Wayne H. Frederick

July 30, 1932December 31, 2020
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Wayne Henry Frederick passed away at Memorial Hermann Cypress on December 31, 2020 after a long, full life. He was 88 years old and went home to be with God and his late wife, Donna.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1932, he was the second child of Henry and Marcella (Hintzman) Frederick. Wayne’s early childhood was quite difficult during the Great Depression and followed by World War II. He grew up with his three siblings, Joan, Kay, and John, and attended parochial schools. During high school, he excelled in boxing and baseball. After graduation, he served in the U.S. Navy from 1951 to 1955 during the Korean War attached to the U.S. Mine Force Fleet in Charleston, South Carolina. While he was stationed there, in 1952 one of the worst naval accidents in history happened when the USS Hobson sank and 176 men perished. He wanted their legacy to always be remembered.

In Charleston, Wayne met his first wife Lucille Booth in 1954, and they were blessed with a daughter Jenny. After his Navy service, Wayne returned to Wisconsin to earn his BBA from the University of Wisconsin. After college, he began working in the financial services industry and had two sons, David and Kenneth. A career-related opportunity with Lawrence Systems brought his family to Houston, Texas, and he was proud to be promoted to a regional vice president for the Southeast Caribbean in Coral Gables, Florida in 1973. In the 1970s, Wayne was involved with Toastmasters International as a Governor and received awards for his public speaking prowess.

In Coral Gables, Wayne met Donna Hostetter, and they were married in 1977 in Houston after Wayne returned to lead the Texas region. In 1979, they had a son, Jason, and ultimately settled in the Cypress area. Wayne staunchly admired Houston and Texas and was always excited to tell people that although he wasn’t born in Texas, he got there as fast as he could. Wayne started The WFA Group, a financial services company, in 1984 after helping Donna start Building Rainbows Day School in 1982. He was immensely proud of his company and his family’s accomplishments. After 32 years of marriage, Wayne was heartbroken to lose Donna to cancer in 2009. Nevertheless, he rose to the challenge of helping to care for her mother, Maxine, for several years. He loved his dog, Reilly, who remained a faithful companion after Donna passed away.

Wayne was never a man who sat idle. He quickly discovered a passion for travel with his first river cruise through Germany in 2010. Despite selling The WFA Group in 2014, it was difficult to convince him to officially retire. In 2015, Wayne married his new love, Susan Hall and was delighted to wake up next to her every day. Together, they traveled the world, and he embraced the excitement of Alabama football as his life merged with hers. Roll Tide! They cherished each other and brought happiness to everyone around them. Wayne was ecstatic to share his final days with his family and his grandson, Grayson, who brought a renewed sparkle to his eye.

Wayne Frederick is survived by his wife, Susan Hall Frederick; his sister, Joan Frederick; his only daughter, Jenny Davis, and her husband, Ed; his three sons, David Frederick, Kenneth Frederick, Jason Frederick, and his wife Magan; and his only grandson, Grayson.

His family is grateful for the exceptional care he received in recent years from the doctors, nurses and staff at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center, Memorial City and Cypress hospitals.

Friends are cordially invited to a visitation with the family from 5:00-8:00 pm Thursday, January 7, 2021. A celebration of his life will be held on Friday, January 8, 2021 at 2:00 pm. The visitation, service and subsequent entombment will be held at Memorial Oaks Funeral Home at 13001 Katy Freeway.


