Lorin F. Smith

July 2, 1965July 7, 2018
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Son, Brother, Father, Friend and Boss; Lorin Farr Smith was born on July 2nd 1965 to loving parents Lane Farr Smith and Waltraut Martha Schneider. He is the third child in a family of ten children and grew up in Salt Lake City, graduating from Brighton High School. Lorin was active in sports earning numerous medals and trophies as a swimmer and wrestler; he was also a star debater having never lost a debate. He went on to graduate from California State University Sacramento with a Bachelor’s Degree in Government, and later earned his Teaching Credential. He continued to live in Sacramento, where he worked as a schoolteacher and swim coach. His swim team was very successful and he was beloved as both a coach and teacher. He also worked as a Realtor and Insurance Broker. Lorin was one of the founding members of the sport of Disc Golf, and served as President on the Board of Directors of the Professional Disc Golf Association. This sport has grown to have millions of participants worldwide. Lorin was a dedicated father to his child, Noah, whom he loved dearly and who was the center of his world. More than anything he cared for and nurtured his beloved Noah. In 2009, Lorin moved to Las Vegas, closer to his brothers. For the Last 3 years, Lorin served as the Office Manager for one of the largest and busiest medical practices in Nevada, also serving as Project Manager for the construction of one of the largest buildings dedicated to cosmetic surgery in the United States. This building has been named in his honor, as the Lorin Farr Smith Building. Lorin was kind, and understanding to all who knew him, and fair to his employees. He was honest, hard working, personable and always had a smile on his face for both friends and strangers. He will be greatly missed by his employees, friends and family, and is cherished now by a loving Heavenly Father. He felt the best years of his life were ahead of him, and it was a shock to all when he was suddenly taken after surviving a severe heart attack. He knew he was loved and carries that knowledge into the next life. He is survived by his child Noah, his nine brothers and sisters (Lane, Michelle, Renee, Lara, Joseph, Evan, Cherie, Stephanie, and Angelica) and both parents (Waltraut and Lane), his partner Bernadeth Escovilla, his many cousins, nieces and nephews, his life-long friend Andreas Steinmann, and his employees; all who love and miss him. We trust in our savior the Lord Jesus Christ and that his father in Heaven will watch over him.


  • Lane Farr Smith, Father
  • Waltraut Martha Smith, Mother
  • Bernadeth Escovilla, Partner
  • Lane Fielding Smith, Brother
  • Martha Michelle McOmber, Sister
  • Evelyn Renée Smith, Sister
  • Lara Christine Tea, Sister
  • Joseph F. Smith IV, Brother
  • Evan Farr Smith, Brother
  • Cherie Nicole Romney, Sister
  • Stephanie Chantelle Ramsey, Sister
  • Angelica Celeste McFarland, Sister
  • Noah Berke Smith, Child


  • Visitation Saturday, July 14, 2018
  • Funeral Service Saturday, July 14, 2018
  • Visitation Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Funeral Service Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Interment Thursday, July 19, 2018

Lorin F. Smith

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Charles Mason

July 21, 2018

My name is Charlie Mason.
I live in Northern Cal., the place where Lorin moved just after graduating high school.

Lorin and I were close friends from the early 80s to 2000.
In fact, I was even the best man at his wedding in 1993.
Though Lorin and I were very competitive, I (we) always appreciated the constant competition much as brothers would.

There were times though that Lorin showed another side of himself. In fact he was the most dedicated and supportive friend I had.

Eventually we both married and both had children of our own.
Even then, my youngest Alex, and Lorin's daughter Natalie, would look forward to spending time together.
Lorin was always there for us all..

When it came to music, Lorin was the opposite of competitive. He was easily the most supportive musician I'd yet known. I have a feeling most people don't know that side of Lorin. His advocacy and the power of his commitments were amazing and strong.

The following are Lorin's words:
"I love life. I love my family. My blood family and my friend family. From Charlie and Lisa and Andrea and Simon to Nick and Andreas.
I love blue and warm days.
I love golden grass and majestic oaks.
I love music. Music is devine.
I know love. Love is key.
I love peace and beautiful mountains.
I love many people.
I love my mom and dad and all my brothers and sisters."

I can't imagine the pain Lorin's family must be feeling because of his sudden and unexpected passing.
All I can do is be there if any of you ever need anything.
Even if just the comfort of tales of old..

Much love to you all, and thank you.

Mike and Alexia Crowley

July 15, 2018

I would like to convey my deepest condolences and sympathy to the Smith family and in particular to Lorin's brother, Dr Lane Smith, who has been given the heavy Cross of the loss of his best friend. I had come to appreciate the underlying bond of affection and love between brothers Lorin and Dr. Lane, amidst the Blessing of a busy and successful clinical and surgical practice and the difficult daily trials encountered in managing the construction of a new surgical facility. I am thankful for everything Lorin did in his many roles as Office Manager and always found him to be genuinely pleasant, friendly and always willing to help- it is coming more and more apparent that he also did a lot under the radar, important things easily taken for granted. I have been truly impressed with seeing how everything Lorin did, he did to protect the best interests of his dear brother Dr. Lane. I grieve for and truly miss Lorin and will never forget him. I would like to again express and offer my heart and soul-felt sympathy, condolences, support, and prayers during this unexpected and difficult time.

