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Stefan "Steve Carl" Pietrucha

September 2, 1929March 22, 2020

Steve Carl Pietrucha, passed from this world on March 22, 2020 at the age of 90 years. Steve was born September 2, 1929 on the family farm, Sec 3, Tp 28, Rge 11, W2 near Foam Lake, SK. He was the second oldest in a family of 14 children. He was predeceased by his his partner Tillie Dundas in 2010, mother Katherine (Stanicki) in 1947, father Lucas (Roy) in 1983, 5 brothers (3 in infancy), Phil Petruka in 2000 and wife Cora 2001, Mike 2018, brothers in law Max Lazeski, Norm Stone, Peter Krywulak, Peter Wengrowich, Joe Chornomitz, Dale Boisvert, and John Topp. He is survived by 8 sisters, Molly Wengrowich, Angie Lazeski, Olga (Walter) Majola, Jean Krwyulak, Josie Stone, Cathy Topp, Rose (Boisvert) (Tom) Rogers, and Tonie Chornomitz and his numerous nieces and nephews and their families. Steve attended Winthorp School for his primary education, and studied agriculture in Saskatoon in 1950 at what is now Nutana Collegiate. Steve lived and worked on the family farm in the Foam Lake area and was involved in his community supporting the Beckenham RC Church and his farming neighbours in the area. In 1978 he moved to Kelowna where he met and spent many happy years with his partner Tillie, and the family of his sister, Molly. Steve enjoyed playing cribbage, bowling and especially watching curling. Steve lived his life by example and believed in helping his neighbours and supporting his family. We are grateful for having had his presence and the support he was able to give. We are also especially grateful his nephew Mark Wengrowich who spent countless hours helping Steve in his final years. Steve passed while at the Hospice House in privacy and with dignity. Thank you to the many nurses and aids for all your caring. Acknowledging current circumstances, a memorial service will be held at a future date. Updates and future scheduling can be found on the funeral home website at: www.valleyviewfuneralhome.com


  • Molly Wengrowich, Sister
  • Angie Lazeski, Sister
  • Olga Majola, Sister
  • Walter Majola, Brother-in-law
  • Jean Krwyulak, Sister
  • Josie Stone, Sister
  • Cathy Topp, Sister
  • Rose (Boisvert) Rogers, Sister
  • Tom Rogers, Brother-in-law
  • Tonie Chornomitz, Sister
  • Numerous nieces and nephews

  • Mark Wengrowich, Pallbearer
  • Marc Houde, Pallbearer
  • James Wengrowich, Pallbearer
  • Ron Moroshkin, Pallbearer
  • Gord Harrison, Pallbearer
  • Sandy Monesmith, Pallbearer



  • Burial Friday, March 27, 2020


  • Mass of Christian Burial


Stefan "Steve Carl" Pietrucha

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Pat Kerelchuk

March 27, 2020

I have so many wonderful memories of uncle Steve. In particular, I remember as a young one going to his farm (I think with auntie Jean, Marlene and mom) and doing everyone’s laundry there. I learned to iron using an iron that was heated on the stove and my favourite thing to iron was uncle Steve’s shirts. ( they always smelled of uncle Steve). And of course his laugh- it made everyone laugh

Josie Stone

March 27, 2020

I have many memories of my brother Steve. Steve had an unusually quiet sense of humor. As an example I'll share a story Rose told me about visiting Steve in the hospital February 6, 2020. The neurologist was holding Steve's hand. She asked him how he was feeling. In a quiet way with a smile on his face he said "I used to feel with my fingers, but now the there are no feelings in my fingers." The other memory of Steve, which was a lifelong practice, is that he never complained. He always kept things close to himself. He never shared with others the many hardships he had in life, but he was quick to compliment others. So he died as he lived, in privacy and dignity. Rest in peace big brother.

Cathy Topp

March 27, 2020

Cathy (Pietrucha) Topp does not have a computer or access to internet, so she asked us to post some memories of Steve for her. Steve Got Caught. One day sister Molly was on her hands and knees washing the kitchen floor. Steve walked in with dirty barn boots and walked across the clean floor. Molly picked up the broom and Angie the floor rag, and the chase was on. We younger ones ran outside to watch Steve get whooped with broom rag, to the delight of the rest of us. One day Steve was taking a load of grain into West Bend and Cathy got to go with him. He gave her 65 cents and told her to go into the store and buy anything she wanted. She asked him if she could stay in the truck while he emptied the grain because she was afraid to get lost. West bend consisted of only a Red & White Store, a gas station, a hotel, and a post office, so getting lost would have been difficult. LOL. When they arrived at the store she bought three toffee bars, two bananas, a bottle of pop, and some jaw breakers to share (3 for 1 cent). On the way home Steve asked if he could have a toffee bar, but then one bar wasn't enough so she gave him one more, with his promise to give them back next time he went to town. Steve loved toffee. Steve always called her Katie, not Cathy. One time Cathy and Sophie (a friend) were home for the holidays and were spring cleaning Steve's new house on the family homestead (~1968). They stood on a table to wash ceiling and walls. To their surprise the table caved in and they came down with a crash. Steve teased them that they were too heavy, then went down to the basement and brought up another table. They told him it was his turn to cook since they washed the walls. He said he would but the worst thing about using the recipe was that the first instruction was to use a clean dish - there were none since he only did dishes once a week. Cathy has many more wonderful memories of Steve. May he rest in peace.

Rose Rogers

March 26, 2020

I have many wonderful memories of my brother Steve. He was 15 years older than me. When I was small he was so tall. He was a strong hard worker, who had an amazing sense of humour. In the winter when he would come into the house after doing chores he would grab any one of us, usually me, Tonie or Cathy and give us a nice cold beard rub. He loved to use his long arm and sneak anything off our plate, especially things he liked like chicken gizzards and drumsticks,, then pretend he didn't. My all time favourite memory was when he went to towns like Foam Lake or West Bend he would often bring home toffee bars - wow what a treat. He loved toffee too. He also loved to whistle. It took me many years to lean how to whistle, but it was never like his whistling. I used to love when Dad and Steve made ropes out of twine. That always happened in winter and it was always a happy time. Haying and harvest times were also happy times. Us younger sisters took the lunches made by the older sisters out into the fields. The men rested and while they were having lunch we got to have some of the lunch too. It was like a picnic. Steve also taught me how to drive. He was a wonderful brother. While I will miss him, I celebrate the 90 years he lived.