  • Visitation with Family & Friends

    Thursday, January 7, 2021

  • Funeral Service

    Friday, January 8, 2021


  • Committal Service

    Friday, January 8, 2021


Wayne H. Frederick

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Pete Clarke

January 12, 2021

Your Dad liked nick names like Teach for Susan. He had four nick names for me based on his mood: Pepe, Petroff, Professor, and Tiger. Besides sponsoring me when I competed in track meets around Texas and other states on weekends after making bank calls out of town he bought and gave me suits, jackets, and even the only shoes I have since we were the same size. I will always remember how good he was to me and I will miss him very much. Pete

Kate Finley

January 10, 2021

Great Uncle Wayne was a good man and I am grateful for the times I got to know him during his visits to Wisconsin. Unlike most men of his generation, he always asked me about my education or my job which I really appreciated. Despite living in Texas for most of his life, Wayne never forgot where he came from and he was always there for his Wisconsin family. I am forever thankful (and impressed) that he literally battled Hurricane Harvey in September 2017 to make it back to Wisconsin for my wedding. And my heart smiles on the memory of Wayne's presence at his brother-in-law’s / my Grandpa Jack Finley's Irish wake and the comfort (and joy!) his sister / my Grandma had in those moments because her brother was there by her side. He truly embodied that good ol' Milwaukee work ethic and showed all generations in the family the Frederick values of faith, family, loyalty, and perseverance through his example. He will be tremendously missed and may his love and memories sustain us always.

Cindy Frederick

January 10, 2021

Wayne always had a special spot in my heart. Always there for you when needed. Never thought twice about coming to Wisconsin, even in the coldest of winters. He let you know about it too, saying he was freezing. He came for happy times and sad times to support the family.
I am so glad I went to Texas to visit the family and spend some quality fun time with Wayne, Susan, Jenny, Jason, Megan and that little guy of theirs.
He will be deeply missed.

Jenny Davis

January 9, 2021

My many great memories. I was born when Dad was 23 and my brother, David, came along 18 months later. Dad spent Saturday mornings teaching us to clean the house when we were old enough to push a vacuum and then drive us around Houston to view the many construction sites. We saw the Astrodome from the start of the huge hole in the ground till it’s dome was completed, the rise of the iconic buildings in downtown Houston, runways grow further out at the Houston Intercontinental Airport.

He dutifully took us on the long car trips several times a year to visit his family in Wisconsin and my Mother’s family in the woods of northern Louisiana. 9 years later brother Kenneth joined us. He taught us to keep in touch with family.

He sent us to Catholic elementary school and we learned to walk the 5 blocks there on our any weather! It WAS Houston so he made sure we always had an umbrella. Dad taught us to be prepared for come what may. He taught us how important his Catholic religion was to him and those values have remained with me.

On Sundays, while reading the Sunday paper and doing paperwork, he listened to his favorite musicians, Nat King Cole, Glenn Yarborough, Roger Whitaker, and many more. They are forever ingrained in my brain and I can sing the words to all those great old songs to this day.

Dad proudly took us to the voting booth with him at every opportunity to show how important it was to vote and WHO to vote for. I have never missed voting in an election.

He taught us perseverance and never to complain no matter how “pitiful”, one of his favorite words, life might be.

I watched Dad’s happiness grow when he married Donna and brother Jason came along. After she passed, Jason and I had fun with him on 3 European riverboat trips where his last love, Susan began to join us. I learned you can enjoy life at any age, no matter what happens.

He truly was “one of the good ones”.

Stacy & Stephen Binckley

January 9, 2021

I introduced Wayne to my mom, Susan, back in 2014----they were both widows and lost spouses to cancer.

It has been a blessing to watch their love story unfold. Wayne called my mom "Teach" and they had an amazing marriage. Their reception was top knotch for all who were able to attend back in 2015. They were able to do so many fun things together (movies, Broadway Shows, trips abroad, trips in the US, mani's/pedi's, bowling, dinners, etc).

Wayne was converted to an Alabama Crimson Tide fan and it brought so much joy to their lives. Wayne lived a full life and I am happy they got to have "fun" together in in their 70's & 80's....this is how life & love should be.♥️♥️♥️♥️

I never wanted my Mom to be a widow a second time, as the first was difficult enough so continued prayers in the weeks ahead for all who knew Wayne are appreciated. We love you Wayne & will miss you. Life is short! Forgive often & make memories as often as you can with those you love!
(Jason, the visitation and service were beautiful & you honored your Dad well).

