Bonnie Jean Darby

April 10, 1923March 25, 2021
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Bonnie Jean Darby, 97, passed away March 25, 2021. Services will be held March 31, 2021 at 11:00 AM at Church of the Nativity, 3800 W. 119th St., Leawood, KS 66209.

Bonnie married the love of her life, Charles, in December of 1944. Together they raised 6 children. Bonnie was a substitute mother to many more.

Bonnie was 'the dame of 54th Street'; always welcoming friends and neighbors.

Bonnie was preceded in death by her husband Charles, sons David and Michael, and her sister Virginia Gentry. Bonnie is survived by her children Robert and his wife Diane, Susan and her husband Don, William and his wife Michele, and Mary Beth and her husband Rick. She also leaves behind 12 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren.

In addition to blood family, Bonnie also leaves behind numerous loved ones in the form of true friends from all generations.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to The Mike Darby Scholarship Fund at Rockhurst High School.


  • The Mike Darby Scholarship Fund


  • Mass of Christian Burial

    Wednesday, March 31, 2021



Bonnie Jean Darby

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Brett Darby

April 15, 2021

What a life well lived! Thank you grandma for being the rock of our family for almost a full century. Frisbee Tournaments, Christmas mornings and random Sunday’s on your front porch will forever be etched in my mind. Rest well knowing that you not only made your mark on the world while living, but that your legacy will continue for generations to come. I love you- hug Dave, Grandpa, Uncle Mike and all the others for me!

Tom Mullane

April 14, 2021

My memories of Bonnie span more years than I can count but the collective feeling that comes to me as I gather these memories together comes down to one word .....Family.
Bonnie was the heart of the Darby family and if you were blessed to be in the fold... you were part of the family too. She loved you, teased you, protected you , encouraged you and she always had time for you... no matter what she may have been in the middle of...she stopped and you had all of Bonnie ..heart and soul.
Bonnie welcomed my sons and I every Christmas Eve for many years in a traditional visit that we will always treasure . .. A very busy time at the Darby house..but Bonnie always seemed to have all the time in the world ...making us feel like we were the best part of her day .
My friendship with the Darby family will always be something I cherish and Bonnie will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ll be forever thankful to my dear friend Dave Darby for sharing his extraordinary family with me. This gift has lasted a lifetime . Godspeed dear Bonnie , Tom Mullane

Matt Darby

April 13, 2021

Grandma Darby was the best! To raise 6 wonderful children is a testament to her love, determination, and faith. I know it couldn’t have been easy to raise those 6 kids (especially those 6 😀) but she found a way to help them become great men and women who are devoted family men and women. Grandma taught her children the importance of family, faith, and friendship—three things thar guided her and her family through the good times and bad times. We know that you are where you are meant to be—with the Lord and with Grandpa. I’m sure you’re still preaching family and faith and friendship to Dave and Mike too. Please say hello to them all for us and give them a hug. Until we meet again, keep smiling and keep holding your family tight on your arms and in your heart. We love you!


Bridget Charcut

April 4, 2021

Grandma (Bonnie),
Your dedication to and love for family and friends is an inspiration. You set a standard in our family...a standard of expressing our love on a daily basis. “I love you”s, hugs and kisses are not reserved for special occasions. They are the norm when greeting and leaving loved ones. This is a gift I took for granted growing up. Not every family does this! I am blessed to have grown up in a family that love has always been expressed with abundance. And I strive to pass this along to my children...through every embrace and every kiss.

Bridget Charcut

April 4, 2021

When You Hug Your Mom...
When an adult child hugs their mom, it’s so much more to her.
It opens up a memory box to times of yesteryear. It takes her back to your childhood, when you sat upon her lap, when she’d settle you after the scariest dream or put you down for a nap. If she holds you a little tighter, she’s keeping those days alive, remembering how she hugged you when you were only four or five. So when you hug your mother, don’t be quick to break her embrace. Let her hold you a little longer and relive those days she’ll never replace.

Meagn Donaldson

April 4, 2021

A note to Bonnie Jean:
Grandma, I treasure the memories I have with you. From the time you babysat us when my folks were in Hawaii , to your unique ideas for the use of a doorstop and a million more in between. I loved sitting on your big front porch off 54th and just spending time with family. Your love is so powerful that it doesn't end in death, but reaches us all and will until we are reunited in heaven. I can't wait to hear your laugh and give you a hug. I want you to know that I have the old cookie jar from your kitchen and I promise to spoil Jack with treats from it, and for him to know of the wonderful woman it came from. Miss you and love you always.

John Oades

April 4, 2021

I was very fortunate to grow up in Visitation parish in the 50’s and 60’s. It was a time like no other. It’s where I met my best friends and their families. One of these was Bob Darby and the Darby family. Bonnie & Charlie were another set of parents to me and all the guys that we hung around with. If we got out of line, Bonnie would pull us back in….she was not afraid to discipline any of us. Dynamite comes in small packages….we’ve all heard that line! Well – that was Bonnie (Mrs. Darby back then!!) She was always inviting to us – always made us feel welcome – and I rarely recall not seeing a smile on her face (except when Bob was getting in trouble!). She and all the Darby Clan were very instrumental in my upbringing – something I will always be grateful for. The guys in the hood all feel the same….she was a great parent to all of us. We miss you Bonnie…..Rest in Eternal Peace.

Bob & Diane Darby

April 4, 2021

Darby Irish Prayer

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind always be at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
And when that time comes,
That the good Lord calls you home,
May you be in Heaven...
A half an hour before the Devil knows you're dead.

Your Loving Children,
Bob, Sue, Bill & Liz

Dan Slickman

April 3, 2021

My wonderful wife looked at me at some point this evening while I was make her dinner (my turn) and asked me – why are you crying. It was hard to explain. Mrs. Darby I said. Enough said and she left me alone.

I really did grow up kind of across the tracks (brush creek) from the kids I went to school with. You wondered off much more than a block or so away from my house by yourself without a local and you would probably get you ass kicked. I really didn’t understand the whole Visitation neiborhood thing early on – though my Dad was doctor to many of the moms and had delivered a whole bunch of the kids there.

Then I ended up somehow one night in the Darby house on the Visitation side of things and I could see after a bit they where getting ready to have dinner and tried to excuse myself.

This wonderful beautiful little person came up to me and said, “well you need something to eat before you make the trek home”. Then she looked at me like – you don’t do what I say, I will tear the heart out of your chest and feed it for desert.

Well guess what, I had my first dinner at the Darby’s followed by more and many, many nights through the years at the Darby kitchen table playing poker.

I kind of had a second Mom across the creek. I don’t care what kind of crazy stuff was happening around the Darby household, which was a constant like mine, she always found time to drag me away from everything for a few minutes to inquire about our family and what I was up to with so sincere interest and caring.

Great lady.

You guys need anything through this – you just let me know.


Don Richards

April 3, 2021

Dear Bob, Diane and family,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother Bonnie. She lived a long and wonderful life and had the privilege of having a big and beautiful family. I’m sure that’s what kept her going so long!
I remember her when we were at Visitation and I would come over to hang out with you at your house. She was always so kind to me. She was definitely the BOSS of the “Darby Clan”. I was always amazed at how she kept everyone in line because your household was so full of kids and active.
I know she will be missed by you and your family and I want you to know that I will keep Wonderful Bonnie and the whole Darby family in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless Bonnie and may she Rest In Peace.
Don Richards