James Lee Patrick

January 20, 1934March 13, 2019

Jim was born to Delores Chadwick on January 20, 1934 in Holden, Missouri.

He has lived in Holden, Missouri; Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; Lincoln, Missouri, and Independence, Missouri. Jim attended Manuel High School & Vocational Center, graduating in the class of 1952.

He was a member of the R.O.T.C. and an expert marksmen in the Rifle Club while in high school. Jim also held the title of Marksman First Class, Jr Division of the National Rifle Association.

Jim joined the National Guard during his senior year of high school; he provided misinformation about his birthdate so he could enlist early. He held the rank of Sergeant First Class in the 110th Combat Engineers, B Company, 35th Infantry Division. As part of his training for the Guard he had to attend weekly classes to learn how to read maps. Jim had fond memories of “Summer Camp” in Minnesota for the Guard in 1952. His family has recently found all of the letters he wrote to his sweetheart (and future wife) Shirley during that summer training. Once home from training Jim remembers only being locally deployed for disaster relief in the historic floods of the early 1950’s as well as the Ruskin Heights tornadoes of 1957.

While in High school, Jim also took a driver’s education course and then started driving a taxi cab in the evenings after school. It was this particular job that he credits with sparking such an interest in and knowledge of the streets of KCMO and furthering his love of all things related to maps and travel. If you knew Jim very well, you’d know that he loved traveling and documenting his travels with pictures, video, audio commentary, and of course, a map or two from his trip.

At the age of 18 Jim applied for a job at Kansas City Power & Light as an elevator technician. He ended up being hired for a position in the Records room as a clerk instead. It was that job that opened many doors for him throughout the remainder of his career at KCPL. He retired from the company with 42 years of service in 1994, only to return for another 10 years as a contract worker in none other than the MAP room!

Jim married his first love in October of 1954. Together he and Shirley had 4 children; Daniel, Donna, David, and Deborah. They raised the kids in church with an understanding that serving and helping others was both an expectation and a privilege. Daniel and Donna married and started families. Jim and Shirley loved those grandchildren fiercely! Unfortunately, David and Debbie were young enough when Shirley died that they had not married yet or started families for their parents to love and adore.

Jim always worked hard. His kids would tell you he worked all of the time. It was that diligence that ruled all aspects of his life. His family saw a man who worked hard to provide and do what was right. He was resourceful and could fix just about ANYTHING. Jim never had a father to teach him all the things a man needs to know; he had to teach himself and be independent from an early age. In his mature adult years the internet came about and Jim was fascinated by what he could learn given this treasure box of gold! He was intrigued by the early computer systems and later became a master of the internet and all it had to offer a man with a thirst for knowledge and details of history.

Jim’s wife, Shirley, was taken from the family in early January 1995 after a long illness. Everyone missed her dearly…including Jim. In short time Jim started spending time with Saundra Ryan. They became good friends and eventually married in February of 1996. Together, they took many trips to see her family and grandchildren. Sandy was good company for Jim. He loved her children as his own: Tony, Mike, Christy and Cindy. Jim and Sandy took an active role in caring for Sandy’s grandchildren and being fun grandparents. It is these kinds of things we want to remember about James and his life. He was a good man.

Jim leaves behind many loved ones and friends; Saundra Patrick (wife); Helen Distasio (sister) & Tony; Mary Tallman (sister); Bill Winkler (brother) & Goldie; Daniel Patrick (son- deceased 2012) & Mary Patrick (Joel); Donna Jones (daughter) & John (Jessica Monson, Sylvanna Wilson, Abigail, JohnMark, Matthew); David Patrick (son) & Dani (Jackson, Julieann); Deborah Quinnell (daughter) & Noah; Christy Weigel (step-daughter) (Sara, James, Anne); Tony Weigel (step-son) & Stephanie (Trent, Jarrett); Mike Weigel (step-son) & Georgia (Kathleen, Sofie, Avarie); Cindy Barker (step-daughter) & Bill (Cheyenne)


  • Mark Quinnell, Pallbearer
  • JohnMark Jones, Pallbearer
  • Joel Patrick, Pallbearer
  • Jackson Patrick, Pallbearer
  • Rick Monson, Pallbearer
  • David Patrick, Pallbearer


  • Visitation Tuesday, March 19, 2019
  • Funeral Service Wednesday, March 20, 2019
  • Burial Wednesday, March 20, 2019

James Lee Patrick

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