Ralph Jacob Hochman

September 25, 1937July 21, 2020

Ralph Jacob Hochman, age 82 passed away on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. Ralph was born September 25, 1937 in Gary, Indiana.

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  • Funeral Service

    Thursday, July 23, 2020

  • Graveside Service

    Thursday, July 23, 2020


Ralph Jacob Hochman

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Maja Omicevic

October 13, 2020

Ralph was an amazing person. We are blessed to got to know him. My condolences to his family. He will always live in our hearts.

Malkah Hochman

August 19, 2020

Dear Papa,
I want you to know that I think of you every day and I miss you very much! You had such a kind and gentle spirit, a quiet strength. There was never a single moment of my life that I didn't feel loved, supported, and cared for by you. You were always there for us, every day, in every way. I can still hear your gentle voice. You had such a calming effect on me, and on everyone that you met. You had a quiet strength that made us feel protected, loved, and safe. I grew up knowing that I could always count on you. The mental, emotional, and spiritual guidance you provided us gave me the confidence to go out and make it on my own in the world. You encouraged me to live large, have adventures, and travel. I'm so glad that I took your advice! I still have the WhatsApp messages that we exchanged when I went to Paris. I will cherish them always!
You always made me so feel proud! With Mom's help, you took Hochman's Western Wear to a whole new level! I will never forget your amazing cowboy boot collection, second to none! People came from miles around to watch Ray craft a saddle from scratch! It was an amazing site to witness! And where else would the Lynyrd Skynyrd band come to purchase custom shaped hats with snakeskin hatbands but Hochman's? What an adventure to grow up in such an exciting family business!
And that wasn't all! You were a brilliant C.P.A. with clients nationwide. Your clients thought the world of you as a C.P.A. and as a wonderful friend. I know your clients will miss your incredible talent, expert advice, and kind nature. You had the unique ability of putting everyone at ease, in your professional and personal life.
I hope you know Papa that you will live forever in my heart. I think of you every day and I see your smiling face. I feel your hugs and I hear your voice. I will miss you every day, but I will carry all of the wonderful memories of you in my heart!

With all my love,

Sherri & Eleanore Meadows/Wildstein

August 11, 2020

My family has appreciated and respected Ralph's ability as our very capability CPA for many,many, years. He will be very missed. May he Rest In Peace for Eternity

Matt Mercer

August 1, 2020

Ralph Hochman was calm and confident, smart and extremely like-able. Like the steady hand on the boat’s tiller, Ralph always took time to help others find solutions and gave dependable, steady advice.

I have fond memories growing up as a teen next door to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hochman. I marveled at Ralph’s Entrepreneurial Energy and the fact that Ralph and Shirley had their own group of Western Wear Stores— on top of Ralph having a CPA practice. I still remember the TV commercials and Matt Hochman’s famous line as he turned to the camera with his cool Cowboy hat and declared, “Hochman’s, for Western Wear.” They let me get experience working in one of their stores during Christmas break in the Jeans & Corduroy Dept., one of my very first jobs!

As a young-adult-aspiring-business-owner myself, Ralph and Shirley made entrepreneurship seem attainable for the rest of us, because THEY did it!

Ralph had a great mind for business and Accounting and also always had the coolest Boots over the decades (Ostrich, etc.). And was there a bigger Tony Dorsett // Dallas Cowboys fan in Jacksonville?

When my parents forgot their checkbook on a surgery trip to NC, Ralph quietly deposited $500 into their account! He mentioned he would put in the $300 Hospital Deposit, but quietly put in more! My Dad, not realizing Ralph had put extra in, repaid Ralph $300 upon returning from NC, but Ralph never mentioned nor asked for the extra portion. Ralph's generosity was only discovered the next month when my Dad balanced his checkbook and found the extra money in the account, which he then repaid. That was Ralph: Quietly Generous!

Ralph is such a special and caring person. I take comfort in the Good News of the Bible that one’s passing is only a temporary separation from loved ones here on Earth and that Ralph and family will indeed see each other again in Heavenly Glory and splendor through God’s grace for his chosen people! Rejoice, therefore! With love, Matt Mercer

