Mrs. Pamela Denise Johnson Perkins

November 1, 1962January 21, 2014
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Pamela Johnson Perkins was born on November 1, 1962 and passed away January 21, 2014. She is survived by her husband Kelly; Mother, Ann Johnson; Brothers, Michael and Neil Johnson; Mother-in-Law, Ruby Perkins of Poud, VA; Brothers-in-Law, Johnny of TX, Roy of FL, Neil, Ronald of TX, Edward of TX and Andy of VA; Sisters-in-Law, Janis of FL, Helen of VA, Deborah of VA, and Lucille of FL; and many Nephews and Nieces. She is preceded in death by her Father, Richard Johnson. Pam worked as a Dental Ceramist for 25 years. Her love of horses and the outdoors brought her many friendships and lovely memories that she shared with so many. Her smile will be with us forever. Services will be held at Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home of Mandarin on Saturday, January 25, 2014 with the Visitation at 1:00pm and the Funeral Service at 2:00pm.

Arrangements are under the care and direction of Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home of Mandarin. 11801 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida, 32223. (904) 288-0025


  • Visitation Saturday, January 25, 2014
  • Funeral Service Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mrs. Pamela Denise Johnson Perkins

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June 4, 2014

She would always open her house to me anytime I was in need of a place to stay for a while. Let's just say more than once. Pam was one of the only women that would not only use the outhouse but stop by even if she was driving down State Road 13 anytime! And that what I miss most is when every time she said bye. She would always say " I Love You Bubba"

Ann Johnson

June 4, 2014

We moved to Jacksonville from Okeechobee in 1968. She was only 6 years old. Richard adopted her and loved her as his own daughter. Pam got Cajun when she was in junior high. Cajun was a young colt. She trained and broke Cajun in by herself and taught her to run barrels. She won a lot of trophy's at the following clubs ,Saddle Club ,Southside, Clay, Mavericks, Rainbow, Starke, McClenny, Lake Butler, Bit & Spur to name a few. She broke all records on Cajun at each of these clubs. She rode the Rodeo Circuit and won quite a bit of money. She also rode for the Georigia Saddle Club. We had many a wonderful Christmas with her and Kelly. Our memory of her will live on with us forever. She is missed by her family and friends, especially her mother. Ann Johnson

Deborah Meade and Perkins Family

March 26, 2014

Pam may have been a little leary of what was on the side of the mountain. But she would go to see anyway. Pam introduced me to my first crab boil. Pam and Kelly had came to Virginia for a visit and she told me she was having a cookout for the family. I said ok I will help. But Pam said all she needed was just one big pot. They had brought shrimp and crab, potatoes and corn and sausage and a tablecloth. I thought to myself no way will she be able to feed everyone with just one pot. After she cooked it all was poured out onto the table it looked as if it had double in size. All dig in and enjoy the bounty. As we eat she began to tell us about her 4 wheeler ride to Ned's rock with some of the other family members and friends. How she liked sitting on top of the rock. She said it was like being up there with the birds. Pam was always willing to help cook or bring a dish to all the other cookout when we would visit Florida. Pam will truly be missed. But lives for ever in our heart and memories.

Lucy and Parnell Bennett and family

March 26, 2014

Pam and Kelly married, our family gain a new sister-in-law. Which all families receive new in laws this is nothing new. However Pam had many new names to remember. Kelly’s family has 8 brothers and six sister. This in itself present a problem trying to keep it all straight. We just told her that even the family sometimes forgets who belong to who.
Pam and Kelly attended many family gathering for birthdays, Holidays and Reunions. This gave her a chance to tell her stories of rising horses, pigs and fishing. The outdoor life was one thing that was a part of her life. That she share stories about. In return we would tell her stories of Kelly’s up bring in the mountains of Virginia. So many stories was exchanged among the family as well as laughter and tears.
Pam and Kelly also had many cook out with us and other family members and friends. Which Pam would simple reply what do you need us to bring. They was times her and Kelly would visit for a oyster roast or bar-a-que. We also enjoyed many of Pam’s Pineapple upside cake and cookies that she had bake for Kelly. We didn’t always need a reason for a gathering just any excuse for a cookout and to be together.
Pam would always make sure to call concerning the Christmas photos. We would always make a evening of it taking more than one background. We would like to share some of them with you. So you can see how the outdoors and nature was a big part of life.
Pam’s laughter and her bright smile will be missed.

Roy and Gale Mullins

March 26, 2014

Pam was a good woman. She was always so hospitable, even when she came to the house; she would always bring enough food for a small army. She loved Kelly, you could tell by the way she acted that she really did care about him. Would have liked to know her sooner when she was into the horses. We will miss her.

Thomas and Margaret Bair

March 26, 2014

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sending love and prayers your way in this time of grief.

