Daniel Matthew Mangus

September 30, 1982October 31, 2018
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Daniel "Matthew" Mangus Life Story

Matthew was born on September 30, 1982, in the City of Orange, CA.He passed away on Halloween,10/31/2018, in Houston, TX. Halloween was his favorite holiday. He was called by many names, Flat, Matto, and Mister Mangus, Son.

He was born to Dan and Melissa Mangus, who loved him dearly. He is survived by his sister Tamara Parker (Rob). His Aunts: Melinda Baro, Michelle (George) Lapierre, Enola Baro, JoEllen (Bob) Wright, and Cathy Clark. His Uncles: Richard Baro, Bernard (Sonja) Baro and Frank (Terry) Baro. His smile, laughter and music will be missed by his cousins: Andre (Katie) Lapierre, Renee Lapierre, Jenna Baro, Alex, Nick, and Andrew Baro, Jennifer Wright, Andy (Sadie) Wright, Vanessa Salazar, and many other cousins.

He was surrounded by music, as a child. Matt started playing music in the 6th grade. He tried to play the clarinet, but with Asthma, the wind instruments didn't work out. He progressed to the guitar with one of his friends, Sasha. Together with Caleb and Morgan they formed their first band- Gusher. They played in many venues, enlightening their audiences with some original Punk Rock music and other selections.

Matt graduated from Truckee High School, in the year 2000, the new Millenium. He attended Truckee Meadows Community College, in Reno, NV, while working as a server, at Black Rock Pizza. He read voraciously, and loved Words. One of his original songs is found in the Memorial folder. He was so creative!

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Bob Van and Cheryl Silvernail-Van for taking Matt into their hearts and home. He was at peace and learning to "Live in the Moment." We are so grateful to Tamara Parker, his sister, for bringing him back home, to us. We appreciate, Michaela Howe, our Grand-daughter and Matt's niece. She became his Special buddy- sharing many moments together.


  • Celebration of Life Saturday, November 3, 2018

Daniel Matthew Mangus

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Katie McMullen

November 17, 2018

My foundest memories of Flat were being in youth group together. We had such a great time on trips to Six Flags, sharing music, and just being care free kids. Best of all was when we tried to create a youth mass at church and rocked out together on stage with Matt (Sasha), while I sang. I send my love to Dan and Melissa, who I also have many fond memories of.

Maryann Quartuccio

November 8, 2018

Mellissa, Dan, and the Baro Family, I can not even begin to tell you all how so very sorry I am to hear about Matt, I just saw him at your father's funeral, had not seen him since he was a little boy, it was so nice to see him after so many years.

This is not how it is suppose to happen, too young , too soon, and so very difficult to accept to lose your child, I cant even imagine what you all are going through. . I unfortunately did not know Matt well, but after looking at all the family photos on this website, I can see he was a very special person and so well loved by his friends and family. I do know this, we never can know why this happens, or accept it, but we can keep our memories of Matt close to our hearts and he will continue to live with us forever!

My thoughts and prayers are will all of you asking God to give you the strength you need to get through this so very difficult time, and Matt you keep playing your guitar up in Heaven!

My love, thoughts to you all.

Maryann Quartuccio

Andre Lapierre

November 3, 2018

Unfortunately Matt and I were not able to hang out but a few times together. I wish we could have more, but that's what happens when we live far apart from each other. Although this doesn't change how much we had fun when we got together those handful of times.

My very first memory of him has to be my favorite. I was probably 7 or 8 and my family was visiting in California, and we finally went to Truckee to visit. I remember meeting everyone and just having a blast. Then finally as everyone was winding down after dinner, I decided to play Ducktails on my Gameboy pocket. Matt saw me playing and decided to sit with me and watch. I was doing okay, but I kept on dying on this one part. That's when Matt asked if he could help, and I gladly passed it to him. That's when I saw my new cousin show me how to finally beat that part I've been stuck on. After that, I thought he was the coolest cousin ever!

Later when I was probably 13, my family received some CDs of his latest recordings with his band. I cherished those more than I think he knows. My cool cousin was in a band and he thought of us to give us a copy of "Chair Robot"! There was this one song that I really liked, called "The Doctor is (in)". I to this day have that album on my phone.

Then there was my last memory, it was not too long ago (Aug,16th 2018) and I will cherish this one forever. It wasn't much but just being able talk to him near my rental car was so enjoyable. I was also able to introduce my fiancee and invite him to my wedding. It was just so great to see him after so many years of not being able to see him. I really missed him, and we said that to each other. I told him we need to get together soon again. Then I said to him if he ever wanted to come out east (RI) to hit me up for a place to stay.

I will always miss and love you Matt!

