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William Martin Carroll

August 11, 1939September 6, 2020

Bill Carroll owned Artcraft Printing, Inc. for many years and after closing Artcraft, joined Alpine Litho-Graphics where he was employed until his death. He was an active member of The Printing Industries Association and in 2004 was named Printing Executive of the Year. He served in the United States Marine Corps. Bill was the consummate automobile enthusiast. Over the years, depending on his current “drive,” he was a member of The Corvette Club of KC, The Porsche Club, Sports Car Club of America and Age and Treachery Racing, Ltd. He was a founding member of The Austin Healey Club of KC and was never happier than when he was racing his white Austin Healey “Bug-eye” Sprite at tracks throughout the Midwest. He always said that racing was even more fun when his wife, Sue, was on the grid competing in her red Austin Healey “Bug-eye” Sprite. For over 30 years, Bill was a runner, participating in the annual Hospital Hill half-marathon, numerous 10-K races and the Lincoln Marathon. He was “Dad” to numerous wonderful rescue dogs and cats throughout his life. He leaves his wife of 57 years, Sara “Sue” Carroll and siblings: Mary Barney, Jane Bollard, Daniel Carroll (Diane), John Carroll, Robert Carroll, Timothy Carroll (Robin) and brother-in-law, Terry McGinnis. He was preceded in death by his parents Virginia and William M. Carroll, his sister Margaret McGinnis, Brothers-in-law Richard Barney and Daniel Bollard. A Memorial Service will be scheduled at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to an animal rescue organization or, just lift a glass to a kind, humorous guy who will be sorely missed.


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William Martin Carroll

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Jennifer Glagola

September 22, 2020

I worked with Bill at Alpine Litho-Graphics for over 10 years, though my earliest memories of interacting with Bill were on a golf course, not in our office. Shortly after I started working at Alpine in 2008, I was suddenly his golf partner at a client-sponsored golf tournament. Being the friendly and down-to-earth guy that he was, Bill helped me (the new employee and NON-golfer) have an incredibly enjoyable day. He was so easy to talk to and had such a clever wit! I don’t think he realized it, but he brought my stress level way down that day. I was so thankful!
Bill and I chatted occasionally over the years about exercising and staying in shape – something we both enjoyed, or at least forced ourselves to do for the good of our bodies. One day at the office, we were commiserating about how difficult burpees were and how we both struggled to do them. I knew that Bill was a few years my senior, and I believe it was during this conversation about burpees that I learned he was the same age as my dad! This was both astonishing and impressive all at once. (It was also kind of funny because he somehow always reminded me of my dad.) I remember telling him how inspiring he was and how I hoped that I would still be as active as he was when I got to be his age.
Bill had a great smile and an even better laugh. He will be missed!

Paul Guignon

September 21, 2020

Bill always had a smile and always willing to help you out.

Loved having him at Lake Lotawana year after year.

God bless out boy


Cliff Koehler

September 19, 2020

Bill and I raced together once, just as I was getting into racing and just as he was getting out. We were at Heartland Park racing a SCCA regional. All closed wheel cars were racing as one group. So Bill and I were mixed in with some very fast company.

First session was qualifying. An impatient GT1 Camaro driver decided to make a high risk pass on Bill coming out out of the chicane. He cut into Bill’s line too quickly and Bill, having nowhere to go, rear ended him. The Camaro’s lexan rear window popped out, sailed high in the air, as he spun in front of Bill. The right front fender on the Sprite had to be pulled away from the wheel, but no other damage.

Bill and I staged at false grid for the race. Where’s the Camaro? The Camaro is a no show...did not start! For the next year, every time I saw Bill I greeted him as the Camaro killer! Never failed to make him flash his kind smile.

RIP Bill. May every lap be perfect for eternity.

Susan Spaulding

September 18, 2020

Bill had a warm smile and generous heart. We first met Bill and Sue through the Austin Healey Club of KC. Bill was the Santa of our club for many years.

It was fun to watch him spin around the track and sometimes off the track as he raced his Sprite. I remember one time we were at Blackhawk Farms with friends who had two young daughters. He and Sue were quick to show them around the cars and make them racing fans.

I also had the pleasure of working with him as he printed a host of materials for my company. I knew he would take good care of what was needed.

We are so pleased to count Bill and Sue as longtime friends.

Ron Ray

September 18, 2020

I first met Bill and Sue in 2005 through a car club in Kansas City.

At some point, I learned more and more about them, including how they first met at an SCCA event with Bill in his Corvette, and Sue in her Bugeye with two other young women.

Over the years, most of our contact was at some sort of car event, including the Art of the Car show where Sue’s Bugeye won an award one year.

Bill was a kind, warm, and generous man. He never seemed to be upset about anything, and always provide a calm perspective when others needed it. That maybe what I remember most about Bill.

