Terry Wayne Powell

March 5, 1970August 9, 2018
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Terry Wayne Powell, 48, aka Wayne or Bubba, passed away on August 9, 2018 at home with family by his side. He was born March 5, 1970 in Jacksonville, FL, the son of Berlin and Kathy Powell.

Wayne worked for Florida Blue for 28 years. He also had his own lawn care company for over 15 years. His favorite things to do were fishing, horse camping and vacationing in Maggie Valley, North Carolina traveling through the mountains. He never passed up a chance to visit a casino.

Wayne is survived by his wife, Pam; his two children, Collin and Kieristen; sister, Pamula Powell-Galdi; brother, Brian Powell as well as many nephews and a niece. He is well loved by his extended family who considers him the "Fun" Uncle and Brother-in-Law.

Memorial services will be held Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 12:00 noon at Bible Believers Baptist Church, 3857 Hartley Road, Jacksonville, FL.


  • Memorial Service Thursday, August 16, 2018

Terry Wayne Powell

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Mark Middleton

September 3, 2018

Wayne was a great guy and I know our lives will never be the same without him. I'll miss him and will always remember how caring of a friend he was to me. I will never forget all that Wayne did for everyone and was always willing to help whenever he was needed. From trying to fix the boat in the Keys, being a designated driver whenever he was needed, helping out with the car races in Ocala, making sure everyone around him was having a good time, and just being a good friend.

From a work perspective, I know Florida Blue will miss Wayne as he was a very diligent and meticulous worker. I can remember working with him for several years and the talks when we met up about work. All those hours he put into his job to make sure it was done correctly was something out of the ordinary. Florida Blue will be hard pressed to fill his shoes.

I was very fortunate to know Wayne. We had become very good friends and we enjoyed each others company. Pam, Collin and Kiersten you have my deepest sympathy and if you need anything, Amy and I will always be there for you.

Michelle Mattox

August 31, 2018

Wayne was a wonderful kind person that would pretty much do anything for anyone. He never went anywhere without something to give. He was always fun to be around and made everyone feel welcome. He will forever be missed by his friends and in our hearts. We love him dearly.

Michelle Mattox

Diane Gibbons

August 31, 2018

Uncle Wayne was a class act. When he married Pam and joined the Kangas Clan, he would come to family gatherings and observe from the perimeter. We are a family that is rather loud, it is hard to get a word in at times. Eventually Wayne came around and became a part of the herd. He was the first one to make a store run for groceries, fishing gear or alcohol!
He was selfless and always believed in helping others. When I started my first job as a flight attendant six years ago he offered to lend me money. He met me on my drive through Jacksonville and gave me an envelope. We had agreed he would lend me $500.00 but when I finally looked in the envelope it was more! It was not until last year that I found out he has lent several family members money. He never boasted about helping others, it just came naturally to him.
I do not know why, but Pam and I seem to be together at some of the more difficult times when family members are ill. It is just meant to be. At our family gathering in North Carolina a few months ago, Wayne made a point to have individual conversations with everyone. Wayne came up to me and said he wanted to let me know that if and when he was not able to communicate, or if he was not able to be understood and talking gibberish, he wanted me to reassure Pam that he was speaking to God and that it was okay. A few days before Wayne's passing, I arrived at their house and walked in the family room. Wayne was very restless and would not be still. Pam told me he had been talking nonsense in the past few days. I went over to his bed, said hello. It was the last time we looked each other in the eye. I said to him " hello Wayne, it's Diane, I hear you have been talking to God. I just want you to know that I am here to help Pam and the kids". He got very still and quiet, closed his eyes and relaxed. I don't know how he knew, but he knew I would be there.
I have used my max words........Thanks Wayne, will remember you with kind thoughts, always.

Nick Fornito

August 30, 2018

Uncle Wayne was always the cool uncle. Whether it be him getting me into video games on his computer when I was really young and playing Unreal Torunament on his PC until the early morning or just getting the Go Kart ready to drive around his yard. He even took me to my first casino. Wayne always wanted everyone to have fun. And he didn't hesistate to do whatever was needed to accomplish that. Even when he must have been scared, he didn't let us see it. I only remember the laughter and fun he brought to us. I love and miss him dearly. - Nick Fornito

Nancy Pyatte

August 29, 2018

I got to know Wayne through our infamous horse camping adventures! This has to be said - Wayne was the best trailer backer-upper ever! He wasn't into riding horses with 'The Girls' but Wayne brought a lot a fun to the group and we will miss you greatly. There will always be a place for you around the fire Wayne. So glad to call you my friend.

