Gavin Dean Perez Settgast

July 23, 2004March 29, 2019
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Gavin Dean Perez-Settgast, 14, of Kansas City, MO. Passed away March 29, 2019 at 11:00AM in his home.

Visitation will be 2:00PM-3:30PM, Saturday, April 13, 2019 at McGilley Antioch Chapel. Funeral services to follow at 3:30PM.

Gavin was born July 23, 2004 in Kansas City, MO. to Sam Settgast and Veronica Perez. Gavin was a freshman at Winnetonka High School.

Gavin is survived by his mother, Veronica Perez, sister, Irey Perez, brother Eli Miller, grandparents, Bryan & Kelly Coffelt, grandfather, Mickey Settgast, grandfather, Tom Reyes, grandmother, Mona Crouch, great-grandmother, Barbara Sherman Griffin, aunts, Samantha Torres, Angelic Torres and many cousins.

Gavin was preceded in death by his father, Sam Settgast, uncle, Ron Sherman, aunt, Sandra Wiseman, grandfather, Orland McKern, and great-great-grandmother, Juanita Robertson.

Gavin has always been someone everyone likes to be around. Gavin was a loving, happy, charming and sweet young boy. His eyes were like little marbles with specs of blue and green like his grandmother.

He brought joy into the lives of so many people. Gavin was loved by his family and friends.

Gavin enjoyed playing many sports, baseball, football, soccer and wrestling. His favorite sport was baseball. He spent a lot of time playing basketball at his home with friends and his grandfather, Mickey, Poppa Tom and other family members.

Gavin had the prettiest curly hair. He kept it trimmed close, the top had long flowing curls. He enjoyed wearing the latest stylish clothes, tight jeans with holes in them, a tee shirt and tennis shoes. He loved shopping with Gram. After shopping she would always take him to Pizza Street for pizza. Pizza Street and Buffalo Wild Wings were his two favorite places to eat.

Of course there were some of his jeans that he preferred over others. Recently he had a rip in several pairs of jean, so he ask Gram if she would patch them - she looked at the jean - shook her head and patched the holy jeans. He was pleased - with the holes in the jeans you could not tell where the patch was.

Gavin enjoyed playing video games. He has been known to spend hours playing. Other games he enjoyed was Monopoly, playing dice and other board games.

Gavin's sister, Irey is disabled and requires a lot of care. He has always been concerned about her well being and knowing how to care for her.

Gavin will be missed by all.

Flowers are welcome or contribtuions may be made in the name of Gavin to Children’s Mercy Hospital, Gideons International, or St. Jude Children's Hospital.


  • Veronica Perez, Mother
  • Irey Perez, Sister
  • Eli Miller, Brother
  • Bryan & Kelly Coffelt, Grandparents
  • Mickey Settgast, Grandfather
  • Tom Reyes, Grandfather
  • Mona Crouch, Grandmother
  • Barbara Sherman Griffin, Great-grandmother
  • Samantha Torres, Aunt
  • Angelic Torres, Aunt
  • Many cousins

  • Gideons International
  • St. Jude Hospital
  • Children's Mercy Hospital


  • Visitation Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • Funeral Service Saturday, April 13, 2019

Gavin Dean Perez Settgast

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Katie Ring

April 13, 2019

I send positive vibes to all ! I was a friend of Sam's and still stay in contact with his mom Kelly ! It was right before Easter I got a call from Kelly saying Katie I tried cutting Gavin's hair and I need a little help ! So of course I went and helped her ! Just a fun little story ! My heart goes out to all of you 💙

Jessie Lewis

April 13, 2019

Oh Gavin, as your fifth-grade teacher, I have a lot of great memories tucked away. I will say that "Grandpa Gavin" was probably the best moment in our classroom. You pulled your shorts or pants WAY up and walked around like nothing was different. It was just what we needed for a good laugh. Like Zorana, I too remember the lamp falling on you. Sorry about that. :) It was at the beginning of the school year and I felt TERRIBLE! But you were tough and made everyone laugh. I remember eating lunch with you and your mom in my class. You were such a sweetheart to her. I could tell how much you loved her. You were always concerned about your hair looking "just right" and if it didn't, you kept your hood up. Or you brought your comb and would take care of it in the bathroom when you first got to school. During the summer after your fifth-grade year, you would come by and see me. You would sit on the desk and grin from ear to ear sharing whatever adventure you had been on. You always had the best smile. You will be greatly missed, Gavin. Until we meet again, baby chick. Love, your mother hen a.k.a. Mrs. Lewis

