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Sean William Chad Duplessis

January 14, 1979June 20, 2020

Sean William Chad Duplessis Jan 14/79 - June 20/20

Sean passed away suddenly at home on June 20, at 41 years old. He leaves behind his daughter, Terra Duplessis, and ex-wife Megan, mother, Vernell Komant (Tim), his sister, Nicole Poirier (Rob), step-sisters, Michele, Tammy & Sharlene. He also leaves behind a large family of uncles, aunts, cousins, and large extended family. Predeceased by his dad Bill Duplessis, his grandparents, Anne & Bill Baker, Emil Komant, and his uncle Stan Komant. Celebration of Life for Sean will be held for family at Valleyview Funeral Home. The family wishes for you to share stories of Sean’s life at www.valleyviewfuneralhome.com and they will be read at the family service.


  • Terra Duplessis, Daughter
  • Vernell Komant (Tim), Mother
  • Nicole Poirier (Rob), Sister
  • Step sisters Michele, Tammy, Sharlene


  • Memorial Service

    Monday, July 6, 2020


Sean William Chad Duplessis

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Dayana Marques

July 6, 2020

Hi Uncle Sean, I know that from heaven you can hear me and you know how sad I am for your going, I miss our conversations, and your affection for me, I remember our conversations and how proud you were to be part of our family now , I remember your dream of taking us to live there, and our last conversation. You were always kind and sweet, your admiration for your bride, my aunt, you had so many plans. I will love you forever.

Nicole Poirier

July 5, 2020

Hey dude,

Ugggh this is the hardest thing I think I'll ever go through.
You are my best friend, my "twin", my ride or die, my brother.
I miss you so much!!!!
I'm so upset, so guilty, so broken.
I know your up there saying,
"Dude, it's ok... I'm ok.."
But I'm not ok, and I'm not going to be for a really long time.
We did EVERYTHING together. We were barely ever apart.
I'll miss our endless phone calls, phoning you every time I'm in the bathroom lol
Our shenanigans, our secret language, our funny sayings.
It seems like I'm getting it together during the day, but at night I hold your shirt in my arms and I lay there, smelling your shirt, and I break down.
Your handprint will be tattooed on my shoulder. You always had my back, and I know you always will.
I'll make sure to take good care in loving those you loved so much.

I wish you could come back to me Sean.
I need you so bad.
Oh how I wish I could pray enough to just have one more minute with you, but the pain would be just that much more unbearable than it already is.
I get so mad at God for taking you from me, but that's not fair either.
I just can't seem to stop the tears, the pain in my heart is the weight crushing my lungs.
Stay with me, guide me, and never leave me dude. I see signs every day, I can't loose that.

I love you so much Sean.
Love you lots dude,
Save me a spot ❤️

Sebastiana Miranda

July 3, 2020

Sean ,Dear son here is your Brazilian mother, I miss you u wake me up with two messages I love you son, thanks for everything this world is so cruel, that God took him as an angel, to help Heavenly Father's plan, your past does not matter to God what matters is the present and what you might be one day you are today an angel of the Lord, I am trying to take care of Samara but she is so Stubborn, talk to her Sean, ask to live, thank you for loving my daughter and Deyvyd, and for loving me too we will meet. Family in eternity I believe in God that is the purpose of and Having come to earth to learn and return I will love you forever son ... Your Brazilian mother

Deyvyd Miranda

July 3, 2020

Sean , Hello daddy, you can hear me, it's been really hard to live without you I'm scared of life, I don't know what to say to you I just know how to say I love you and I miss you so much You said take care of Aunt Mara, but you are the one who should do this, I can't do this without you, I miss your jokes and also your scolding, now I was without my friend, my hero, You liked to watch the flex movie, you said you wanted to be like a hero and daddy you are our hero, the world is horrible without you my heart is broken and my throat has chicken bone Who doesn't want to leave, I'm sorry dad if I did something and you didn't like it, and now I don't have you anymore, I need you so much, I can't talk much because I cry and you said I was you know boy At church we learned that families can be eternal I want to be with you and my aunt Mara, an eternal family, I will love you forever my friend my father, do you remember when we went to get the vaccine In Brazil you were scared but you showed me that not so I wasn't scared it was so funny I love you forever your boy

Samara Miranda

July 3, 2020

Sean My love, I'm my baby for me it was never hard to say that I love you, loving you for me was a blessing from God, you can't imagine how hard it is to say goodbye , I thought I would have you forever , But death stole me, You left leaving me alone and not knowing what to do, we never parted at any time And now I don't see your face and I don't hear your voice I will never stop loving you , What we had was a very strong love a beautiful and intense passion The love lived in our hearts is very strong and it does not end in this life it will go on to eternity, you promised me eternal love I will be your bride until eternity where we will find and be A family like you always dreamed , I close them and I can still smell you I can hear your voice, baby you were not just a love for me You are my angel that God allowed me to love and receive my deep and eternal love, baby ours Our memories are only ours the world will never understand our love, only God is able to explain what I feel, Baby can you hear me? You had so many plans for us, you wanted to be happy by my side, we planned to change the world with our love, you said that you would write a book about our love, You were amazing to me and the world of Sean and Samara a magical world a paradise on earth, hearing your voice saying I love you, it's like listening to the angels proclaiming divine love, baby Sean my dear There are countless memories and words of love for you that this space is small to speak to you, my love for you is much greater than my soul can reach, yours were my dreams, baby I will wait until eternity for us to be together, I will try to practice your advice and teachings, as you said to me that you knew life and the world, you said that I have no malice in Heart, ask me for care Samara people are bad, I ask you to always be on my side to protect me so they don't hurt me, God knows our soul, baby and our heart, you You will always be here with me, until the day we meet and be together in ete

Chantelle Halladay AKA Farano

July 2, 2020

There is no amount of words that could explain the impact that Sean has had on my life. He was truly the 1 person that just got me an I'm sure many people
can say the same. That man was the best to talk to 365 days a year an just being together in general are moments that I'll charish forever. He always had some way to make me laugh my head off even at my lowest moments. He wud make a voice an some wise ass joke and always no what to say, how could you not love him. I am so grateful for his love an friendship over the years that I will never forget 1 single thing about him. It is extremely hard for me to never see him walk up my driveway again. He always dressed so nice sometimes in his suits an he always smelled so good. He really was the best guy who was genuine to me from day 1 ... An I will forever call him my Best friend. I will see you one day my friend but until then please stay by my side when you can. Please watch over me an maybe give me the odd sign from time to time so I no that you are there an as a reminder for me that I'm doing a good job. I love you forever and always Sean

Tammy Bunn

July 2, 2020

Miss you bro , so glad we got to spend time together back in April !
I’ll miss our chats on the phone and endless joking around ( boy could you make me laugh my head off ) .
All of your sisters , and of course my Mom ( who I know you loved dearly ) will cherish all the memories we made together over the last 41 years .
Be good up there , and rest easy .
You are loved ❤️