Dr. Jen-Hung Chuan

March 1, 1942November 27, 2018
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Dr. Jen-Hung Chuan, age 76 years, passed away on November 27, 2018. He was born on March 1, 1942 in Kunming, China. He later moved with his family to Taiwan in 1948 and worked hard in school to gain admission into National Taiwan University. After receiving a degree in Civil Engineering from the National Taiwan University, he then decided to come to the United States for graduate studies. From 1967 to 1972 he worked to get his PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Dr. Chuan worked for the aerospace industry most of his career, including many years of service at IBM, Lockheed Martin and United Space Alliance. His coworkers valued his dependability, honesty and easygoing nature at work.

After retirement, Dr. Chuan enjoyed walks on the greenbelt behind his home of over 40 years. He also became an avid bridge player and enjoyed many tournaments with the Clear Lake Bridge Club. In addition, he traveled frequently, visiting Taiwan several times a year as well as exploring many other parts of the world.

Most of all, he enjoyed spending time with his family, including his wife, Tsu Yu, and his son Joseph, daughter Michelle, and their respective families. He was a proud grandfather, frequently challenging his grandkids skills in logic and math, and encouraging them to learn more on Khan Academy!

Dr. Chuan is survived by his wife, Tsu Yu Chuan, his son Joseph Chuan and daughter Michelle Dunaway, their spouses, Connie Chuan and Timothy Dunaway, and his five grandchildren, Jenna Chuan, Matthew Chuan, Andrew Dunaway, Alexander Chuan and Ethan Dunaway. He will be remembered for his deep devotion to his family, even through difficult circumstances. Trustworthy, loving and loyal, he showed his family how to live a most honorable life.

A service is planned at Memorial Oaks Funeral Home (13001 Katy Freeway Houston TX 77079) on Thursday, December 6th, with a visitation at 9:00 AM and a ceremony at 10:00 A.M. Afterwards, our family would be honored if you joined us for lunch at Arco Seafood (9896 Bellaire) at 12 noon. Please let us know if you can join us for lunch, so we can reserve enough tables.

In lieu of flowers at the memorial service, we would appreciate donations to the American Cancer Society in his honor. The link for donations is:

Dr. Jen-Hung Chuan’s family would love to hear memories or stories about him, please share them in the comments.


  • Tsu Yu Chuan, Wife
  • Joseph Chuan, Son
  • Connie Chuan, Daughter-in-law
  • Michelle Dunaway, Daughter
  • Timothy Dunaway, Son-in-law
  • Also left to cherish fond memories are his five grandchildren, Jenna Chuan, Matthew Chuan, Andrew Dunaway, Alexander Chuan and Ethan Dunaway.


  • Celebration of Life Thursday, December 6, 2018

Dr. Jen-Hung Chuan

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Earl Ware

December 15, 2018

I knew JH at work, while working on the software for the Space Shuttle flight computers. Our work lives probably crossed in the early 1980s. We became closer friends during the last 13 years at United Space Alliance when we shared adjacent cubicles. Since JH rarely talked about himself, I never knew that he played bridge, or once played basketball or soccer, or loved mardi gras in New Orleans. Not everyone knew that he earned a PhD in Mathematics. He was a quiet, humble and unassuming friend and coworker.

Work life in an office cubicle can be interesting. Once, someone was complaining about food quality, and JH asked if anyone else had eaten rice weevils. That was the time I learned that he had been in the army in Taiwan and stationed on one of the Quemoy Islands. Rice supplies were stored in caves for months and often had weevils. According to the army cook, they were good protein. I asked JH about his work in the army and learned that he was a Civil Engineer sent to the island to design a reinforced concrete embankment with walls one meter thick. In that one discussion, I learned two things about JH.

When JH stopped doing yard work, he gave me his lawn mower. Years later, I complained that his lawn mower needed repairs and was costing me money. He had a big laugh when he pointed out to me that the lawn mower was a gift, to me. We shared many laughs during our long friendship.

JH was proud of his Chinese heritage. He loved to tell me that a particular fruit or vegetable being discussed, was actually from China.

He was most proud of his children and their accomplishments. I know that he felt blessed by each grandchild.

As they grow, I hope they will read these memories and know that their grandfather was a valued coworker and friend to many people.

