James Richard BRACKEN

April 13, 1930March 28, 2019

James Richard BRACKEN was born on April 13, 1930 and passed away on March 28, 2019.


  • Graveside Service Wednesday, April 17, 2019

James Richard BRACKEN

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Bradley Hill

April 17, 2019

United States Flag at half-staff, Miramar National Cemetery, April 17, 2019, in honor of those who were laid to rest this day. Jim was among them.

Bradley Hill

April 17, 2019

(conclusion) Jim left behind 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Bradley Hill

April 17, 2019

(continuation) During this time, he served in the church as mutual superintendent and also served as a counselor in the Bishopric. Jim never turned down a call to serve.

Jim's work with the telephone company took him all over San Diego. On any new construction project, he was one of the first people called to the job. And this was for one reason - he held the priesthood. He kept a clean slate - he never even had a speeding ticket! Because of this, he was able to obtain and keep perpetual FBI clearance.

When we had the plane crash disaster in North Park, he was called to assist. He didn't leave the premises; he slept in his car for 4 days until the major wiring was restored. He had such stories to tell about his experience working through this disaster.

When Sea World was being built, he spent 6 months there doing the wiring and wouldn't go with us to the opening because he said he had already seen it.

But his favorite place to work occurred when he received an assignment due to his FBI clearance. He was put in charge of the all the phone equipment in the bunkers on Point Loma. He did this work for 15 years and he loved it. He also maintained the phone equipment for generals and admirals on the base.

He loved spending time with his family - they vacationed every chance they got by travelling by car around the USA, camping in remote places where they sometimes had to backpack in their own water. Everyone worked during these trips, even his daughters, but Jim worked the hardest. He was physically very strong and could lift anything. Before there were gyms and bodybuilding clubs, Jim made his own weights with coffee cans, cement and pipes. He worked out regularly to keep strong. He could also build anything - he did all the building and remodeling on their home.

The kids and grandkids all loved Jim the most. Ann would say she couldn't figure it out - she was the one who did all the work putting on dinners and parties, but Jim got all the credit! (continued)

Bradley Hill

April 17, 2019

With the permission of Ann, Jim's wife, here is the eulogy delivered today at Jim's funeral by their son-in-law, George Hughes.

Jim was born in Salt Lake City April 13, 1930 to Elva and Lee Bracken - both of whom were the 11th child in their families. Because it was the depression era, many people in their families came to California to find work, including Lee and Elva. They never returned to Utah and Jim grew up here in California. They moved a lot, 12 times during his school years.

As a boy, Jim learned to work hard to help support the family. For his first job, at 8 years old, he sold magazines and newspapers door to door. He had a big satchel that he wore to hold the magazines. The next job was his egg route when he was 10 years old - he raised chickens and sold the eggs. At 15, he got a job at Admiral Cleaners as a presser, and then in high school, he worked for Thrifty Drug Store cleaning, doing dishes and stocking shelves. He has always been a hard worker and contributed to his family's income.

After high school, he spent 4 years in the United States Air Force, finishing as a Staff Sargent. After the Air Force, he was employed by the telephone company as a splicing apprentice to Ann's neighbor. She babysat their children - which is how Jim and Ann met. Jim and Ann were married after she finished high school in 1957. They were married for 62 years.

Jim stayed with the telephone company for 42 years. He loved working there - he always looked forward to going to work. The only thing he didn't like was working in the rain.

His job with the telephone company provided a good living and they bought their first home in 1960 in Kearny Mesa. He continued to work hard building and remodeling their home ail while going to college and working in the church. They lived in their Kearny Mesa home for 12 years. (continued)

Bradley Hill

April 3, 2019

Still waters run deep. Jim has been an example of quiet virtue through the twenty-five years we have shared the pews in La Mesa First Ward. He was particularly courageous and supportive to me when we served together in the bishopric. I say courageous because he was not the kind of person who sought position, yet he accepted responsibility and immersed himself...even if it was outside his comfort zone... when called to serve.

I will miss his weekly greetings, but know that he is now joyfully greeting loved ones on the other side of the veil. I know that Heavenly Father will comfort Ann and the Bracken Family, and I pray for them as they carry on in faith.