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Hồ Văn Lành

May 20, 1942November 14, 2018
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Tiểu sử Hồ Văn Lành .


Hồ văn Lành sinh ngày 05-20-1942 tại Mỹ Tho , Viet Nam.

1967 Tốt nghiệp Nha Khoa Sai Gòn . Được trưng tập vào quân đội Việt Nam Cộng Hoà với cấp bậc Trung Uý Nha Sĩ , phục vụ tại Bạc Liêu , sư đoàn 21 . Đồng thời ,phụ trách Trưởng phòng Nha Khoa tỉnh Bạc Liêu .

1973 lập gia đình với Ngô thiếu Hoa , có 3 người con .

1975 - 1978 , sau khi Việt Nam Cộng Hoà thất thủ , bị Việt Cộng bắt làm tù binh vì chức vụ Đại Uý Quân Y .

1978 Rời Việt Nam.

1979 Đến Houston ,TX USA

1985 Đậu bằng hành nghề Nha Sĩ tại California , USA.

1985-2010 Mở phòng mạch Nha Khoa tại San Jose, Ca.

1986-1990 . Hai nhiệm kỳ Hội trưởng hội Ái Hửu Bạc Liêu miền Bắc California.

2004,2005,2006 , đại diện thân hữu Bạc Liêu tại hải ngoại , trực tiếp về Việt Nam giúp đồng bào nghèo và khuyết tật tại

quê nhà Bạc Liêu .

Ông thích đọc sách , âm nhạc , họp bạn , movie , du lịch , quây quần với gia đình , giúp đỡ người già và rất yêu nghề .

2011 về hưu và thường xuyên du lịch.

2017 Tái định cư tại Houston , Texas.

11/14/2018 Mãn phần tại tư gia , Richmond ,TX .

Ho Van Lanh was born on May 20, 1942 in My Tho, Vietnam to Ho Van Truong and Ho Thi Day as the youngest of five. His mother passed away when he was five years old and his father later remarried, having three more children. In 1967, he graduated from Saigon College of Dentistry. Upon graduation, at age 25, he was immediately enlisted to serve as Captain of the army’s dental unit in Bac Lieu. After working full days at the army hospital, he continued his passion for dentistry by working in his private office in the evenings and weekends. There he met his future wife.

On November 15, 1973, he married Ngo Thieu Hoa. When Saigon fell to the Viet Cong in 1975, he was forced to work in the labor camps. Thankfully, three years later, his family was able to flee Vietnam by boat, landing on an island in Malaysia. Six months later, they were sponsored over to the US, arriving in Houston, TX in 1979.

For the next six years, he worked at a manufacturing plant, then at a dental school all while studying for his dental license to practice in the US. When he passed his board exams, the family moved in 1985 to San Jose, CA where he opened his dental office and practiced for 25 years.

Over the years, he and his wife had three children: Lynn (1975), James (1979), and Michelle (1990). He loved spending time with his family and friends, reading history books, singing aloud to music, playing card games, and exploring new places and cuisine. He participated in community organizations such as the California Association of Vietnamese Dentists and even served as the first president of the Bac Lieu Northern California Association from 1986-1990.

Among his greatest achievements were his visits to Vietnam in 2004, 2005, and 2006. With each visit, he and his wife fundraised to aid those less fortunate in Bac Lieu. This resulted in donations of food, mosquito nets, backpacks with school supplies, wheelchairs, and corrective eye surgeries for those in need in this small town significant to his life.

After retiring in 2010, he continued traveling the world and enjoying life with family and friends. He and his wife moved back to Texas in 2017 to live near their large extended family.

On November 14, 2018, he passed away in his home in Richmond, TX with his wife and three children by his side, and a peaceful smile on his face.


  • Buddhist Chanting Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  • Buddhist Chanting Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  • Eulogies Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  • Funeral Service Thursday, November 22, 2018
  • Witness Cremation Thursday, November 22, 2018

Hồ Văn Lành

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Michelle Ho

December 13, 2018

Dear Ba ,

You are always with me , and always will be .

Hai con ngựa ,
Hai đầu giống nhau ,
Hai tay trái ,
Hai Nha sĩ .

When I reflect, I see how much of you is in me .. In mind, body & soul .
Love you , Ba .

Kiet Ngo

December 12, 2018

Thương lắm nhưng không nói được lời ,
Nhìn người , dạ xót , lệ thầm rơi .
Ân tình còn lại . Trăm vương vấn .
Thương mãi cho nhau một kiếp người ...

Tong Nguyen

November 26, 2018

All lives have an end, like all of our sufferings, and at times, sooner than later.

I envy him.

He lived a life fully achieved, and have it ended with his best love at his side. Every men wish to live a life like his, and if possible, have it ended like his.

God had blessed him fully in his life, thus I know God will continue to bless him in the other life, or lives, after this.

Lynn Dao

November 26, 2018

Most people know my dad as a happy-go-lucky man whose giant smile would instantly make you smile too. He was a simple man, with simple pleasures. He served as captain of the dental unit of the S. Vietnamese army during the VN war and was forced into the labor camps afterwards. He didn't come home til I was 2.
As a teenager and an adult, my dad and I had many great life conversations in which I got to know and understand what a wise and sensible man he was. His outlook on life was always simple and rational. Things did not have to be complicated. From him, I learned to be patient with people for he was a very calm and peaceful man. I learned not to judge anyone for he was not one to judge.
Whenever he saw a homeless person on the street, he always gave them money. He didn’t care what their reason for begging was. I had asked him once “what if they use it to buy alcohol or drugs?” His answer was, “It doesn’t matter.” Basically, they’re on the streets, in a less fortunate situation than he was. So he would give, without question. If he had patients who couldn’t pay for his services when he was finished, he didn’t get upset; instead, he told them not to worry about it. He didn’t care to judge anyone for he didn’t know what they’ve really gone through. To say that he was compassionate is an understatement.
Sadly, toward the latter years in his life, dementia crept in, and he wasn’t quite the same sensible, rational man I knew. Eventually, my deep conversations with him stopped, but I’m glad that throughout his bouts of dementia, my dad was able to smile big and walk around with a drink in his hand , just wanting to enjoy his life with people.
Last Wednesday, he was finally set free from his body after six months of it no longer serving him. He left us with the most peaceful and serene look on his face. Ba, I’m happy for you. That you lived a full life and died so peacefully, knowing that you were loved by so many, and with your family by your side.

Jim and Cuc Jones

November 25, 2018

We have so many good memories of Anh Lanh: his kindness, sense of fun, love of song, ease in any situation, and love of people in general. We feel very lucky to have met Lanh and Hoa in Bradenton, a couple who already had many friends and family around the world. We miss him, but we also celebrate the wonderful life that Anh Lanh lived.


Growing up in My Tho


Dental school


Dam hoi (engagement party)


Dam cuoi (wedding) - Nov 15, 1973