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Lee Allen Bruney

August 31, 1955October 15, 2020

On October 14, 2020, in the minutes between one day turning to another, Lee Bruney's loving and kind human heart gave up its spirit. Now, Lee rests and lives in the fullness of the Great Comforter, Christ Jesus.

How does one begin to paint a full picture of a man such as Lee Bruney, to truly give him proper honer, deserved respect, and love returned in the manner it was so freely given? It is difficult, and to try is to fail, but to do the hard thing anyway is to reflect a small fragment of one of Lee Bruney's many attributes, so try we must.

On August 31, 1955, Lee was born under the hot Louisiana sun in Kinder to Lee and Exalaine Bruney. The youngest of four children, Lee was (and still is) referred to as ”Bee.” This term of endearment evolved and echoed as "Poppa Bee" by each of his grandchildren.

Lee attended Marian High School and the Calcasieu Academy of Lake Charles, graduating in 1973. He spent his school-age years forming enduring friendships that would last the duration of his life.

On January 12, 1974, he made a vow of matrimony to his sweetheart Deborah (Debbie) Broussard, building a durable and loving marriage that would last through all the varied joys and sorrows that are delivered on the tides of life. Lee and Debbie would be entangled, sharing the deep touch of firm and gentle hands, from the first day to their last evening. To draw forth an image of Lee in the comfort of his home is to see Debbie there with him.

It's been said that the truest testament of the love between a husband and wife is to see it made manifest in their children. To see Lee and Debbie's children, Lee and Michelle, and the strength of their love for their parents gives testimony that this idea holds true. Their words have always been populated with a sincere appreciation and love for their sweet daddy. Still, his love is proved further by their actions, in the many ways they have adopted his kindness, and in the application of his always-wise-and-fair advice.

A human life is a combination of many things, and Lee Bruney was not exempt from this unique complexity. Most who know Lee would say that at his core, he was a builder. Though Lee labored through the construction of many buildings—many still standing today, despite floods and storms—it will be the relationships he built that will be remembered most now that his personal temple is laid to rest.

Since 2016, Lee worked with Port Aggregates, Inc. in business development. In past years he was the co-owner and general manager at Star Concrete Pumpers, Inc., a part of the Removal Team with J. E. Hixson & Son, an outside sales consultant at South Point Services, the senior project manager at Unifab, and the chief building inspector for the City of Lake Charles.

Everyone who knew Lee accepted without question that he was a hard worker that put his heart into each project he was a part of, no matter which company it was connected to. This is easily confirmed by the litany of organizational memberships that Lee held, such as SOWELA Technical College, the Alliance for Positive Growth, the Home Builders Association, the Sasol Community Advisory Panel, and the Better Business Bureau of Southwest Louisiana.

It would be a mistake to look at this column of connections, titles, and relationships and think that one can make a full summation of a man like Lee Bruney. Each locks in as a secure stone in the structure of his life, but the interior materials form the strong center upon which all these others convalesced to make up the fullness of Lee Bruney.

Lee Bruney's life confirms that if a human being is ready and willing, they can change and transform into a new being. Lee reminds us that when we hold a deep and sincere love for others in the proper place, we can empty ourselves of old things and make space for a new life to be born, allowing the old identity to pass away. Decades ago, Lee pulled over, surrendered the ship of his life, and gave his Friend and Master Jesus control of the wheel.

When the news channels were filled with devastations and storms, Lee would pack his tools, chainsaws, and equipment and then rush to strangers' aid. When organizations needed large (and delicious) meals to raise funds, Lee would gather his pots, burners, and accoutrements to serve. Whatever the need, whenever the call went out, whether it was family, friends, or strangers, Lee Bruney went to work.

With his loving bride Debbie, Lee Bruney opened his heart and his home to countless people, satisfying bellies. Whether is was the aroma of his gumbo, the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of his brisket, the give-me-seconds flavor of his ribs, or simply the openness of their doors, the Bruney home was always a place for family and friends to congregate and celebrate anniversaries, holidays, and accomplishments. If you showed up at Lee Bruney's abode you were not only assured—and offered—a savory assortment of food, treats, and cold drinks, but you were also adopted into the spiritual family of a man whose heart was continually stretching to make room for more. To this day, there are no strangers in the Bruney home. All are invited, and no one, no matter the history, is ever cast out.

To meet Lee Bruney was to be cared for. If you spent even a short amount of time with him, he would inquire into the small details of your life. Whether it is was obvious or not, he was tucking away each thing that pressed upon those he encountered. Every night, along with his loving wife, Lee Bruney would get down on his knees and pray for the needs of others, from the seemingly insignificant concerns to the heaviest, most sorrowful strife. If you met Lee again, he would subtly bring up those subjects and sincerely ask how you were doing. Whether the news was good or bad, Lee would let the people that encountered him know that he would continue to pray for them and their needs, and he did.

Never boastful, proud, or loud, always humble in spirit, he was obedient to the love of Christ that filled his heart, choosing to share it deeply and simply through good works, and a life of faithful prayer. He offered a heart full of life, giving so much to so many. Whether lifelong friends, co-workers, siblings, children, grandchildren, neighbors, or strangers, he has built a legacy and example to share and follow.

