Myrna Martell Hall

February 9, 1929April 12, 2021

Myrna Martell Hall, the beloved mother of her four sons, passed away unexpectedly on April 12, 2021. Her husband Thomas Floyd Hall, Sr. passed away in July 1983 and her second husband Edgar Cadwallader passed away in 2006. She is survived by her sister Betty Jean Carrick, her four sons from her first marriage, Thomas Floyd, Jr., John Richard, Robert Lee and Michael Douglas. Also surviving are her seven grandchildren: Amy, Ashley, Lindsey, Natalie, Michelle, Eric, and Jeffrey. Additionally, five great-grandchildren: Evelyn, Audrey, Conor, Declan and Rae, as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Family and friends dearly remember Myrna as a very caring, fun-loving, energetic, and generous person. She was active, until recent years, in attending worship services, most recently at First Presbyterian Church in Kissimmee, Florida and previously at Seven Locks Baptist Church in Rockville, Maryland. She sang in the choir and always enjoyed activities with others in the church.

Myrna met her first husband Thomas Hall at the University of Maryland, where they both attended. With a short romance, they married and immediately started their family. She enjoyed the early years at home taking care of the household and raising her four boys. Her first job after marriage was working at the local Hecht’s department store in Silver Spring, Maryland. Later, she was involved with the family business, mostly doing clerical and bookkeeping work, until the late 1970s when she retired to take care of her husband Thomas Sr. They travelled between their three residences in Rockville, Maryland, Kissimmee, Florida and Monroeton, Pennsylvania, along with other travel across the USA, attending Gideon International Conventions and other trips for leisure.

Myrna later became more active in church activities and organizing and attending senior singles clubs. She met and married Edgar Cadwallader in the late 1980s. They resided mostly in their homes in Rockville, Maryland and Kissimmee, Florida, as well as traveling to visit Edgar’s family in New Mexico. Myrna was a very caring and supportive wife, making sure that Edgar had activities to enjoy during his medical decline, which included travel and, of course, dancing every week. After Edgar’s passing in 2006, Myrna remained active with her ‘girlfriends’ and was instrumental in encouraging and transporting her friends to attend dances and karaoke and other musical venues until the late 2010s. She also remained active in the First Presbyterian Church in Kissimmee, Florida.

Myrna was always supportive of her four boys, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She never missed sending cards for holidays and birthdays, until her eyesight prevented her from continuing. She always had a cheerful voice and wanted to know all about what was happening in your life. There are many funny stories to share about Myrna and she was a great one to tell a joke or laugh at something funny, even if she was the one you were joking about. Myrna’s smile, happy spirit and caregiving nature will be sorely missed. Every conversation on the phone always ended with: “I love you so much, bye bye”. Bye, Bye Myrna, Mom, Grandma; we all love you so much.

In lieu of flowers, contributions in Myrna's memory may be made to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research,

We know that most people will not be able to travel for Myrna’s viewing. For those unable to attend in person there will be a virtual viewing through zoom. Click or cut and paste the link below on April 21, 2021 from 3:00pm until 5:00pm. We appreciate everyone’s love and concern.



Myrna Martell Hall

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Lindsay Hardin

April 23, 2021

Grandma always made you feel welcomed, loved, and at ease. You were free to be yourself around her. That was especially important to me when I was shy as a child. Since we lived in Indiana, we didn't get to visit her in Maryland as often as we liked. But when we did, our visits were guaranteed to be filled with laughter, jokes, good stories, and a relaxed environment where we could be ourselves. Grandma wasn't critical or judgmental, she was positive and upbeat. Her signature laugh was contagious and her smiles and goofy expressions made us all chuckle. One of my favorite things about staying at Grandma's house was waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen. She'd make bacon, eggs, grits, and toast. Dad would be in the kitchen, talking to Grandma as they drank their coffee and enjoyed catching up with each other. As a kid, I didn't know how to put it into words, but I think it was the carefree and fun atmosphere that she created. No pressure, no expectations, just a place to relax and visit. One of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes says it best, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Thank you, Grandma for making me feel loved and comfortable to be myself. What a gift that is to me. I hope I can pass on that gift onto others. I love you and will always treasure our special memories. Love from your granddaughter, Lindsay Lee

