Julie Kay Whitaker

September 11, 1962March 31, 2019

Julie Kay Whitaker, 56, Kansas City, passed away March 31, 2019 at NorthCare Hospice House.

A visitation is scheduled from 1-2 PM Saturday, April 6th, with a memorial service at 2:00 PM, at the McGilley Antioch Chapel. Contributions/donations may be made in Julie’s name to Jamie’s Wish Foundation.

Survivors include her husband, Ray Whitaker; children, Joshua Whitaker and wife, Miriah; Lauren Peters and husband, Matthew; grandchildren, Elliott and Oakes; and special aunt, Deanna McLenegan. Julie impacted many lives including her many dear cousins. She was a devoted aunt, friend and mother to all.

Julie was preceded in death by her parents Benjamin Harrison & Helen Simon, and older brother Dane Harrison.


  • Ray Whitaker, Husband
  • Joshua (Miriah) Whitaker, Son
  • Lauren (Matthew) Peters, Daughter
  • Deanna McLenegan, Special Aunt
  • Elliott and Oakes, Grandchildren

  • Warren Whitaker, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Solomon Whitaker, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Mike Whitaker, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Jason Whitaker, Honorary Pallbearer
  • James Whitaker, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Mark Spero, Honorary Pallbearer


  • Memorial Visitation Saturday, April 6, 2019
  • Memorial Service Saturday, April 6, 2019

Julie Kay Whitaker

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Bob Whitaker

April 9, 2019

I had the honor of providing Julie’s eulogy. I want to share those word here.
Part 3
Julie loved her music. She would share mix tapes with me that her brother Dane put together. In a day and age of streaming music, it sounds a bit silly but the selections, the sequencing, and the care in editing made the musical experience even better. Julie had great taste in music although there was that time she went a bit crazy with Justin Timberlake and NSYNC. She blamed it on Lauren.
Julie had a great eye for photography. Ansel Adams was a favorite. She took the best picture of my sons, Jason and James, when they were 4 and 2 and just arrived to the states. They were dressed in traditional Korean outfits with their arms around each other. Julie took that shot and sent us a large framed print that we cherish to this day.
Julie was fun. Our visits to KC were often hosted by Julie. We spent many mornings sipping coffee on the back deck or late at night well into the morning drinking other beverages and making each other laugh and smile.
Julie was so much more than these few words here could capture so I’ll sum up: Julie was family, the love of our life, gone way too soon.
If you find yourself searching for answers in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, simply ask yourself: “What would Julie do?” She will point the way. Simply follow Julie’s lead—be selfless, love large, savor the moments big and small, and treat all like family.
Live a life well lived.

Bob Whitaker

April 9, 2019

I had the honor of providing Julie’s eulogy. I want to share those word here.
Part 2

Julie was also a sister to many in this room. When Julie met my wife Sukie for the first time, she welcomed her with open arms. No judgments . . . no hesitation. That meant the world to the two of us. Many, like my wife, have spent time long nights sharing, caring, and talking about kids, the future, and the right now. Friends, family, and cousins alike, please raise your hand if Julie was as close as a sister to you.
Julie was also a great daughter. Caring for her mom, Helen, who very much became a part of my family’s life—a second grandma for my kids. A very special lady in her own right. Helen’s sister is Julie’s Special Aunt Deanna.
Julie was also a wonderful grandmother before she was a grandmother. Let me explain. Julie’s nephew Mike (my nephew as well) and his wife Carmen have two wonderful kids who are quickly turning in to fine young people. Julie and Ray were second grandparents to both.
When Lauren and Matt blessed us with Elliot and now Oakes, Julie could not have been any happier. I know it . . . I saw the love in in Julie’s eyes when Elliot came over to the house when I last visited in the summer of 2017. I’m sure the arrival of Oakes 6 weeks ago brought the same joy to Julie in her final days.
Julie loved to dance. Whenever Sukie and I visited, Julie would find us a venue for live music and dancing. I loved to dance with her. When Julie wore me out, it was Sukie’s turn to dance. Finally, Julie would get Ray out. Great times!

