s skill at bringing fresh energy and clarity to meeting Elizabeth's needs. He was a great listener who enjoyed the couple’s “together” time, especially when it came to celebrating special occasions.

      As the family grew, Christian was easily able to adapt to the changes and challenges of parenthood. Christian was blessed with one son, Damian. Christian was never impulsive in dealing with family problems. Instead, he would carefully think things through before implementing the solution in a logical and objective manner. Christian was a strong, clear communicator who excelled at eliminating confusion by making matters crystal clear to all those involved. At the same time, Christian’s inventive nature could turn some of the boring old household chores into a fun activity for the family.

      In his work life, Christian was the kind of person who had no difficulty in taking on a project and seeing it through to its completion. He excelled at dealing with those pesky details that can derail some people, and once he understood exactly why he was working on a project, he could plow full steam ahead. For Christian, being able to grasp the logical components of any task was significant to him in appreciating its importance. Even if he worked alone on an assignment, Christian was able to incorporate and welcome new insights from co-workers, and he would readily use them if they improved the process. His primary occupation was installer and furniture upholsterer. He worked in the family business for nearly 20 years. Christian always made the effort to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done.

      Christian’s curious and inquisitive nature influenced his choice of leisure pursuits as well. He applied his strong concentration and analytical skills as to how things worked to his choice of activities. He particularly enjoyed the “alone” time his hobbies provided. His favorite pursuits were automotive customization and his motorcycle. He collected motorcycle helmets. Christian was content to enjoy his hobbies alone but was also willing to share his interests with others.

      Christian had the ability to stay calm and the determination to do what was necessary to get the job finished, traits that helped him enjoy sports. Christian was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed following his favorite events whenever he got the opportunity. Tops on his list were motorcycle Grand Prix and though he wasn't a big football fan he enjoyed attending football parties at Derek's house.

       Services were held at Reeves Funeral Home in Hope Mills.

      Christian strongly believed that talk is cheap. He was the type of person who would show others his feelings through his actions. He was practical and realistic but was able to be flexible when the need arose. He had a curiosity about the things around him and tried to experience life directly rather than sit back and talk about it. The experiences he treasured most were those he shared with his loved ones. Christian Monge will be greatly missed.