Katherine Raye Hughes

October 28, 1952January 14, 2023
Obituary of Katherine Raye Hughes
Katherine Raye Hughes was born Tuesday, October 28th, 1952 at Seaside Hospital in Long Beach, California. Kathie's birth father was in the Navy, stationed on a vessel anchored in the city's harbor, and her birth mother was a patient of the doctor Virginia Hughes worked for as a general office nurse. Kathie's mother had been the doctors patient all during her pregnancy and had never mentioned the couple's intent to consider adoption proceedings. The new mother informed the doctor about the couple's adoption decision. Sharon Kay Hughes had been born ten years earlier, in 1942. But the doctor knew that Virginia and Ed had been longing for additional children, with Virginia having suffered several miscarriages since Sharon's birth. The doctor told Virginia that the new mother and her husband planned to put their baby up for adoption, and that if Virginia and Ed were interested in a private adoption, they should hire an attorney to immediately begin the legal process. Virginia and Ed contacted the attorney, and the three of them met with the baby's mother and father, who signed the appropriate documents over the weekend. In the meantime, Sharon had gone with a friend to a weekend camp in the Hollywood Hills. When he arrived home on Sunday evening, she was surprised to be informed that she had become a big sister, with the baby girl due to arrive home in a few days! So Kathie became a member of the Hughes family, coming home from the hospital when she was 10 days old, with the legal process well underway. Ed and Virginia were thrilled when Wesley Dale Hughes was added to the family through Virginia's natural pregnancy three and a half years later in 1956. And kathie was a proud big sister. Kathie attended Riley Elementary in Lakewood, California, through 6th grade, then Junior High and part of High School in Westminster, California. She and her family moved to Lakewood, Colorado in February 1969, when her father Ed transferred to the Denver area. Kathie had been involved in school activities, including the high school drill team. So she was devastated by the need to leave her friends and school, but she made the best of the situation. Kathie graduated from Alameda High School in Denver in 1970. Immediately after graduation, Kathie attended Nursing school for a short time and then worked for Jefferson County Sheriff's department. She then worked for the Health Department for several years. During this period, she developed symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and was unable to continue the job she enjoyed. After high school graduation, Kathie was engaged to be married, but after her diagnosis she called off the engagement. She didn't want to saddle anyone with her medical problems. After a year of bedrest, Kathie recovered enough to live on her own and enjoyed apartment living while being primarily confined to a wheelchair. Kathie remained upbeat in spite of her health challenges, and she took special pleasure into family gatherings, particularly relishing her relationship with her nieces and nephews. Kathie remained cheerful and generous, and she was always ready to help others. She particularly enjoyed reading and her friendship with Sandy Stuart, her best friend for many years. When Kathie's health deteriorated to the point where she could no longer live alone, she moved to the Bethany Nursing and Rehab facility in Denver where she lived for several years. She enjoyed the facility's activities and visitors, especially those who brought takeout food! Kathie was a cooperative and uncomplaining patient until her death. Kathie will be missed by her Friends and Family.

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