To carry Lee's light of truth is what is tasked to those of us who remain—to this community of homes so shaken by storms—so that his heart beats on in the generations of children that inherit the future without him.

Obedience. Humility. Work. Prayer. Simplicity. The love of Christ. These make firm the column of Lee Bruney’s life.

He worked to make his heart like the Lord's and offered his life in that same fashion. He rests now at the end of a great gathering of loved ones, smiling as we each head on our separate ways, a simple prayer from his mouth as a blessing over all those dear to him. "Keep 'em safe, Lord," will be the words so many will hear and hold dear for all their remaining days.

Lee Bruney is survived by his wife Deborah Bruney of Lake Charles, LA, his siblings Alaine (and husband Chester) Martin of Scott, LA and Kathy (and husband Scott) Parker of Lake Charles, LA, children Lee (and wife Alanna) Bruney of Lake Charles, LA, Michelle (and husband Oran) Parker of Sulphur, LA, grandchildren Madison Croxdale Bruney, Dalton Bruney, Devin Lyles, Dylan Day, Austin Day, Lillian Parker, Jonah Parker, and Eben Parker, and four great-grandchildren.

"Whether we live or die, we are the Lord's. Life and death alike can be offered up as penance. I can make reparations for my impiety by living as perfectly as I can the Rule and Spirit of St. Benedict—obedience, humility, work, prayer, simplicity, the love of Christ.

The light of truth burns without a flicker in the depths of a house that is shaken with storms of passion and of fear."

-Thomas Merton


  • Deborah Bruney, Wife
  • Alaine Martin (Chester), Sister
  • Kathy Parker (Scott), Sister
  • Lee Bruney (Alanna), Son
  • Michelle Parker (Oran), Daughter
  • Madison Croxdale Bruney, Granddaughter
  • Dalton Bruney, Grandson
  • Devin Lyles, Grandson
  • Dylan Day, Grandson
  • Austin Day, Grandson
  • Lillian Parker, Granddaughter
  • Jonah Parker, Grandson
  • Eben Parker, Grandson
  • four great-grandchildren.

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  • Visitation

    Monday, October 19, 2020

  • Funeral Service

    Monday, October 19, 2020


Lee Allen Bruney

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APG Alliance for Positive Growth

October 21, 2020

The Alliance for Positive Growth (APG) will not be the same without you. We thank you for the wisdom you shared, the countless hours of service you committed to SWLA, and the experience you lent this organization in our strides to improve economic development. Lee Bruney was an unparalleled contributor to our successes and you will be missed greatly. To the family if there is anything we can do to be of service during this time of loss, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Paula Hanks

October 19, 2020

Debbie, I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear husband, Lee. My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family. May our Lord give you peace and comfort. You remain in my prayers.🙏🏻💐 Paula Hanks

Pamela Jones

October 19, 2020

Debbie, wanted to let you know how deeply sorry I am to learn of Lee’s passing.
My heart breaks with you and can understand your pain. Sending you love and I’m here if you need to talk. May God’s love help you through this difficult time. Love, Pam

Jared Baldo

October 19, 2020

So very sorry for your loss. Lee was so very nice to me when I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer size of the family at the Crystal Beach Family Reunions. I’ll never forget him. I pray for you Debbie, for I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost my Jessica. I pray for your children and all of your family because they obviously now have a huge piece of their lives missing and I hope you all can find peace someday. Rest In Peace, Lee. God Bless

Mary Maxwell

October 18, 2020

Lee Bruney. What a void his passing has created, for so many of us. He was kind, thoughtful, hard working and always had a smile on his face. The first time I met Lee, I was applying for a job. I happen to mention my Mom was dying, and how maybe being laid off from my former employer was a blessing in disguise, as I was free to take her to her appointments in Houston. Several days later, I got a beautiful card in the mail, saying they were praying for my Mom. Lee and his wife and all of the office staff had signed it. I had never even met Debbie or the staff. I was so touched by their thoughtfulness. Obviously, I’ve never forgotten it. For years, Lee followed my career at AT&T, and would seek me out to make sure I got the work from whatever business he was co-owning or running. Debbie, I know your heart is broken. But I also know you take comfort knowing he is now living with God, walking the streets of gold. You were blessed to have such a wonderful man by your side for so many years. Lee Bruney, you will be missed. What an angel you will make!

Jonah Ardoin

October 18, 2020

Certainly the light of love you shared with Lee will continue to shine. I did not know Lee but I wanted to share my condolences to you and your family. Love is eternal.❤️

Gail Williams

October 17, 2020

I worked with Mr. Bruney at Hixson's. He was such a nice person. My prayers are with his family.

Shirley Demeritt

October 17, 2020

Our deepest sympathy on the loss of your dear loved one. All our love, Effie and Shirley

George Swift

October 17, 2020

My deepest sympathy to all of Lee’s family. He will always be remembered for his outgoing personality and involvement in business and community activities. We will miss seeing him at various functions because he was most always there. Your family is in my prayers during this time of loss.

Judy Prudhomme McMillan

October 17, 2020

Although the last time I saw Lee was at Marion High School, I was sad to hear of his passing. I will keep his family in my prayers.


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