Jim McGaha

December 14, 2018

To the Family of Dr. Jen-Hung Chuan.
I was unable to attend JH’s funeral. I express my sincere sympathy to all of the family. I knew JH primarily from working at United Space Alliance. I did not work directly with JH but was aware of his presence. He was a humble person. I never knew he had a doctorate degree until I saw the obituary. He and I would exchange greetings but that was the extent of our work relationship. I found out later that he did have a competitive spirit that was exhibited in playing bridge at the Clear Lake Bridge Club. Maybe this was a carryover from his previous athletic experiences. I have not seen JH in the past year and a half since I have not played bridge in this time frame. I remember his smile, pleasant demeanor and friendliness.

Jim McGaha

Jen-Chung Chuan

December 10, 2018

My brother Jen-Hung Chuan was born in 1942 in Kunming, China. During the War II, Academia Sinica, the top research institute of China, moved the most treasured researchers and their all family members following the Central Government of the Republic of China. Hence JH literally grew up in Lizhuang 李莊, a little historic town (established 1800 years ago) on the bank of the Yangtze River (28.8054530, 104.8023260). As a true baby-boomer (born in 1948 in Nanking) I certainly have not witnessed the daily life there. Our parents and their friends, however, did tell us a lot of nostalgia stories about Lizhuang. A generation afterwards, a number of publications appeared giving somehow exotic account of the days there. Believe me, if you read closely, you may even find how our mother handled the live chicken trying to make it into a sumptuous meal. It is my pleasure for me to share here photos I took in 2015 at another nearby historic city of Leshan 樂山 some 100+ miles upstream.

The place together with Emei 峨眉山 are conveniently reachable by the High Speed Rail. Like everywhere, all historic sites are silently transformed. Do hope you can pass your own account of Lizhuang-Leshan-Emei to your descendants.

Jen-Chung Chuan 全任重

Chepin Chang

December 10, 2018

I have known JH (Lau Chuan) for over 30 years. He was my landlord when we first moved to Houston from Chicago in 1979. I did not know anyone in Houston when we first moved here. He was so kind to help us to get familiar with this new area and introduced us to his friends. Later on, we found out we both loved to play bridge. We started to play bridge together. And, the bridge game lasted over 30 years.
He was friendly and helpful. He was intelligent and thoughtful. Best of all, he was a very good bridge player.
He will be missed dearly.

Joseph and Sou Bedoy

December 7, 2018

It was really nice to hear the sweet stories about your dad. I was reminded a lot about my dad, especially when Joe talked about JH's Casio watch (my dad had one too!) and when Michelle shared how JH raised you all for a period of time as a single dad. All of his dedication and perseverance paid off and there's no doubt JH is proud of you two. It is evident that the qualities everyone admired about your dad continue to live on through both of you. Your dad will continue to send you signs that he is okay and that he is watching over you. We hope we were able to absorb some of the anguish of your bereavement and we wish you peace and solace during your time of mourning.

May Lee

December 6, 2018

I have never met Dr. Chuan before (I'm a friend of Joe and Connie's), but my very first thought when I saw his picture was, "What a kind looking man with a sweet smile," and after having been to the service, my first impression was confirmed repeatedly by each person who shared. I was moved by his devotion to his children (and grandkids :)) and to see an example of a man who knew how to love well with his actions. You could also tell that he loved his friends as well since so many people had an abundance of fond memories to share. There was always a smile (or chuckle) on their faces when they would talk about their friend, JH. What a great legacy he has left behind for his family.

Judy Boyce

December 6, 2018

Dr. Chuan, or JH as we knew him, was a delight to play bridge with. He told us that he played bridge mainly to keep his brain active. And boy did he have a brain! We played on a team together and we always looked forward to his great smile. He will certainly be missed at the Clear Lakeke Bridge club.

Judy Boyce

December 6, 2018

Dr. Chuan, or "J H" as we knew him, was a delight to play bridge with. we were on a team together and he really looked forward to playing on Fridays in our Swiss team. He always had a positive outlook and played Bridge mainly to socialize and, as he said, to keep his brain active. What I remember most is his great smile. He will definitely be missed at the Clear Lakee Bridge Club.