Christopher "Chip" P. Becker

December 15, 1967January 6, 2020

Chip Becker always considered his children his greatest achievement in life. The father of three beautiful girls, Shannon, Regan and Charlotte, Chip was always his most animated when he was talking about their successes — in the classroom, and on the basketball and volleyball courts.

Christopher Paul Becker was born December 15, 1967. His father didn’t think that “Chris” was suitable as a boy’s name, so he nicknamed him “Chip.” Neighbors in Lake Forest, Illinois gave him a different nickname — “Batman” — because he would sneak out of the house with nothing but a towel around his neck and run around the neighborhood.

Later the family moved to Bethesda, Maryland and the caped crusader found a new neighborhood to roam, this time fully clothed. There, another part of his personality emerged: the gift of gab, the tendency to talk. Even as a 4 year old, he left the house to visit neighbors just to talk. And boy could he talk!

Having been raised in Maryland, Chip had a fondness for the sea. He loved fishing, eating seafood, and introducing others to those activities. Later in life he loved spending time at the lake, entertaining, fishing, and of course, talking.

He was a stand-out athlete in school — a soccer star in high school and a top rugby player at the University of Maryland. Ever gregarious and outgoing, he was popular in school and had lots of friends. And he was smart. After he completed his undergraduate degree at Maryland he went on to earn a law degree at the University of Baltimore.

In his professional life negotiating cellular transmission facility agreements, he travelled outside of Maryland, eventually moving to Kansas City. It was there he met and married Tricia Carroll. They were a beautiful couple — a Kansas City TV station used footage of the wedding in their promotions. Chip and Tricia made a beautiful family together, with the love and support of the Carroll family.

Chip made a home of Kansas City. He dearly loved the Carroll family, who embraced him as one of their own. He became a Chiefs fan and a Royals fan. And when he noticed a sports party going on at a neighbor’s house, he and Tricia walked over and introduced themselves and joined the party. Still roaming the neighborhood, looking for people to talk to!

Chip is survived by his wife, Tricia, daughters Shannon, Regan and Charlotte, parents Bruce and Carol Becker, sisters Cheryl, Ceci, and Lise, and brothers Bruce, Greg and Kurt. On his wife’s side, which he considered also part of his family, he is survived by his mother-in-law Patsy, Tricia’s sisters, Mary, Anne, and Maureen and brothers Tom, Pat and Dan, as well as 22 nieces and nephews.

In lieu of flowers, friends and family can send donations to a scholarship fund created to help Chip’s daughters’ education:


  • Visitation

    Friday, January 10, 2020

  • Mass of Christian Burial

    Friday, January 10, 2020


Christopher "Chip" P. Becker

have a memory or condolence to add?

Garth Adcock

July 12, 2021

Back in 2006, T-Mobile was the last major American carrier to prepare for a 3-G network upgrade. Margins were thin ! T-Mobile had no low band spectrum ! The Germans were keen to sell the US network ! So, by the time the Teutonic Masters pulled the trigger on the $ capex investment, we were squaring off with expedited expectations, persnickety jurisdictions, and the typical challenging deployment processes. Chip was a key player on my team. He was cool under pressure, relentless with chasing the goals, and we had many laughs together. Thanks Chip, we miss you.

Russ Kinnier

February 1, 2020

Chip was a rugby teammate at the University of Maryland - he could kick the ball a mile and had great presence on the rugby pitch. Chip always had a story to tell, and it usually had you laughing. He was a core part of some great victories for our team. Though I haven’t been in touch with Chip since graduation, I can still picture him, clear as day, taking a pass from me and running over would be tacklers.

My condolences to Chip’s family.

John Bethke

January 22, 2020

Sorry to learn about the passing of Chip. In the early 90s Chip, Rob, Jim and myself shared a group house in Bethesda and had many laughs and fun memories. Later Chip rented a room in my house in Silver Spring, MD while attending law school. The Obit is spot on with the talking part, Chip was always very fun to talk with.

My condolences to the family and friends.

Julie Schaff

January 19, 2020

My heart is breaking for you Tricia and your girls . I just heard today in Mass .
We are praying for your peace during this so so difficult time .
Hugs and prayers sweet friend
Julie , Greg ,
Megan , Brian , Branden , Patrick

Gretchen Gannon

January 17, 2020

In remembering Chipper hanging out in the neighborhood or at our house playing with my brother Dave, I can only see big smiles and laughter. He seemed to naturally share his happiness just by being himself. He was a fun part of playing neighborhood kick-the-can and flash light tag. There were so many of us we used the entire cul de sac of houses surrounding yours.

My heart goes out to all of you, I’m so sorry for your loss. It is hard to say goodbye to someone you love so dearly. Hold his memories close to your heart and bring them out often to share with each other.

Keeping all of you in my heart,
Gretchen Gannon

Jacqi Blunck

January 15, 2020

Brooks and I have many memories of Chipper. All of them seem to start, and end, with a very happy, smiling face. They go back to those days long ago, when Chipper would show up for one of his neighborhood visits, and maybe sample a little of whatever you might be having for breakfast. What an adorable character he was!
When we saw Chipper not long ago, we both commented that he was, indeed, that same cheerful, friendly, and very warm person. He always made us smile.
We send our love to all of the Becker family.
Jacqi and Brooks Blunck

Roberto Finzi

January 12, 2020

I had not seen Chipper in many years, but I will never forget the time we all spent hanging out in high school and during summers in Bethesda after college: road trips to the beach, basketball at Merrimack Park, and frisbee at Concord. (And the occasional stop at Thrifty’s). We had a lot adventures and a lot of laughs, and we’ll all cherish those memories for as long as we have memories. My deepest condolences to the whole Becker family, and to my old friend Chipper: Long may you run.

Owen Bubel

January 11, 2020

Barbara and I are so saddened by the loss of Christopher. My favorite memory of him was when he came home from Europe after a soccer trip with a feather earring. Bruce and Carol thought quickly and totally ignored it. Having not gotten a reaction it disappeared in about three days. May good memories replace the pain as time passes.

Chuck/Mary Lou Woolsey

January 10, 2020

Bruce & Carole - so sad to hear of Chip's passing. 'Have some good memories of when he and our son Michael played soccer together.
Also, fun times when we all were at St. Barts.
We pray that you....and all the family....will find peace in the many memories you shared with Chip, your family, and his family.

May God grant you his peace and Blessings now, and forever.
Chuck and Mary Lou Woolsey

Tim Bennett

January 10, 2020

I will always remember Chip bouncing into our Mobilitie office with the infectious smile of a little kid holding a handful of building permits – it was like he had beat the jurisdictions and of course he had to tell me the story of how he obtained the permits.

He never failed to ask me how my two teenagers were doing and especially liked hearing their sports adventures.

I am very sorry about his loss – a bright light in this world called home too soon. I pray the friends and family take solace in the fact that we will see him again some day.

Tim Bennett