Frank Baro

November 3, 2018

wow, only 2000 words, max. Being a writer yourself, how can someone write a memory. So, I continue, It is so very sad to lose you so soon, but from author to another, Dr. Seuss, tells us, today is our day. We’re off to great places, so let’s be on our way. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. You are off to a greater place and on to your next adventure and going home and visiting your grandparents. We will smile every September 30th as you and cousin Andrew share the same birthday and we wish you well. We all have the same blood and you will forever live in us and in hearts and minds and Aunt No's Christmas movies. We will all continue to pray and have faith that we all will join you in paradise.

Love Uncle Frank, Terry and cousin Alex, Nick and Andrew.

Frank Baro

November 3, 2018

Matt, I remember the time when I heard of your arrival. It was lunchtime in the quad at Coalinga high and Lori Gillitzer, told me that you had arrived. Lori must have gone home for lunch and her mother, Betty, told her who undoubtfully heard from your very proud Grandma. It was such a blessing to us and a gift from God to your parents. You brought much joy and happiness being the first grandchild and we watch you grow from the green frog pond home in El Toro, the Gilroy home and garlic festival and zipping around in your orange and yellow bug flintstone car. Then finally to Truckee and all us going to your soccer games, first communion and birthdays and who could forget your Aunt dressing up as Mickey Mouse for you. You were a precocious little boy with mad talent and love for music which is part of your Dad’s DNA for sure. I remember a few times you stopped my house for events in the Bay Area. One time around Christmas time, you stopped and my boys were still young. You told us that you were working at ToysRus and they thought cousin Matt had the best job in the world, if they only knew. You went on to blossom and find new adventures. I was in San Antonio one time for work and I decided to visit you at Red’s in Austin. I asked the young host if you were working and he mentioned you were not. I explained that I was your uncle and he proceeds to tell me what great guy you are and went on about your comic books for a while. I was sad to have missed you but reassured that you were doing well. This summer was great, sharing with your Uncle, a new drink, Topo Chico, which I shared with you Topo Gigio. And with your Uncle Bubba, picking up his accordion. I am sure another couple of weeks and you could have taught Uncle Rick a few things.

Janis Moriarty

November 3, 2018

The Moriarty/Campbell Family
Tim, Ashley, Janis Moriarty & Jim Campbell

Tim met Matt when we moved to Truckee in 1993 and Matt welcomed the new kid into his group of friends. Thank you Matt. Once they became friends having our families also become friends was easy to do. Matt learned a great lesson from his parents about how to welcome people into their lives.

We had many good times together. School events, Great America trips & BBQ's not to mention some trying times raising teenage boys. This group of boys were basically a good bunch and I know they have many stories they can share but here is one from a parent.

Matt had spent the night at our house and the next day we planned to meet Dan & Melissa at church. As we are sitting listening (?) during the sermon Matt started cracking up and he literally couldn't pull himself together. Tim started in & I tried to elbow Matt but when I looked at him to give the evil eye I had to cover my face because his silliness was infectious and I could only laugh with him. Our family will miss you and our hearts are breaking for those you left behind.

Dustin, Derrick, Denny and Karen High

November 2, 2018

We first met little Mathew Mangus when he and Dustin were four years old. We introduced ourselves in our back yards between our two houses, and over the years, the two boys wore a path from one house to the other, a path still there and being used by Dan, Melissa, Hapa, Denny and Karen. I still find the boys' little toys on or near the path, probably washed up from the dirt by the rain and snow.

The boys were always up to something! One day, they both came home from a garage sale with golf bags full of miscellaneous golf clubs. Don't know if they ever made it to a real golf course to try them out.

We are so sad to lose such a precious boy/man, and especially sad for Dan and Melissa, their family and other friends.

The Dennis High Family

Heather Butcher

November 2, 2018

Heather Butcher

November 2, 2018

There is nothing better than knowing such a beautiful and kind human being. He brought me joy when I didn't know where I was and what I was doing. We used to take these road trips around town and we would never know where we were going, everytime we hit a red light or a fork in the road I would say which way and he would point. It was never the destination that mattered, it was the time that would had to sing at the top of our lungs and to share with eachother our lives, it help us both grow. I loved that he never judged when it came to being super silly, in fact he was the instigator often. He is and will forever be a part of my soul.

Jedidiah Baldridge

November 2, 2018

Matt was my best friend since 1992. He was the best friend someone could have. He was empathetic, caring, creative, and too smart for his surroundings. He fled the small town for big cities with big dreams. My favorite memories of him were going concerts, enjoying good food, and resting in nature only to calm our souls. As soon his brain became restless it was on to the next project or band. I will miss his company, he is free now.