Zorana Drakulic

April 10, 2019

gavin, you truly had the best soul. i’ll never forget excitedly talking about WWE in kindergarten, you LOVED WWE, i’ll never forget when a lamp fell on your head, or when you’d dance to the gummy bear song and be grandpa pants gavin. all the times we’d play football at the park, or the time when the random 8 year old chased you around 😂 you could’ve been mean but you let him just chase you around and around and you let him punch you over and over. you were always a good sport. i’ll never forget the 4th when we were all trying to do gymnastics and you wanted to land that backflip so bad 😂😂!! or new years when you ate all the chicken nuggets. there isn’t a day that goes by where i don’t think about you and miss you, you were SO loved by EVERYONE and i just wish you would’ve known it. i wish you were here to grow with the rest of us, you were just starting your life. you are FOREVER in my heart & your name will live on FOREVER 💙 rest in peace gavin, i miss you so much & i hope you love it up there, save us all a spot.

Llani Kennedy

April 8, 2019

Gavin was a really sweet person I went to main event with him not that long ago and he was so happy he will be missed and he had lot of friends I looked up to him like he was my older brother even tho we didn't talk that much we still got a lot of memories with each other. He had nice style he would always laugh and make good vibes fly high love you❤️❤️

Jacklyn Scott

April 8, 2019

gavin will be missed by a lot of people. i didn’t really know him but i always seen him in school. he was really nice and seemed really
happy,, fly high:( 🕊❤️.

Lara Ivy

April 6, 2019

I live next door to his family. I remember Gavin in his elementary years playing basketball with his grandpa. He would come to my door and asked if he could mow my yard, because he needed money to go to The skating rink with his friends. When I was in the garage, he would come over and ask if I had any of those pop sickles ( which I always did) I remember not to long ago I saw Gavin and was thinking how big he was getting, not that little boy. He seemed happy and he was very respectful to me. I looked over at his house in disbelief that there’s no more Gavin. Veronica so sorry that you are living through a mothers nightmare and your son will be missed. Rest In Peace Gavin

amelia percival

April 6, 2019

it honestly feels like jus yesterday i was playing football at the park with you sabby, zorana and jerrith. that day was jus so funny. especially when you let an 8 year old beat you up😭😂 and the night we all went swimming in christians pool was a night i will never forget. so many memories were made and i wish that there were more to come. i miss you so much gavin, you had the kindest heart 💙 in my lowest of times you were there to lift me up and if i wouldve known what was going on i wouldve done the same. rest in peace sweet boy until we meet again 😢

Venecia West

April 4, 2019

Gavin, your were with Nelson, al ot, running around. I remember you spending the night and you boys just playing video games and eating, especially if there were a handful of ya! Your always sweet and respectful at my house, even before we lived in walking distance, you boys were in class together and hit it off!

Marisa Jack

April 4, 2019

Gavin was one of my students back at Eastgate. I will not say he was the perfect student, but he was definitely memorable. For almost an entire semester, his assigned seat was right next to me, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

At heart, Gavin was kind and compassionate. He showed sensitivity but also didn't put up with anybody's bull. He gladly stepped out of the spotlight for others. He forgave easily. He wasn't afraid to call out injustice. His laugh was contagious. I enjoyed the daily challenge of breaking through his tough exterior and getting him to crack a smile. Teachers don't forget those kinds of students.

My heart breaks for his family, friends, and loved ones who truly understood and cared for this young man. He did not reach his fullest potential because his life was cut short. But that didn't mean he didn't make an impact. Let's make sure that we allow Gavin to live through us, by leading the lives we were meant to lead, in his honor.

Hailey Fletcher

April 3, 2019

I know we weren’t the best of friends but you sure did hold a spot in my heart. You were so funny, at least you thought so. I just picked you up a week before this. You were so happy and we were all goofing around. I only saw the happy you. I had no idea you held so much pain with you. I don’t think anyone did. When Anthony told me I didn’t believe it I was like “we were just with him the other day.” “What!?” But it’s all to real now. I knew for months about your crush on me . Lol. Rest easy.


Everyone at the hospital too see Gavin