Len Howard

January 3, 1936April 5, 2018

Len Howard, 82, of Henderson passed away on April 5, 2018, at Nathan Adelson Hospice. He was born in New Jersey, to Morris and Lillian Cohen, on January 3, 1936. Who better to tell us about Len’s life, then Len so this is what he wrote: “It was my wife's idea and over the last half century, her logic has held sway in mutual decisions and so I went with Therese's suggestion. After reading an obituary that I had written at the request of the family of a friend, she came to me with a request. I want you to write your own obit since I wouldn't even know where to begin". Preposterous idea right? But the more I thought about it...well, why not? It really is a shame that far too few people checking outa here ever have the chance to say "Goodbye" and to tell those with whom they have shared a little piece of planet Earth, where their head was after this very strange trip we call, "Life". I would like to be brief, but brevity was never a strong point with me. Perhaps that explains why I chose the field of Communication as a vocation. Man's biggest problem has always been his failure to properly communicate, so I gave it a shot. Was it my best shot? Well, sometimes it was and other times I fell short in my own expectations. From my very first job as a "morning radio Disc Jockey in the State of Montana, my mouth took me all the way to New York City, where for two years I held sway at WPIX FM and enjoyed increasing popularity in that role. At the same time, however, I began to study Eastern Philosophy...and like most things I tackled in life, I went all the way. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, taught me how and where to search for who I was when I wasn't busy being me. Their common bound of selflessness being the path to enlightenment intrigued me as it kept pushing me inward. It was the late 60’s and that search was shared by many of my peers. We lived communally, meditated and tried experimenting in Ego Death. I mention all these things because they set the scene for what was to become the biggest and most rewarding challenge of my life. In 1970, after being together for seven years, the ex-Dune's dancer and the gypsy disc jockey were blessed with a son who they named, Dylan. He was a special child. So special, in fact, that his brain damage that occurred during the birthing process, was to prevent him from ever taking a step...ever holding a spoon, ever sitting or standing, ever controlling any of his bodily functions. We fought for the right to raise him ourselves and mostly because of his mother's strength and determination were able to ‘mainstream him into society”. He became our true spiritual guide and gave us infinitely more than that which we could ever provide him. Dylan died in September of 1994, two days before his 24th birthday. He enjoyed many things in life from going to Wet-n-Wild, to Rebel basketball games, to which his father owned the rights, and for which he did the radio play-by-play. In order to support his rather expensive lifestyle, Dylan's mother and I worked hard to create cash flow. We invested and were principles in several local radio stations, produced programs for Public Television and in his mom’s case, stood on her feet for all those years, managing the most successful of the Marshall Russo ladies clothing chain. It all went for Dylan's community support and although leaving us with very little at life's end, was hands down, the most rewarding endeavor of our life as a family. I was not an easy person to know or to get along with…and for that, I am truly sorry. Although I might not have the right to ask for forgiveness, I do so willingly. I found resisting temptation to be a very difficult challenge and was oft times less than successful. Oddly enough, if given the opportunity would probably make the same decisions.

In my later years and because of my Eastern Philosophical experience, I found the correlation between it and Esoteric Judaism of my birth, as they both seemed to dovetail on a much higher level of cosmic consciousness.

My heroes have been few, but I kept them close. Therese and Dylan top the list and are followed by Alan Watts and Dr. Timothy Leary. I have had a hand full of close friends in my life for whom I would gladly sacrifice all that I possessed at any given moment…but only a few. I assume my burial will be simple and small and will be officiated by Chabad Rabbi, Mendy Harlig, who, along with his family became love objects in my later years.

So, Therese...that's what you wanted that’s what you got. I don't believe in the afterlife but if I'm surprised, somehow, I know that you will be by my side. You were so much more than I deserved. May the Tao/Ayn Soph watch over you. I'm reminded of a little pressed flower in a frame that you gave me and I would like to pass it along “Life is short..Eat dessert first”.”

Len is preceded in death by his parents and his son Dylan. He is survived by his wife Therese, his daughter Ellen and grandchildren Rachel and Noah.

A Graveside Services will be on Sunday April 8, 2018, at 12pm at Palm Eastern Cemetery, 7600 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas NV. King David Memorial Chapel handled the arrangements.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Len’s memory, can be made to the Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson.


  • Graveside Service Sunday, April 8, 2018

Len Howard

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