Christ, Almighty and Merciful Lord,

Eternal rest grant to dear Lorin

Let Perpetual Light Shine upon him,

May he rest in Peace.


Bernadeth Escovilla

July 15, 2018

To my beloved lorin , you left me the same day when my mother passed away , you made a huge sacrifices helping me just to take care her and spend time with her knowing she only had few days to live at the other country , such a good heart with all the compassion of people i didnt even know you go together to heaven ..never had chance to hug nor kiss you and you left with a last text and saying “ ilove you and goodnight , it hurts me but knowing you have another journey of your eternal life, my children and your son Noah will miss u and the memories we spent time together will always remember forever.. “i love u lorin “ john 3:16 . i know you follow the lights of GOD because you accepted him at your second life..

Eric McFarland

July 14, 2018

From hanging out with you in San Francisco when we lived there (you somehow beat me at chess) to family parties and more; I’ve respected you on many levels and appreciated building a relationship with you as I’ve been adopted into your family. Thank you for the times you showed love and kindness to my wife, your favorite little sister, and to me. May God watch over you in the next life and always. My deepest regards and love, Eric.

Rochelle French

July 14, 2018

To all who knew and loved Lorin, please accept my most heartfelt condolences for the loss of your son, brother, father, partner, friend. Lorin burst into my life one sunny spring day back in 1985. He was full of excitement, of life—he almost shimmered as if he were diamond dust, or the glint of sunlight on waves. That semester at Sierra College was magical the way life can be when you’re young—we’d hang out at school or at Charlie’s or at the tent he and Frank lived in at the field on the outskirts of town, talking politics and sharing dreams and making plans as crickets chirped and we played guitar and the sun slowly faded in the sky.

Dreams and plans have a way of drifting off and the magic of youth has a habit of fading, and before that second spring semester was over, it would be years before I saw Lorin again. The last time was around 2000, 2001—my parents live out by one of the disc golf courses and he’d stopped by one day to reminisce with them and to proudly introduce his child. We reconnected briefly, this time both of us no longer college kids but now parents, eagerly swapping stories about our kids; it was clear he was thrilled to be a dad and so very proud of his child.

Some people slip in and out of our lives, thin memories of what we’d once shared like forgotten specks of dust in our minds, even their names evaporating into the ether. Not so with Lorin. The amount of time he was in my life was short—short enough to be inconsequential had it been anyone else. But as you know—all of you—Lorin was, and remains, unforgettable. Sending prayers to all of you on wings of love.

Angie McFarland

July 13, 2018

My dear, beloved big brother - words are hard to express all that I am feeling at this time. Thank you for staying here a little longer so I could wish you happy birthday, talk to you, and love you one more time. Thank you for being a father, I have loved having Noah as a part of our lives and family. Thank you for all the wonderful memories that you have left me - my love for classic rock and roll bands stems from you as I’m sure some of my argumentative skills do too 😜 but I will miss you playing the guitar around the campfire the most. Keep rockin’ in Heaven. Til we meet again!

Desiree Duncan

July 12, 2018

Lorin had a good soul. You could see it in his eyes and hear it in his laugh. He was our rock, in an office full of women, he gave us that barrier we needed to get through our days. I have so many great memories of him as I expect most of us do. I'll always remember his "mom ears" because I swear he could hear our conversations from yards away even if we had jet engines in the background. He had a life story about any situation and although now that I think about them, it's as if I took some of those life lessons for granted and wish I could have dug a little deeper and known him just a little more. He has done it all, from teaching bratty teens to selling cars or insurance, he was fun to listen to. He would always start the story with "I'll tell you how I know that" and we'd roll our eyes at him and give him our, "Oh Lorin." I'm gonna miss saying it as much as I'll miss hearing it. No matter what he did in the past, I know deep in my heart that Lorin loved working at Smith Plastic Surgery. He loved us and he loved his brother. He was proud of every inch of our current building because he "built that" and he put his blood, sweat and tears into the new building. He must have been teased with "April 15th" a billion times and that date will stick with me the rest of my days. It will always be our inside joke and I hope it brings a smile to our faces when we hear it in the future. I spent many hours sitting and learning from him whether it was about the office or my personal life. We would give each other advice and confide in each other because that's what family does. We listen, we grow, we fight, we make up, we celebrate successes together and grieve loses together. He had an army of people who will now miss him every day and pray that he is up there looking down on us and giving us that cheesy grin he did so well. I am so blessed to have known him and worked with him. I'll miss you forever Lorin.

Benjamin Girardin

July 11, 2018

Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that we at 10 Nine Design Group feel for the passing of Lorin, but please accept our condolences and we will be sure to include him and his family in our daily prayers.

Larry Manson

July 11, 2018

Loren was our neighbor and we will always have fond memories of him and our thoughts and prayers are with all of his family and friends.