Mark John Kimbro

March 12, 1959April 21, 2021

Mark John Kimbro, 62, of Avon, IN, passed away peacefully in his home on April 21, 2021. He was born to parents Harry P Kimbro and Marilyn A Kimbro, on March 12, 1959, in Beech Grove, IN. He married Kimberly, the love of his life, on July 10, 1987. Mark is survived by his daughter Crystal Kimbro and her husband Joe Schiattareggia; his Grandsons Jas, Brayden, Keegan Schiattareggia; his son Christopher and his wife Hannah Kimbro, Granddaughter Scarlett Rae Kimbro, his brother Michael T Kimbro and wife Donna Kimbro.

Mark was known for his hard work and creativity, in which he and his wife transformed into a successful business for over 33 years. Mark spent his life creating memories for his wife, two kids, and beloved grandchildren. If Mark was not working, he could be found in the yard, by the fire with his dogs, or on a beach with his family.


The memorial service will be held on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, at 1 p.m. with visitation starting at 11 a.m., at Crown Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery, burial to follow.


  • Visitation

    Tuesday, May 4, 2021

  • Funeral Service

    Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Mark John Kimbro

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Jonathan Allen

May 3, 2021

Mark, I can't even express the positive impact you made on my life. I'm sure I started as an anoying red head that lived up the street. Who would come over and eat your fruit roll-ups and take the last RC. Who would stay over weekends making to much noice, why the ( Bear) was trying to sleep.
You and the whole Kimbro family started treating me more like family than just a neighborhood kid. Always making me feel welcome, inviting me on family vacation, paying me way to much for yard work. ( I always worked harder than Chris out there by the way, but you knew that)lol
I'm not sure if it was the curiosity in my eyes, when I watched you work on the bench. Maybe how I stopped for just a moment going up them basement steps, to see what the noise was all about. But at some point you seen SOMETHING in me that made you willing to take a chance. Willing to invest your time, money and skills in teaching. That first job you gave me when I turn 16, was the first day of my " adult" life. I never had to be the fast food clerk, or the waiter coming home smelling like grease. I was able to started a true career from day one. To that I owe you everything. Between watching you always working your business, working in the yard or just being creative with wood. It shaped me into the man I am today. I love this family, I will miss you dearly. Eternally thankful for you!

Crystal Kimbro

May 3, 2021

Dad, I miss you and have so many things I want to say but unfortunately you were taken from us to soon. I was never a daddy’s girl but I busted my ass every day to make you proud, I was defiant and stubborn and I learned that from you. If you ask anyone what my best quality is they would tell you it’s my work ethic and I am proud to say I got that from you. You were tough but that is the reason I am who I am today so thank you. I will continue to work my ass off so I can continue to make you proud.

Jas misses you so much; He’s like me and just wants you to be proud. He loves hearing the stories from when I was a kid, he loves the stories of the things in the house, he loves the pictures you took ALL the time, he loves your shop. He wants to be a jeweler and carry on your legacy. I am so happy he was able to spend that summer with you, he cherishes that so much. I promise to you that I will share stories with Brayden and Keegan so they know you. Brayden will forever know you called him Thor, which by the way is his favorite super hero. You would have really bonded with Keegan, he is a hands on, sweet little guy!

Rest easy dad, Chris and I will take it from here. We will take care of mom, your house, your yard and your grandchildren. You have nothing to worry about anymore, I promise!

Chris Kimbro

May 1, 2021

I have no idea where to begin. You’re my hero. I don’t mean it in the superhero-esc sense. I mean it in the family sense.

I’ll miss the Tarzan yell that you’d belt out in the shower while on vacation. I’ll miss the photo sessions on the beach, I’ll miss blaring Nickleback and screaming the words to every song while on our way to the store. I’ll miss you telling me I’m putting too much gas on the fire before I light it.

But what I’m going to miss most is your voice, the voice that told me while leaning how amazing I am. How amazing my wife Hannah is; and how amazing your granddaughter is. I unfortunately took you leaving for granted.

I love you Dad. You are and will always be my hero.

Karla Alenduff

April 28, 2021

When I visited Mark and Kimmy; he was always quick to show me his new creations as he knew I’d appreciate the efforts and creativity. AND a New Year Eves party memory . I really wanted that Red Bull tequila decanter and Mark told me if I drank it all I could have it ! Big fat liar!! Hahahaha. He had a great laugh... contagious! He was great about having get togethers when I requested. Great guy! He’ll be missed from our circle of friends😞Loads of love Kimmy! My championess! And to you kids of course... it truly sucks to lose a good parent!

Greg, Connie, Chelsea, Carson, and Eden Basco

April 27, 2021

I remember when you started dating my sister & I remember the day you married her. I have such great memories of all the family get togethers we shared at moms and your house, and the Christmas parties at the Bascofamily-house. I was fortunate enough to be asked to perform your daughter's wedding and chase your son around mom's basement. I never told you this, but I look up to you, I very much value your opinion, and maybe I'm just a little man-jealous of your intelligence and creative talents. When you did something, you always did it to the best of your ability, this roughly translates to "waaayyy" better than what most of us will ever be capable of doing, but what all of us can appreciate and be amazed by. Thank you for always treating me like your little brother and for helping me become the man I am today. I am honored and proud to call you my brother-in-law, my friend, and an extremely significant member of the family. My family and I love you! God bless you Mark and thank you for everything!

Vicki Leak

April 27, 2021

So many good times to remember & cherish. A collector & a craftsman, Mark will so be missed. I’ll cherish every piece I have. Please know mine & Johns thoughts & prayers are with each and everyone, during this time of remembrance . Love to all.
Vicki & John Leak