Donna Fornito

August 18, 2018

Part 5: Tonight, on the night his spirit self, his soul, went to heaven, I felt a great sense that Wayne was with Jesus, laughing and dancing and rejoicing in the light. Within a few more hours I had a sense of love….of Wayne being greeted by my mom and dad but then a greater sense of love that he was with his dad ( a man I never met) who had passed at a young age also…and there was immense love emanating. I don’t know all the souls he is with in heaven, but those three sent a great sense of love to me…knowing that they were surrounding Wayne was very comforting to me. Tears are still flowing freely as I remember him and acknowledge his passing into the life everlasting. I look forward to seeing him there.

Donna Fornito

August 18, 2018

Part 4: . Most of us know that Wayne had two heart attacks at a very young age. In fact at age 40, Wayne was life flighted and almost died. And Wayne had another surprising story about that. To hear him tell it….he remembers he had two spirit selves watching the doctors working on him at the hospital. One spirit self stood in the corner of the hospital room while the other self that he felt present in, was approaching some steps leading to a light filled cloud. He started up the steps and as soon as the doctors shocked his heart, both spirit selves returned to the body on the table. It is amazing that he had such detail of this event and I think this is partly what gave him a lot of comfort as he learned of the cancer that invaded his body eight years later. He took the diagnosis with such grace, though his mind was a little affected by the disease at points. Throughout his last six months of illness I think Wayne ministered to those around him more than we ministered to him with his honesty, his humor, and his stories.
The two things he told the hospice pastor he had not accomplished were that he had never “Hit the big one”, though all of us supporting him in his last days brought him tons of lotto and scratch off cards. The other wish was that he wanted to talk in tongues so that he knew he was talking directly to God. He teared up when he said this as it meant so much to him. I was with him and Pam a lot as well as Diane, my other sister. Diane relayed to me that two days ago, she was there and Wayne was restless and not making sense and was saying a lot of gibberish…but she clearly heard him say Messiah. I think he got wish number six.

Donna Fornito

August 18, 2018

Part 3: Wayne’s big plan was to build a house on top of a mountain and retire there. He bought a nice piece of property on top of a mountain. He liked that you could see in all directions and that it was different every day….clouds in the valley, clouds up high, blue skies, sunshine , rain, colored leaves, green leaves…he loved it all. And he dreamed of his house to come. He had lots of conversations in the past several months about the house and how he envisioned it. But now he’s in God’s heaven in the house of many rooms…I bet he’s loving that house now. I will add that he liked the Kangas family cottage in Wisconsin and we spent many good times there also.
Here’s some more of the surprising things we found out about Wayne. He said he had seven things he wanted to accomplish in his life and he told the hospice pastor that he had accomplished five of them. He didn’t list the five, but he talked of three of them. He always had a vision, that he says God gave him, of the person he was going to marry. He had seen a vision of everything but “her” face…and when he met Pam, my sister, Pam’s face filled the frame. Wayne worked in the same company as Pam…Blue Cross…of course he worked for the “good side” and Pam worked for the other. Anyways they started dating and the rest is history. He had a vision that he would have a boy and a girl…and voila….he has a wonderful son…Colin…and a beautiful daughter….Kieristen. He also wanted to be sure the family was taken care of in case anything happened and he accomplished that.

Donna Fornito

August 18, 2018

Part 2: Changing subjects….here’s a fun thing about Wayne: He was the favorite uncle. I don’t know if it’s because he introduced the late teens/ early twenties nephews, nieces and sundry others to the fine (and not fine) things about drinking, but he was always fun to talk to. In my personal opinion, he made the best margaritas EVER and one evening at a family gathering at my sister’s (nobody lived in the same place so these were always special), us parents had gone to bed….after many tasty beverages…and unbeknownst to us, our children were drinking with Wayne. They ran out of margarita mix so the only non drinker drove with some to the store only to find out mixer was not available at that particular store (probably the bait shop)….so Gatorade would do. The next morning a fun time was not had by all young drinkers. Funny thing is …Wayne was not a big drinker, except…maybe Mountain Dew.
Wayne’s favorite place was North Carolina. Wayne enjoyed North Carolina ever since he went there as a kid with his mom and dad. He had great memories of all of those summer trips. As an adult, he took Pam and the kids on a lot of family vacations there….mostly Maggie Valley and Waynesville…I love that name. With his family and extended family members, Wayne did the white water rafting on the Nantahala, explored all around and frequented his favorite place…Harrah’s Cherokee Casino. We saw a show or ate, but then Wayne’s most favorite place was the casino and he just knew he was going to hit the big jackpot! He played the machines with determination to hear the bells and see the lights. It happened some but Wayne enjoyed every minute, even if he did make a contribution to the Cherokees.

