Bernie Stanton

July 3, 1931October 29, 2018
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Bernard “Bernie” L. Stanton, 87 of KCMO, peacefully passed away on Oct. 29, 2018 at St. Luke’s Hospital surrounded by his wife of almost 59 years and his loving family. Visitation will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov 3 at Guardian Angels Church, 1310 Westport Rd KCMO, with memorial Mass following at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers donations may be given to Guardian Angels Church. Condolences may be offered at Bernie was born on July 3, 1931 in Kansas City, KS to Milton Everett Stanton and Ala Marie (Shackelford) Stanton. He graduated from Wyandotte High School in 1951. In that same year he enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed in Korea and Japan. After being honorably discharged from the military, he went to work for TWA as a mechanic and worked there for 38 years, retiring in 1992. In December of 1959 he married Mary (Porter) Stanton and together they had 4 children. He was an avid golfer, playing almost every day until his stroke in January, 2018. He also was very passionate about any sports, especially football and his KC Chiefs. He was a member of Guardian Angels Catholic Church for 41 years. He will always be remembered for rushing into a burning house to save his neighbor’s son, and for always saying, “Just give me a sliver of that dessert”. Bernie was preceded in death by his parents and his brothers, Earl and Jim Stanton. He is survived by his loving wife, Mary; his children, Susan (Dennis) Hitchcock, Scott Stanton, Marlee (Brian) Root, and Kathleen (Greg) Wiltse; 16 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild with another on the way; sisters-in-law, Kathleen Stanton and Letha Stanton; and his much loved dogs, Mollie and Bogie.


  • Mary Porter Stanton, Wife
  • Susan (Dennis) Hitchcock, Daughter
  • Scott Stanton, Son
  • Marlee (Brian) Root, Daughter
  • Kathleen (Greg) Wiltse, Daughter
  • Kathleen Stanton, Sister-in-law
  • Letha Stanton, Sister-in-law
  • Ala Marie Shackelford Stanton, Mother
  • Milton Everett Stanton, Father
  • Earl Stanton, Brother
  • Jim Stanton, Brother
  • 16 Grandchildren, 1-great grandchild with another on the way; Beloved dogs, Mollie and Bogie

  • Guardian Angels Church


  • Visitation Saturday, November 3, 2018
  • Memorial Mass Saturday, November 3, 2018

Bernie Stanton

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Ling Ling Finley

November 3, 2018

Bernie was my friend. He used to help me with my hobby. He'd sit on his porch and spot squirrels for me and holler when he saw one in his big tree. It's a fine old really big tree. I'd sit for hours watching a squirrel up in that tree. Bernie would laugh and tease me about it. I'm waiting for Bernie on the other side now. I hope he'll help me spot some squirrels. He's a very good squirrel spotter.

Linda Finley

November 3, 2018

The first time I met Bernie and Scott they were climbing on a ladder hanging outdoor Christmas lights just two houses down the street. That was 21 years ago!
Bernie was a friend and the best neighbor ever. Ill never hear the phrase "Big Kahuna" without remembering Bernie. I used to walk my big dog, Ling Ling every morning about 5:30 or 6:00 and we'd often catch Bernie loading his golf clubs. And just about every week on half price burgers night Bernie would call out, "Big Kahunas night?". ..Of course. Im thinking about burgers at 5:30!
So around supper time Bernie and Mary and I would load up and head to Brookside for a Big Kahuna...a wonderful, big, juicy, sloppy burger topped with a slice of pineapple. So good... Especially when enjoyed with Mary and the Big Kahuna himself. I miss you Bernie.

Andrew Hitchcock

November 2, 2018

Every year, Popi and I would smoke cigars and drink whiskey while talking about sports, politics, and who we were as people. I have so many fond memories of those afternoons, and I will continue to have a cigar and whiskey every year in honor of the best grandpa in the world.

Dylan Owens

November 2, 2018

Allison was graduating high school in 2014 and I got to meet her grandparents. Popi was friendly and easy to talk to. He had heard I liked playing golf and asked me to go play with him. I played with him a couple times and after each round we sit back and drink a cold beer and talk sports. I remember after that last time we played I told Allison your Popi is the best. I truly enjoyed spending time with him and am very blessed that I got to meet him.