Bob Whitaker

April 9, 2019

I had the honor of providing Julie’s eulogy. I want to share those word here.
Part 1
We gather to celebrate a life well lived. Julie touched us all.
I want to begin by acknowledging a few folks that have known and loved Julie longer than most—her Special Aunt Deanna and Julie’s cousins who made the trip from Tennessee. I understand the family reunions were the best! I think my son, James, actually tagged along once. It’s OK. What happens at family reunions, stays at family reunions.
The first time I met Julie I was home on leave before my first tour to Korea. She was a 16 year old girl with a “tiny” crush on my little brother. I think Ray was also hoping to make an impression because he spent a good amount of that summer running around without a shirt. My sister Kathy and Julie’s dear friends Jim and Lisa can probably back me up on this one.
It may be a bit cliché to say Julie and Ray were soul mates . . . destined to find one another. A bit of yin-yang. But it’s true.
Julie made my brother better . . . she was his rock . . . she was the love of his life. You couldn’t say Ray without mentioning Julie or Julie without mentioning Ray. It was “Julie and Ray” or “Ray and Julie” to most of us in this room.
Julie was a great mom. You need look no further than Julie’s two kids—Josh and Lauren and the circle that now includes Josh’s wife Miriah and Lauren’s husband Matt. Julie became more than a mother-in-law, but a mom to both.
Julie’s maternal instincts also extended to her nephews, her nieces (I’m including her cousin’s daughter in this category), and many, if not most, of Lauren and Josh’s friends. You could count on her support, tough talk if needed, and the best advice ever. She helped you find your way. Her words were always grounded in her love for you.

Kerri Carlson

April 6, 2019

Living through teenage years is some of the toughest & some of the most fun times of one's life. Julie & I sure shared some of both. I thank the *magic* of FB for helping us to re-connect & letting me see what Julie's 'adult' life was like. I can see her happiness, love & joy to the end. I'm ecstatic about the length of her & Ray's life together--what a beautiful accomplishment & gift to each other. I'm so tickled to see her long friendships--such as Kathy! A true sister to Julie! I am so lucky that Julie re-entered my life & we got caught up. To Julie's children, children-in-law, & grandchildren: her pride shone bright & I never saw such utter joy in her face!!

It's spring & flowers are blooming. For me, this spring is for Julie.

Love, Kerri

Kelly Quigley

April 4, 2019

I didn’t know Julie well, but I know she was such a kind and loving person. When someone was nasty to me on Facebook, she took time to call me personal to apologize and express her love. I know how very important she is to the entire family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Rest well sweet Julie! Say hi to Pat & Jill and the rest up there! I know you’ll be having the best party! ❤️

ron Gillum

April 4, 2019

It is with great sadness that Moira and I learned of you and your family's loss. Our condolences to you all and may peace be on the horizon for your family. Julie was a fighter to the end and God will grace her arrival. Bless you and your family.

Dale Leonard

April 3, 2019

I'll never forget one of my many practical jokes when I was there building Aunt Helens apartment in their basement. I had taped her kitchen sink spray nozzle open. As She was loading the dishwasher, she turned on the faucet and the sprayer went on all over her back. Then it sprayed all over her stomach when she stood up. I was waiting for this to happen as I was hiding around the corner. She ran and tackled me and hitting me. We were laughing so loud and Tammy came running down the stairs thinking all hell was breaking loose! I LOVE YOU SO CUZ! I will miss you!

Linda Mordan

April 1, 2019

Sending all my love.
Julie was a beautiful soul, inside and out.
I so loved being an Irish Dance mom with her as our girls were growing up, and then visiting with her every time I went to a Ceili at the Crossroads performance!
She was an incredible woman and a brave fighter, and I’m so proud to have known her.
I pray that God will bless you all in the midst of this heavy loss.