Robert Hall

April 21, 2021

Hi Mom -- Is this Bobby? She would say. It was hard for her to tell the difference between our voices, be it Tommy, Johnny, Bobby, or Mikey. She was always anxious to hear from her sons, just to say hello or to reminisce about something from the past. During her single years, she was always talking about a dance from the past week, and we would listen about any new man that she met. In one conversation she was telling me how she still felt like she was in her 20’s, having me realize that her young spirit was passed on to her sons. Mom had a passion for life and did not want to miss a chance for a new experience, like the time she was being pushed around in a porpoise stroller at Sea World, or riding a hot air balloon ride, or careening through Space Mountain thinking it was going to be a ride like you were floating in space. Mom also had to contend with four sons and our jokes around the dinner table. She was a good sport, most of the time. All the family memories center around Mom, her picnic lunches, holiday meals, vacations to Ocean City, Md., meals at the ‘Old Farm’, living on the houseboat/trailer for five weeks, first visit to Disney World, trips to Glen Echo, reunions in Frederick, Maryland, as well as many other family times together and even her burnt pancakes. Mom always believed in her boys and wanted the best for each of us. She was never discouraging and always a positive inspiration. Mom was generous in her time and valued the moments we spent together, even if we were napping in her lazy boy chair while she played solitaire. She was funny and thoughtful and enjoyed the many stories and jokes that we shared while reminiscing about past times together. Mom will be missed, but never forgotten, Mom’s thoughtful and caring way will always remain with us.

Robert – I love you Mom.

Thomas Hall

April 20, 2021

Sweet Memories of Mom
When I was a young boy, perhaps in first or second grade, Mom had a favorite morning radio program on WWDC. It was hosted by Fred Fisk. He would play songs, tell stories and even play his organ, with birds chirping in the background. Once in a while he would play a requested song. Well, this morning Mom told me to hang around and listen to the radio. Then Fred Fisk said something like, "We have a request. Mom says she has a son named Tommy. He is a good boy. Could you play "How much is that doggie in the window? Well, here it is.... Yes we have a sweet Mom and sweet memories. Thank you, Mom.

Michelle Hall

April 20, 2021

Where to even begin with Grandma (or “Grand” as she took to signing her cards and letters later on in her life, which I always loved)! She was quick to smile, even quicker to laugh, and always brought fun and levity to every situation. Any time spent with Grandma you knew was going to be fun and full of side-splitting laughs. Her stories, whether intentional or not, were always hilarious – and her interest in hearing your stories was genuine. I will always remember the small things – her famous mashed potatoes, her Christmas and Easter hams, her desire to give you something every time she saw you (including pens that no longer worked!) – and will always remember the big things too: her steady and solid presence in my life, her generosity, her recognition of every important milestone, and her love of family. Her zeal for living life as it should be lived – loving and supporting others, always staying positive and looking at the bright side of things, being true to herself, and having fun – are ideals we should take with us as we remember her. She will be truly missed. My heart is with everyone who knew her and is feeling the profound loss of a very special woman. Love you, Grand!

Myrna Ashley

April 19, 2021

Whenever I think of Aunt Myrna I smile. I have so many happy memories of her...all filled with laughter and simple joy. Every visit I looked forward to being with her and her family. She was such a wonderful hostess and Aunt ! Much love sent to the family. She truly was one of a kind and I cherish every memory of her.

Betty Palmer

April 15, 2021

When I would go to visit my mother, Anne Clark, I would get to spend time with Myrna. They would take me out to all their local spots for dinner and music. Myrna was so much fun and I always looked forward to spending time with her. I loved hearing about her boys and all the occasions with family she attended. My memories of Myrna are the best and she will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time. ❤️