Melanie Hochman

July 29, 2020

Words seem inadequate to express the sorrow felt by the loss of Ralph. My heart is with you. Someone as special as Ralph will never be forgotten. He will remain in my heart forever. I will aways cherish the beautiful memories we all shared with you. You were always very kind and loving. You always welcomed me in your home with open arms. I've always believed he had a beautiful soul and there is a trail of beautiful memories that will not be forgotten. I feel my life has been very enriched by the love Ralph shared with me over the many years. I thank you for this deeply from my heart. There are no goodbyes for me. Wherever you are, you will always be with me and your family. Thank you for leading with strength, wisdom and love. I will always remember the family gatherings and how you always made people smile even in the worst of times. In all the years I've known Ralph I cannot recall a single moment he raised his voice or complained about anything. From the beginning when I met him, he took me in as his own daughter and made me feel part of his family without any thought. I can still remember him dancing up a storm at my wedding. And let me tell you he had swagger! He was busting a move on that floor! Oh and the trip to Disney with the kids was aboustely the best. I remember our hotel room was not what we expected. Then the very next day while eating breakfast with minnie and mickey mouse Ralph surprised us by making arrangements for MUCH better accomadations. This made the trip so much better. He was the hero of the day! Then there was the trip to the mountains that Matt and I invited them too. The roads were treacherous and when Ralph and Shirley finely made it they had a look on their faces as if to say there must be something wrong with ya'll. Their faces were flustered, Ralphs' hair was in disarray and his eyeglasses were lopsided. LOL! All in all we had a great time. You've always made our times together so much more fun! Thank you Papa for all you did.

Larry Levy

July 28, 2020

A most patient and loving man. A friend, a dad. That is Ralph. There are few true mentors in life, my life. My dad and Ralph. Two men that guided me and inspired me. Ralph was like a dad. There to listen and there to give advice. I can remember the first day we met. I was given his name by a mutual acquaintance and walked into his office to offer IT services. We chatted for a while and be politely said he didn't need any thing at the time but when he did he would call me. Six months later he called. That was some 20 years ago.

Never did I think we would develop such a deep friendship. It was fun. Ralph loved his toys. He'd get a new computer, a new gadget, whatever. The first thing he'd do would be to call me to help him figure it out. We would chat for days about the politics of the day, the congressional hearings, the debates. It was fun. And when it wasn't, when he was deep in tax season, he was the most patient man. And generous!

Through Ralph, I had the honor of knowing his family, becoming, I like to think, a family member as well. I will always remember going to Sonny's for lunch, attending his grandchildren's bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah, just hanging out in his office. It's all good.

Ralph, thank you. Love you. Larry.

marie helms

July 28, 2020

Rarely does one encounter "true" greatness in their lifetime. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had this extraordinary man as my Uncle. I will forever remember my Uncle's warm smile and uplifting ways that was introduced to each person he came in contact with. His mind was brilliant and his heart was kind and generous which he displayed proudly through his powerful devotion to his family. His work ethic was untouchable. He had a huge love for Corvettes and I can remember fondly as a teenager I was always left in awe after seeing his latest "toy".
I will cherish those memories and more! I love you Uncle Ralph.
You were an inspiration to all! Love and prayers for the family.

James Joyner

July 28, 2020

Ralph Hochman was more than my CPA for well over a decade, he was a trusted mentor and loving friend. When I first started my medical practice, he and his lovely wife Shirley came to my office for an initial CPA consultation. I would have definitely been considered a "small fish" client at that time but they came all the way out to my office for an in person meeting. What most impressed me about this encounter was the unspoken Love I could sense between he and his wife Shirley. Over the following years, he made many office visits and his lovely wife was always by his side.
On one of those visits, they presented me with a book by Spencer Johnson called The Present. It is a story about "The Gift" that makes you happier and more successful at work and in life. Anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Ralph and his wife, knows that he understood that value of "The Gift". His work ethic, his loving relationship with his family and clients, his ability to honor his Word is a testament to his character and spirit.
Ralph's wisdom and guidance took my medical practice to the best of times! When the unforeseen "storm" came and brought financial hard times for me, Ralph was always a beacon of unconditional love, support and encouragement. I am forever grateful for knowing him and it was a true "Gift" having the privilege of calling him my dear friend.

I will miss my dear mentor and friend.
Love you buddy.

Dr. James Joyner

Mary Helms

July 28, 2020

What can I say about Ralph Hochman? How did so many good and wonderful qualities exist in just one person? I don't know but he had too many to count.

I first met Ralph when I was very young as our family lived a few doors down from the well known Hochman Department Store. Eventually, something happened between my sister Shirley and Ralph called "love." That love continued for 64 years and only got stronger each year. It was a bond between two people that few ever get to experience. They were blessed.

I could not have asked for a better Brother-in-Law than Ralph Hochman. I am so very proud to have had him in my life. He touched the lives of all who knew him. We are all better off to have known such an extraordinary man.

Ralph Hochman was unique as an individual that may never be duplicated. He loved his wife and family more than one could even imagine.

Ralph walked tall and proud among all men. He enjoyed helping others and always did so when possible. He was happiest of all when with his beloved wife Shirley and his beautiful children and grandchildren..

May you rest in peace Ralph for you made your mark in this world; you made it a better place. I am so proud to have known you and that you were the one chosen to be the husband of my sister.

Unique? Yes; that is Ralph Hochman.

Ernie Isaac

July 27, 2020

I have fond memories of Ralph. We've been friends since high school. We've remained friends and business associates all these years. I will miss you my dear friend.


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