Sarah Perkins

March 19, 2014

"I do not want the peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace." -Helen Keller

Lucy and Parnell Bennett and family

March 15, 2014

Country Roads- country roads lead me home, where the cattle & horses roam. Friendly faces Helping where problems arise. On these country roads, a lended hand is no surprise.. Be not ashamed of the hand life dealt. So think of me when your blue and Know like the mountains reach to the sky and the oceans to the sand, on this country road I will always be with you..


March 9, 2014

May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.

March 5, 2014

My Pamela, I can't hardly bring myself to write this cause it feels like closure and I still can't accept that your not here and I want to call you everyday and we make each other laugh. If I join you up there in heaven, God will have his hands full!!! I miss You sooo bad,you were my sister I never had, my best friend, You and Kelly always helped me when No One else would and I will never forget that or all the great times we had together. We were Thelma & Louise!!! With a blow gun! I still have your CD and you know what song I am playing!!! Ha! I even called and requested Gary Stewart for you. I Miss you So Bad...I still can't accept your gone, my heart is broke bad, I'm good on one side....I can't tell you good bye, no way, you are with me every day, believe me my baby girl. I LOVE YOU, Always and Forever....Till I See Ya again!! I hope you can't see everything I'm doing now!!! Member we always laughed about that. I just wanna write forever, I miss my Pam.


If there was ever a person who wanted to heal all the wrongs in the world, it was Mrs. Pamela Denise Perkins. She was an idealist who sought to bring harmony to those around her. Even though Pamela was enthusiastic and generous, it was sometimes difficult for her to boast about her accomplishments. Pamela had strong personal convictions, making it hard for her to relinquish those ideals she held dearest to herself. Despite her outer strengths and beliefs, Pamela sometimes struggled in her efforts to see the world as completely positive. Pamela's life motto was always to hope for the best and work hard towards that end, but be prepared for some of life's disappointments. This philosophy was a continual driving force in her life, but it did not extinguish the bright light that defined the dreamer in Pamela, something that was always there and that she readily shared with everyone around her.

      Pamela was born on November 1, 1962 at Okeechobee Hospital in Okeechobee, Florida. Her parents were Ann and Richard Johnson and Neil Stanley. Pamela was raised in Mandarin, Florida. As a youngster, Pamela demonstrated an excellent vocabulary and command of language. She was a compassionate person, a quality that she would carry with her throughout her life. Even at a young age, Pamela was sensitive to her parents’ moods and worked hard to please them and live up to their expectations.

      Throughout her life, Pamela showed a remarkable ability to mend relationships. This was true even with her siblings. Pamela was caring, diplomatic and tolerant of the feelings of those around her. Pamela was raised with two siblings. She had one older brother Michael, and one younger boy Neil. Pamela was constantly involved in activities with her brothers. Pamela and her siblings had the typical rivalries while growing up, but they cared deeply for one another.

      As a young girl, Pamela lived a childhood filled with fantasy. She was generally in pursuit of her own identity, but she was also adaptable to almost any situation she faced. Pamela took part in barrel racing horses. Pamela's memorable achievements included. However, to Pamela, the most fun to be had was simply playing, and spending time with her many friends.

      While those who did not know her well found Pamela to be somewhat reserved until they got to know her, she was an authentic and devoted friend. Pamela was a tranquil person, with an easygoing and open-minded attitude towards life. She presented a pleasant face to the outside world but concealed the pain and discomfort she felt over her own friends’ difficulties. Pamela sought to achieve harmony with everyone and possessed the ability to mend conflicts and avoid interpersonal struggles. While growing up, some of her best friends were Kim,Eddie,Pam Glass. Later in life, she became friends with Donna.

      The desire for romance was always present in Pamela's life. Pamela cared passionately for Kelly. Her deep loyalty and a strong commitment to her vows brought a sense of completeness to their marriage.

      Blessed with a strong sense of integrity, Pamela was as loyal and committed in her work as she was in the rest of her life. Pamela worked well with fellow employees and showed great cooperation in reaching common goals. Though she had a tendency to take on too many tasks, herself; Pamela showed great patience with complicated situations. She was ingenious and trusted her intuition. For Pamela, the application of logic could be optional, and while that sometimes bothered her co-workers, Pamela always seemed to be able to get the job done. She was most comfortable working on the projects and jobs that she strongly supported. Her primary occupation was Dental ceramicist. She was employed for 25 years in the field. Pamela always tried to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done.

      Pamela enjoyed her leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. Her favorite pursuits were horse dogs and fishing. Pamela was content to enjoy her hobbies alone but she was also willing to share her interests with others.being a selfless person, Pamela did not seek approval from her peers, but she valued the recognition she received for her good deeds. Some of her most prestigious awards included South side Rodeo where she became Rodeo Queen.

