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Michelle Renee Knight-Thweatt

May 12, 1988May 21, 2020

Michelle Renee Knight-Thweatt, 5-12-1988 -- 5-21-2020, survived by husband Devlin Thweatt and son Mikael Knight; parents, Teresa and Michael Knight; sister Melissa May Bolduc Kelly and fiancé Brian Byrge and their children Austin Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Brady Byrge and Dylan Kelly; and sister Elizabeth Ann Knight Evans and husband Jason Evans and their children August and Isaac Evans.

Michelle was a free spirit with a creative mind. She enjoyed writing short stories and poetry, one of which was published. She made leather items with intricate designs. She painted interesting art of colorful, mythical creatures. She loved working with horses, grooming, feeding and tending their harness works, and especially riding them, English style.

Her son Mikael, her family and close friends were very important to her. Michelle will be greatly missed by all whose lives she touched.


  • Visitation

    Friday, May 29, 2020


Michelle Renee Knight-Thweatt

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Natalir Saunders

June 7, 2020


You were such a special person. Talented in so many ways...but, also with the “who cares what people think” way. You dressed how you wanted, created art how you wanted and lived how you wanted. Every moment spent with you was never, ever boring. Your gigantic laugh and personality could fill up the entire room.

I am so sorry I wasn’t there for you during everything you struggled with. I hope you know that I tried...and I always loved you. That never changed. I hope that you are peaceful and safe now. That’s all I ever wanted for you. Peace.

I love you dear,

“I will miss your heart so tender...and I will love this love forever.”

Katie Bryson Davis

June 1, 2020

It’s been days, and I still am at a loss of words. Nothing seems right, nothing I can say will be enough, but I don’t think I’ll ever find the words to explain just what she meant to me. More than a best friend, but a sister, a part of my family, my partner in crime for the past 16 years. We had our ups and we had our downs but my love for Michelle never changed. She was so kind, so caring, so goofy, she was one of a kind and such a force. She walked through the hardest and the best times of my life by my side. There will never be anyone like Michelle Knight. You were my best friend, the lady love of my life, my fuzzy little man peach. I am forever thankful for you, I will forever love you. There is such a hole in my heart and I just can’t believe you’re gone. I choose to remember all of our good times, all of your smiles, and your belly laughs. When we would drink wine and sing to all the old songs, or the 500,000 coffees we drank together, the times we sat in pure silence and it was never awkward, our talks on your parents back porch, our girls nights, our pool days, the lazy days, Marg nights, the road trips, our adventures. You fit a lot of life into your 32 years. I am forever thankful for you, every good and bad moment, I’m thankful. My heart is heavy, and I’ve cried more tears than I can count but I know you are watching over all of us who you left behind. Our own personal guardian angel, YOU are at peace and in that my heart is finding peace too. I will love you forever, I will miss you always. Thank you for being my best friend. ❤️

Amber VanDyke

May 29, 2020

Today was a very hard day as I had to say a goodbye that was permanent. I feel like no matter what I say, I'll go back later and think of something I left out.

You were my best and pretty much attached at the hip conjourned twin for years. When I was going through my pregnancy alone, you were there. When I got hit in a car accident and had an emergency c-section, you came as soon as possible. The pictures I have of my son as a newborn baby at the hospital, you took. I'll think of you everytime I look at my boy as a baby.

Man did we have fun. We had some adventures. Like that time we decided we should order a belly button piercing kit and it came in the mail while I was at work. You came to the hotel and we pierced each others belly buttons in the back office. You got the clamp stuck on mine and I made yours crooked.

I miss team me you and Katie. We three musketeers could always bring each other up. You guys and your coffee. I never understood your love for overpriced caffeine. Did you ever come over without one in your hand??? I should have bought a coffee pot for my place just for you.

You had your own sense of fashion and style. You always did you. ALWAYS! Looking back I admire your confidence and your do you attitude.

I'll miss you. Even the weird way you held your cigarette with your fingers that almost looked like they hyper extended as you smoked. I will remeber all the good time and bad..and cherish it all. Marg nights, pool days, anger over the hard times of life and joys of small and great accomplishments.

As I was driving home after a long day of work, I was thinking about you. I was crying then I saw a rainbow. I'd like to think that was you. You telling me you were okay and at a peace. I'll never see another rainbow without thinking of you. I love Michelle.

Terri Knight-Bryson

May 29, 2020

I will always be grateful and cherish the time we spent at the beach. I will always remember your vibrant personality and your bright, heart-warming smile. I will always have you in my thoughts and heart.

Emily Lynch

May 28, 2020

After 20 years of friendship its impossible to put into words how special Michelle was to me. Either we were goofing off and laughing until we cried or talking about what we felt the meaning of life was. She was the best about making everyone around her happy. Things had been hard the last couple years, but I never stopped loving her. I was truly blessed to have her in my life.

Rose Oakes

May 28, 2020

Michelle you were a sweet girl with a big heart❤ I'll always remember you and love you. Rest in peace baby girl.

Rebecca Cooper-romero

May 28, 2020

I remember mamaw byroms funeral you was waiting on me to get there im guessing because I was an outcast and you felt the same! You always treated me like I was somebody, somebody that you thought was special I don't know why but I appreciated it! I'm not sure why god called you before the rest of us but you was a great lil cousin and it was a privilege to be a part of your life! I love you girl and you will always be in my heart!

Nicole Clowers

May 27, 2020

I love you Michelle, you're gonna be missed. I wish I would have kept in contact more. Haven't talked to you in a couple years. I'll never forget the time when we were little and I would stay the night with you. Say hi to mammaw and papaw and everyone else up their for us. I know you will be watching over all of us down here. My heart is broken. R.I.P. love ur cousin Nicole

Devlin Thweatt

May 26, 2020

Devlin Thweatt

May 26, 2020