Missy Frederick Cain

January 8, 2021

My memories of my Uncle Wayne are all focused on bigger Frederick-Finley gatherings throughout my life, and any time he and our Texas family traveled to Wisconsin, it was a guaranteed special and exciting event.
Though I did not have many opportunities growing up to witness my Dad's relationship with his only brother, I knew from phone calls and letters how much they loved each other despite their age gap, and how much Uncle Wayne loved all of his family.
In recent years, trips with our Texas family to the Bier Stube in my hometown of Germantown, WI were epic - I could listen to Uncle Wayne share stories of his European travels and profess the Frederick family's German heritage for hours.
Jason and Magan's wedding was a beautiful celebration and I am so thankful to have had time talking with Wayne and Susan that weekend.
I will always think fondly of Uncle Wayne when I take my boys to Kopps Frozen Custard for a burger or a cone - he celebrated his birthright so well, even if complaining about the cold weather.
Cheers to a truly great man.

Paul Finley

January 8, 2021

Wayne & I had a special bond in that we were the 2 Wisconsinites who moved to Texas. At my Dad's funeral visitation service in WI he gave a speech, referring to me as the "other maverick" who escaped to Texas. It was great to get to know him & all the TX relatives better over the years.

My first exposure to TX was as a boy, visiting grandma & grandpas apartment (Wayne's parents Henry & Jinx(Marcella)). I'd admire the various tourists doodads in their cabinet with TX themes and the name. What a wild place it seemed like! Well it's all worked out and here I am. However I will openly admit I still love my home state to a far greater extent than Uncle Wayne would ever confess to. Though he still sought out a custard malt on his forays back to the Motherland just the same as I.

His marriage to Susan late in their lives was a big inspiration to me, and all those attending their wedding. My being still single well into my 40's at that point told me to never give up. At 50 I married Sharon. A Texan indeed. Wayne made the wedding too, only a month before his passing. What a wonderful gift to have him & other Texas relatives present, to show how this family has a very big capacity to enjoy our love for one another.

Tom Finley

January 7, 2021

I always remember Uncle Wayne being a vital presence when it mattered most- at times of sadness. He was there when our family truly needed him. At the passing of his parents, his sister and brother, and of course my father, he was a reassuring and kind man. His quiet, yet strong and usually funny disposition were of such emotional support to my mom and others. We know he’ll be missed but he’ll always be remembered and there in our hearts.

Daniel Finley

January 7, 2021

One more anecdote from me. Just a few years ago when I was talking with Uncle Wayne, he recalled how as a little boy in the 1930's he went to some German American Bund meetings in Milwaukee with grandpa. The Bund was an organization of ethnic Germans living in the United States with an American isolationism agenda. Of course once the war broke out and Hitler revealed his true colors, everything changed.

Jerry & Margaret Finley

January 7, 2021

To his young Wisconsin nephews, Wayne Frederick was truly a larger than life character; that was many decades ago and it’s still true now. He made no secret of his love of hard work, family and fun and shared that joy with all of us. Always a Milwaukee boy but a proud Texan through and through, he inspired us to think big…and also to get out of the cold.

What fun we had with Uncle Wayne, at 80-plus years of age, traveling across the South. He had no time for slowpokes and would command us young folks to “macht schnell!” when there were sights to see.

In a room crowded with people, Wayne would make each person feel special. Just like he was.


All business, all the time. Looking sharp.


Dad's graduation photo from Messmer High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Dad's Navy photo 1951 Great Lakes Naval Academy


Great Lakes Naval Academy 1951


Dad's Mom, Jinx, his brother Johnny, his sister Kay and his Dad, Hank, at the house in Sharpstown around 1962


Dad with Baby Kenneth 1964


Dad and David after offshore fishing in Miami


Dad, David and Kenneth on vacation 1969


Dad's Mom Christmas 1970


Dad and Baby Jenny 1955