Kelsey Flick (Wiltse)

November 2, 2018

One of the things I will never forget about my grandfather is how bad he wanted to be a “great” grandfather and he was always reminding me specifically that all of his friends were great grandparents and he wanted to be one also. Every time he would come & visit he would tell me my “biologically” clock was the beginning of September 2018 he asked me again “when are you going to be a Mom kelsey” and I responded like I always do “I don’t know Popi” but little did I know I was already pregnant at the time & I will be always be thankful that he got to know before he passed away that he had his second grand baby was on the way.

Allison Wiltse

November 2, 2018

My favorite memory with Popi is going on our breakfast dates everytime we would get to visit. We would talk about life and he ended up encouraging me to pursue a career in Culinary Arts at one of our breakfasts. He was my best taste tester and he encouraged me to perfect my cheesecake recipe. In the end he told me it was better than The CheeseCake Factory, he actually ate more than a sliver.

Kathleen Wiltse

November 2, 2018

My Dad was always my hero, he was always there for me. One of my memories is when I was moving to Florida and my house needed to be painted. It was Pepto Bismal pink, and no one wanted to purchase it. My father went with us to Sears and we bought a beautiful blue. Four days later we finished painting, had a showing, and it sold immediately. Another wonderful memory was when he worked for TWA, and we went on trips to Hawaii. I will miss you forever and always, you’ll always be in heart Dad.

Nick Hitchcock

November 2, 2018

Bernie Stanton, or "Popi" as his grandkids called him, was a mainstay in my life. Ever since I was born, the family would get together every year. I grew up loving how I'd get to see my grandparents when they drove up to Wisconsin from Kansas City. Popi had all the things he loved to do up in Wisconsin.
He loved practicing his swing out in our big front yard. He loved sitting out on the patio drinking coffee and listening to sports on the radio. But best of all, Popi loved his grandchildren. As my brothers and I got older, we started spending time with our grandpa and seeing just how kind, caring, and cool he really was. My favorite memory with my grandfather was pretty recent. My brothers, Popi, and I were all sitting out on the porch sipping our drinks, smoking quality cigars, and enjoying the weather. Popi turned over to us and said, "Boy life sure doesn't get much better than this!"
Bernard Stanton was a great man, and my hope is that I can follow his example in many ways when I start my own family. I love you Popi, and I miss you.

Stephen Hitchcock

November 2, 2018

Popi was one of the most interesting people to be around. I could listen to him for hours discussing sports, politics and memories he had throughout his lifetime. My favourite memory with my grandfather was when he visited our hometown of Ashland, Wi. My whole family had dinner with Mimi and Popi and later on my brothers and I went back to the motel they stayed at. We pulled out some cigars and smoked them while drinking some beers and staring at Lake Superior with sun setting. We talked late into the night and shared great memories. I loved my grandpa so much and I will miss him dearly.

Brandi Wiltse

November 1, 2018

I had only met Popi once, maybe twice, before I took a trip to Kansas City with Kathleen and Jake. It was 2013 and Jake and I had just graduated high school. I was so nervous because I was meeting family I had never met (Marlee, Scott, and their kids) and I was staying in Mary and Bernie’s home. The second we got there I was welcomed in and offered food. The next few days were spent touring, talking, and laughing. By the end of the trip I felt like I had gained two grandparents. I got to see Mimi and Popi a few times after that whenever they would visit Georgia. Then I became pregnant. Jake was so excited to tell Popi because all he kept asking for, for the past year or so, was when was he going to be a great-grandpa? At our wedding he thanked me over and over for making his wish come true. Having him there is a memory I will cherish forever, and I know it meant the world to Jake that he was able to come. Once Evelyn was born we FaceTimed Popi periodically. I never saw him happier than when he got to see Evie. His whole demeanor changed and you could hear the happiness in his voice. Popi was such a kind man and I am so glad that I got to know him, if only for six and a half years. When I told my mom that he passed away she told me that he came up to her at the wedding and hugged her. He said that she raised an amazing daughter and that he just loved me so. I love you too Popi.