Donna Fornito

August 18, 2018

This is Donna, Wayne's sister-in-law who wrote this on the night he passed away. Part 1: Wayne was a surprising guy in a lot of ways. You thought you knew him, but when you spent time with him you always found out something interesting that you had no idea about! Especially when he talked about growing up on Black Hammock Island in Florida….it was a young boy’s dream…lots of nature! He and his brother had free reign to bike ride and explore and fish and swim. He did all of those….a lot. At about age 7, the Baptist bus started picking him up to go to church. Wayne was shaped by this in a lot of ways. He was always a generous and kind and a sweet spirit. I’m thinking church had something to do with this. Anyway he had some Jesus experiences as a kid that I would not even fathom...until you heard Wayne talk about them with such clarity and conviction. Wayne told the story of being outside during a lightning storm and a lightning bolt hit right above him. He watched mesmerized as the lightning split and formed a cage around him. He, in his heart, knew it was God protecting him. Another time, swimming in the creek with other kids, he was being held under the water far too long and pleaded to God to let him breathe, and Wayne swears that he held his breath as long as he could and then miraculously took a breath under water- it was as if God had given him a bubble and Wayne tells this as if it’s an item you can request from a store. Wow! Another time, Wayne was riding his bike in the super hot summer on the island. The 7 Eleven (or whatever it was) was 10 miles away, and halfway there Wayne realized he had no money. He was already very thirsty and had no idea how he was going to make it. He said he prayed and asked for a way to have a coke or some water and he biked through the church parking lot and found a dollar. He then rode to the store and got a soda. This made a big impression on him as he felt God led him to that.


Wayne Powell or to his family Bubba was born March 5th 1970 to Kathy and Berlin Wayne Powell. As a child he grew up on Black Hammock Island. Wayne has an older sister Pamula and an older brother Brian. In addition, the family fostered several kids who also lived in the household over the years. Wayne was always very outgoing and funny. As a child he was very adventurous and always getting into trouble. At school he was the class clown. He was also a very determined person. As a child this resulted in some dangerous activities such as trying to be Evel Knievel but as an adult it resulted in a person who was very diligent and a hard worker.

During middle school Wayne was in the band and played the trumpet.

At the age of 16 the Dean of Boys tried to convince Wayne to quit school. Wayne refused and told the Dean he was going to graduate. During his senior year he attended the trade school and learned how to fix air conditioners. He graduated at the age of 20, proving to the dean he could do it.

April 1, 1990 Wayne was hired on at Blue Cross and Blue shield of Florida where he worked for 28 years. He worked his way up to the IT Technology department and became the lead person managing all the servers for the company. Wayne was very good at the job. He was recognized on multiple occasions with awards during his career. People at work sought him out to help with an issue. Wayne could not turn a person down when they needed help.

In March of 1993 Wayne met Pam out one evening. On November 14, 1998 they married. He has two kids, a son Collin and a daughter Kieristen. Collin is quite and loves his video games and Kieristen is more adventurous. Wayne always ensured the kids had the best life possible and a really good childhood. As a husband Wayne was the best. He was very easy going and in his words loved Pam with all his heart. In true spirit of Wayne's big heart, he planned a surprise 50th birthday for Pam on a cruise inviting all her family and many of her close friends.

Wayne loved the mountains in North Carolina. For many years during spring break he took the family to Maggie Valley. Many times inviting others from the extended family to also come. Wayne ensured everyone was able to do the activity they wanted. He always visited the casino one day during the trip.
Wayne also loved visiting the family cottage in Wisconsin on long lake. He loved fishing.

At the age of 40 Wayne discovered he liked Key West and lobster hunting and going on horse camping trips with friends.

Being the person who always had to stay busy Wayne had a lawn care business for 15 years and did the work on the weekends. Wayne liked being outside. The customers also sought Wayne to help with odd jobs and Wayne having a generous heart always helped.

Wayne was an animal whisperer. He loved animals and over his life had a variety: Raccoon, Alligator, Squirrel, Skunk, Ducks, cats, dogs.

At the age of 40 Wayne had his first heart attack. Had minor surgery to implant Stents.
At the age of 46 Wayne had his second heart attack, resulting in quadruple bypass.

In February 2018 Wayne was diagnosed with Metastatic lung cancer to the brain. At this time he had surgery and radiation. In May 2018, Wayne learned the cancer had advanced to his spine and nervous system. The family immediately rallied and took a trip to North Carolina to Maggie Valley.

At this time Wayne comforted the family telling everyone that he knew he would be okay, he was saved and god would take care of him. He had several experiences in his life God had been there for him.
Wayne battled the cancer with palliative radiation to lessen the pain. Wayne in his normal fashion in keeping to plan and do something kind for others insisted that since he was not going to make his 50th birthday, which the group had already planned for Vegas, that the group of friends still take the trip in his honor, him paying of course. At the age of 48, on August 9, 2018 at 7:04 p.m. Wayne passed away at home surrounded by his family. His wife Pam at his side playing him the two songs, Born to Love you and then Moments, Wayne was relaxed and was in peace during the last song.

Wayne was cremated and his ashes will be placed on the family property at the top of the mountain in Maggie Valley.