Bill Barker

September 13, 2020

I first met Bill when Bob Gilmore invited me to the ATR breakfast in the summer of 2004. In those days breakfast was at Sharp’s 63rd Street Grill where it was crowded and if you were running a little late, which I usually was, it was hard to find a seat but from my very first breakfast I was welcomed as a longtime non-member of ATR and Bill was one of the warmest, friendliest guys there. You could tell it was his style and his old-fashioned manners that most of us grew up with. He really was a gentleman, a stand-out among a long table of gentlemen and fellow gearheads. From my first visit I felt at home, home among folks I was immediately comfortable with and who were as interested as me in all things cars, racing, and books. My best memory with Bill was a day trip to the Mo-Kan Drags on the MO/KS border down by Pittsburgh, KS. Bill, Cliff, Mark, Geno, Hugo and I made the trek in two cars and spent a hot August day listening to our favorite sounds…cars driven in anger. The highlight was a Bugeye Sprite just like Bill’s or Sue’s, well, maybe not just like it. This was a sort of Rat Rod, a beat-up Bugeye Gasser with a jacked-up front-end and powered by a Small Block Chevy motor. It was a trip to see and hear it run and we encouraged Bill to turn his Bugeye into a Gasser. I don’t think Bill was ready to make the leap. ATR is not a bunch of quiet guys and gals but they’re folks who like loud engines and speed and they tend to get loud when they’re telling stories. They’re my kind of people. Bill loved all that too but his was a quieter demeanor than most yet you couldn’t miss the twinkle in his eye and the words he spoke. He was a diehard Gearhead and we loved him for it. It’s obvious to all that all of us will miss Bill…A LOT! Our hearts go out to Sue and to the whole of the ATR family. Godspeed, Bill and God bless you, Sue.

Robert Hindson

September 12, 2020

I first met Bill and Sue at a SCCA event and about the same time Sue purchased a AH sprite we all started running into one another at various races. Bill started a printing business and I began using him for my printing needs. Bill was a hard working man and grew the business he always provided excellent products and great service Bill would always deliver product personally. We later developed a personal friendship. I always admired Bill and enjoyed our times together and with Sue as well. A good friend and will be missed. Gods speed. Bob Hindson

Bob Storck

September 11, 2020

When my father passed, it fell to me to maintain our Minnesota family cabin. Bill offered to help as I had physical limitations. We grew as friends over the years, thanks to his generous friendship.
True friends are a blessing, and Bill and Sue exemplify the caring that defines love of others.

Leo Bentele

September 11, 2020

I first met Bill in High School at Macon, Mo. They had moved from Illinois and his Father was the General manager of a Pontiac and Cadillac Dealership. Bill fit right in with everyone. This was 1955-56 our Junior year. He joined our football team it was a great time as we were starting a winning streak. We only lost one game and the next year 1956-57 we were undefeated and ranked as one of the best teams in Missouri, number 2 after Jefferson City. Bill received his letter that year. I think it was a highlight of his high school years. He and I were good friends but his Dad and I were also friends and his Mother. They were very welcoming to all of us and would have parties. I remember especially a Halloween party and our parish priest even showed up in a mask. When they moved to Kansa City I was in their lovely home in the Broadway Valentine area. Classic homes. I would visit them and go by the International Harvester Dealership in Kansas City to talk to Mr. Carroll. He was the type of older person who talked to you as a peer. Bill also was a great guy. The best thing he and I ever did together was we had gone to Lawrence , Kansas and picked my girlfriend Judy Braudis up from KU in his Black Corvette back to Kansas City and went to Municipal Auditorium to hear John F. Kennedy give a speech. We could not get in but they had loud speakers outside so we could hear it. After wards we knew he was staying at the Muhlebach Hotel and we ran down and saw several people by a side door so we got in line with them and here came the limousine with him in it. He got out and walked through the gauntlet of people. I’ll never forget it. We could have reached out and touched him or shook his hand but we were not as forward as people are today. So that’s my best Bill story. I have a few others but Bill my lips are sealed. Rest In Peace and May you have a 1955 or 56 Corvette waiting to carry you home.

Joe DePalma

September 10, 2020

I met Bill through a YPO peer group in 1987. We spent many weekends together with the group analyzing our businesses and socializing. Bill was always very concerned about his employees and was sometimes too kind. We got better acquainted when I spent a few months working for him in a consulting role with his printing company. I remember many interesting days working together analyzing his business with him, and many wonderful evenings with him and Sue having dinner at Applebee's (where Sue was a director). By the way Sue, I still won't eat at Applebee's because of how they treated you. Bill and I had lunch in KC last year when I was in town. I'm so happy we got together.
Rest in peace, Bill. You will be missed.


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