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Rachelle Elizabeth Currie

June 23, 1988August 2, 2021

On Monday evening, August 2, 2021, 33-year-old Rachelle Elizabeth Currie passed away unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest at her home in Hyannis. She was the beloved mother of Thomas Currie, age 6, daughter of Kathleen Currie and the late Thomas Currie, Sr., and sister to Thomas Currie, Jr., and Tara Currie Reyes. She is survived by her grandmother Gloria Leary, Karen and Ron Eppler, Michael and Mark Leary, her beloved partner Manisha Mendes, and many, many friends.

Rachelle was born on June 23, 1988, and lived most her life as a resident of Hyannis, MA. In 2006, she graduated from Tri-Country Regional Vocational Technical High School with a shop major in culinary arts. She attended college for a short time but chose a path with CVS Pharmacy where she eventually rose to the position of supervisor. For co-worker Carol Conroy, Rachelle was like a 2nd daughter. “I will miss her dearly because she helped everyone and was always so sociable. In addition to her outstanding work performance, she was a friend to all employees. Her dedication to CVS will not be forgotten. She will be missed, and the store will never be the same.”

Rachelle’s many friends bear witness to her uniqueness and irreplaceability.

“I just loved her so much,” says partner Manisha Mendes. “I can’t believe this has happened. She went over the top for everyone. Rachelle was an ‘over-healer,’ always running for others. She was strong, independent – a beautiful soul who was taken too soon.”

Jamie Takara best friend of 20 years states, “I’ve been best friends with Rachelle for 20 years - and that was not enough time. She was my ride or die, my left lung. She always called me when there was a problem. I’ve had so many years of phone calls that to not get a call she was feeling ill or different is odd. I had no idea – no one did. She was my sister, my family. She had plans for a better life and was finally going to leave the Cape and relocate to North Carolina with me or Florida. All my memories include her – I can’t think of a year without her since I was 15 years old. I don’t know how to take it that she will not be around anymore. She was my person”

Jessica Norris friend of 11 years states, “Rachelle was strong, fierce, and real, Rachelle, you will always be missed in my heart and forever irreplaceable.”

“Rachelle was without a doubt the most down to earth, honest, and hard-working daughter, mother, and friend,” Family friendJeanna Ridlon recalls. “She was the definition of what a strong, independent woman with a kind soul and a fierce ambition looks like. She was always wiser than her years. I will miss her brutally honest opinions and words of advice, her sense of humor, and mostly her desire to always want more and to better. Rachelle will forever be in a special place in our hearts. Fly high, Rachelle, and watch over us all from above while we watch from below – until we embrace again!”

For Aunty Karen, the song “Forever Young” describes Rachelle. “It represents what she was to me. It’s what I wished and hoped for her – and the love I have for her.”

Rachelle has left us too soon. She was an organized person who had plans for the future. After many overcoming many personal challenges, including single motherhood and the passing of her father in 2006 and her child’s father in 2015, she had found stability and happiness. Her life revolved around her son and whatever it took to give him the best life possible.

Rachelle had a passion for living. She enjoyed the beach and taking her son to fun places off the Cape. She celebrated arts and crafts, holistic healing with stones and massage (especially “those glutes”), getting her nails done. She watched BET reality T.V. drama shows and listened to rap music (especially “Young Ma”). She was obsessed with Tik Tok, social media humor, and the latest beauty trends. She loved to shop at Home Goods, Target, TJ Maxx, and Hobby Lobby. If you went along for the ride, you knew it was going to be awhile.

We will miss you, Rachelle, and love you forever. You made us all better people.

Rest in the sweetest peace, Angel.


  • Thomas Currie, age 6, Son
  • Kathleen Currie and the late Thomas Currie, Sr, Parents
  • Thomas Currie, Jr, Brother
  • Tara Currie Reyes, Sister
  • Rachelle is survived by her grandmother Gloria Leary, Karen and Ron Eppler, Michael and Mark Leary, her beloved partner Manisha Mendes, and many, many friends.


  • Memorial Service

    Monday, September 6, 2021


Rachelle Elizabeth Currie

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Jamie T Smith

November 13, 2021

Jamie T Smith

October 29, 2021

“Rachellllleeeeeee” I miss and love you . We’re like this !!!!! My numero uno. You should have moved to NH after my many what if’s I’m sorry for my part if any . I need you and that’s impossible. Big things coming they put out a mandate on the vaccine lol ok bye no thank you . LOL. RIP my sweet girl .

Jamie T Smith

October 12, 2021

Oh how I’m wishing you were here …..I legit now hold in so much information because you are the only person who would 100% get it. I feel as you have left me I lost a huge part of myself. To imagine the rest of my life and not having my #1 legit is horrible. I just wanna snap you ! I have crazy stories now in EMT life lol . I miss you and love you . I’ll continue to carry you with me, until I see you again. RIP my best friend, my person, my fuzzy little man peach.

Jamie T Smith

October 4, 2021

“ ooohhhh girl how I miss youuuu “ let me tell you about EMT life lol ….. I saw your son this weekend….. no comment. He wants to be a robot monkey for Halloween I’m like “ ok” he’s a trip . I love you and I miss you always have . The thought of you in my life for 20 years. No one will ever replace you my beautiful gingy ouhhh as i type this as we talked lol . RIP my person my beautiful girl . You are so deeply missed by me. 143

Jamie T Smith

September 28, 2021

Rachellleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee “how do I live without you , I want to knowwwwwww, how to I breath with out you “- LeeAnne Rymes good times . I was at D’Angleos like 4 times a week when you were working there ,QT lol gotta bring Linda that steak and cheese lol she literally would be like you going to see Rachelle at work I’m like yesssss, she be like “oh well I’ll have a steak and cheese “ I’d be like of course you will” I’d come see you and you be like “ oooohhhh my Jamie , Linda wants that good steak and cheese made with my loving “ and I was like “ yup you know it “

Jessica Norris

September 25, 2021


Jamie T Smith

September 24, 2021

Jamie T Smith

September 17, 2021

“We’re like THISSSSSSSS “143

Jamie T Smith

September 17, 2021

143 My person . Now your also a Stevie Nicks song .

Krystal Slawinski

September 15, 2021

Rest in the sweetest peace angel mamaa and watch over that handsome son of yours. My hopes are that he inherits the fun, vibrant & kind hearted spirit you had in this shitstorm called life. Rachelle, the world lost a beautiful soul the day you left us and you will be missed greatly. Let your legacy live on thru Thomas.

Love always, Krystal 🤍