      Pamela enjoyed traveling and going away on vacations. Taking trips provided the chance for her to kick back and relax, to visit new places and see new things. Favorite vacations included road trips to Virginia,Key West,and her hometown Okeechobee,Florida.  Pamela was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. One of Pamela's favorites was Harley,a Stafford Terrier. They were best friends for 5 years. Her family was rounded out by her other loves Cajun Bayou Girl, Kaybee, Kaydee and many others.

      Pamela passed away on January 21, 2014 at At her home. Natural Cause. She is survived by her husband Kelly,Mother Ann Johnson,and brothers Micheal and Neil Johnson's.

      Mrs. Pamela Denise Perkins was someone who was able to see the world as a good and honorable place. She viewed the people who inhabited it as essentially good. A person who tended to see the world in terms of black and white, Pamela tried to focus on the good she saw, knowing that there were times she would have to compromise. She was selfless and deeply committed to all things positive and good. Pamela was a person who would keep her eye on tomorrow and constantly held onto her dreams. She was capable of being mystical at times, and funny. It was this exceptional insight and quiet reserve that became Pamela's trademark qualities for all who knew her, and it was one of the many reasons why all who knew her loved Mrs. Pamela Denise Perkins.

Kelly's Reflections

How I met Pam, it was spring and I was working in the garden. She was driving by in her T-Bird and stopped to ask about a dog that she had seen in the front yard. Pam was going to see her good friend Kim and said if was not at home she would be back and I thought what beautiful women. Hoping that she would come back and she did. As spring turned to summer our feeling grow as we took long walks on the beach. As summer ended our feeling turned to Love for one another. We want to spend more and more time together. Pam had a camper we took it a campsite at Trout Creek, as we sit and watch the wildlife we would talk about what we wanted out of life. It turned out to be the same thing someone to love and grow old with.

Spring of 2003, Pam and I got married on May 14th and shortly after that we bought a little cottage on Joe Ashton Road. With both of our jobs we did not have much time to spare but we slowly removed some walls to make the house look roomer. We loved working together it made us so happy and brought us even closer. We would sit on the front porch with our dogs Kaydee and Harley. We also enjoyed watching the horse rider practice jumping next door.

Pam's love for horse started early in life. We spent a lot of time getting know our families and friends. Pam loved the family reunions in Jacksonville , and down to Okeechobee and up in Virginia. She loved the cookouts, oyster roast and family gathering meant a lot to both of us. Pam's friends had the up most respect for her loving nature she would make a stranger feel at ease and when they got to know her they loved her strong spirit, laughter, honesty, and passion for life.

Pam's first trip to Virginia was in July 2005, and she was driving in the mountains of North Caroline and I noticed she was slowing down at the top of each hill. I asked her why are you slowing down, she said I don't know what's on the other side of the hill. Laughing, I said I hope the road is . We took a cooler full of shrimp and crab to do a low boil. Pam said she wanted to do the cooking for everyone they were curious when she got out only one big pot. When she finished we dumped it on the picnic table everyone loved it and asked for the recipe.

Pam was very adventurous, while in Virginia she wanted to know what was on top of some of the mountains. So I called a friend and we went to meet Ricky Crawford. At the to[ of South Mountain and seen a big tepee he made of concrete. The next day we went to Vince and Lou-Nita on North Fork, then continued to Cumberland Mountain. Pam got to see a bear along the way to the rock cliff. Where we able to sit on the top and down into the valley below. A small town covered with clouds all we could see was the top of a church steeple on around the mountain was a cave. It had a big opening we drove the four wheelers into it. On the inside was what looked like steps going up the side leading a small opening to flat rock platform that looked over the top of some trees below. We kept riding it was starting to get dark and we came up on 30 more riders. They were waiting to see the fireworks 4th of July for four different counties everyone was having a good time. When the fireworks was over several of us went to the mud hole, it had a three or four foot bank on the end and Pam being fearless she got on a four wheeler and jumped right out into it and got stuck everyone helped to get her out.

Pam was very passionate about her work in the dental lab! She started out as a pick up and delivery driver,but her determination to learn more she began to pour impressions, the to ceramic doing anatomy. Pam was always inspiring the ones taking over her old jobs to do their best and move up as she did, she was very proud of her work. In 2009 the technology continued to grow and more computerized that was able to the work that she was doing, more and more dentist was getting them this broke her heart.

With the love of horses on her mind she wondered what she could do and to learn more about them, she got the opportunity and went to California to work with a trainer for show horses. But Pam was too much of a rough rider from her days in the rodeo. Pam returned to St. Augustine after that we got a Harley- Davidson it made Pam happy. I think it reminded her of riding horses. Pam favorite was riding State Road 13th by the St. Johns River. Where the Spanish moss hang from the big old oak trees making a canopy that blocked out hot Florida sun. We would stop at Riverdale Park and look out over the river. A lot of our rides included our good friend George Boatwright. Who was the owner of Maxine Place where we all would end up at after riding.