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Rose Palazzolo

July 15, 1927May 22, 2020
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Rose Palazzolo, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother, left us to join her husband, two sons, and hundreds of family and friends that passed before her. A real life Wonder Woman, her strength was only matched by her enormous heart and love for her family and community.

A little on her life: Leaving her extended family in Michigan, Rose moved to California in 1958 with her husband Chris and five of her seven children, Joe, Angie, Barney, Chris Jr. and Robert. She adjusted well to her new life in San Diego by keeping herself busy by raising a big family and later adding two more children, Mary and John. Rose devoted herself to taking care of the needs of her son Barney, who had muscular dystrophy, and Chris Sr. who suffered back injuries and several heart attacks, eventually disabling him. As the years passed, she eventually lost her husband and her two sons, Barney and Joe. Each loss devastating her, but she found the strength to continue with life through her faith and the love and support of her family and friends. Her life was filled with adventures as she travelled to Italy where she enjoyed visiting Lourdes, Rome, as well as other cities, to Michigan to see her brother and family, to Texas to see her son Robert and daughter Mary and their families, to Las Vegas to see her grandson Robert and play the slots machines. She watched her family grow as more grandchildren and great grandchildren blessed her world. She was her happiest when she was together with her family.

Rose spent a lifetime in service of others. She was a Sheriff Senior Volunteer, Mrs. Spring Valley, and every year during Christmas and Easter she’d organize donations from local businesses to make gift baskets and stockings filled with food and supplies for people in need. She’d even deliver them dressed as Mrs. Claus. She would also go from business to business with that big smile of hers, collecting raffle donations for church functions. She was a master fundraiser and would donate her baked goods to church festivals in order to raise money. Her signature pastry was her famous Pineapple upside down cake which once brought in a $500 donation. Rose also belonged to charitable organizations such as, Catholic Daughters of America, Ladies of Columbus, the Italian Catholic Federation. She was dedicated and proud to be a part of these organizations in order to help her community and those in need. Rose loved to dress up as a clown and visit convalescent homes for the elderly as well as homes for mentally and physically disabled. She would gather up dozens of stuffed animals and go to each person, talk with them and hand them a toy. She gained so much enjoyment watching the smile on the faces of these kids making them so happy. Rose also gathered goodies in bags delivering them to the children afflicted with cancer at one of the summer camps. These are just a few examples of her generosity and decades of volunteer work.

She was also a devout Catholic and as a daily routine she’d sit quietly in the morning and at night, saying specific prayers for her family and friends. Rose learned the art of making Rosaries, which she loved to do. She made hundreds of various types and colors, including the special black rosary which are given to our service members and first responders. She would give them to anyone that would take one, Catholic or not, in order to share her love and faith.

If you spent a minute with Rose she left a lasting impression and for someone so short, you always knew she was in the room. She was funny, loud, quirky, quick-witted, tough as a rock, yet tender and caring. Made of that good Sicilian stock, her kitchen was her kingdom and everyone had a favorite dish she’d surprise you with when you visited her. You always left her home overfed and on a sugar high with a car trunk full of leftovers (not an exaggeration).

Few have achieved her expert level of love, hope, selflessness and generosity. We should hope to draw inspiration and strength from her and her examples. By trying to live by her values and helping to spread them as she did, we will keep her close to us. But one thing is for sure, this world will be a lot less colorful without our Rose.

Rose will be deeply missed by by her children, Angie (Gary), Christopher Jr., Robert (Denise), Mary (David) John (Annette) and Janet (Joseph-Deceased). Your grandchildren, Chris (Stephanie), Tony (Malia), Robert, Joey (Laura), Julie (Pete), Jared (Bryce), Rosie (Jesse), Theresa (Jeff), Christie, David (Marisa), Johnny (Ashley), Chet (Courtney), Camryn (Cameron), Courtney (Matt), Mike, Angie, Dominic, Damion, Clarissa (Will), Your great-grandchildren, Anthony, Logan, Zoey Rose, Owen, Dillon, Lucas, Salvatore, Eliana, Joseph, Evan, Finley, Piper, Arabella, Emily, Harper, Alexa, Jenna, Ava, Sabrina, Angelo, Jared Jr, Jayce, Hunter, Charolette, Frankie, Ava, all that know you.


  • Angie Haigh, Daughter
  • Gary Haigh, Son-in-law
  • Christopher Palazzolo, Jr., Son
  • Robert Palazzolo, Son
  • Denise Palazzolo, Daughter-in-law
  • Mary Rubio, Daughter
  • David Rubio, Son-in-law
  • John Palazzolo, Son
  • Annette Palazzolo, Daughter-in-law
  • Janet Palazzolo, Daughter
  • Chris Hamilton, Grandson
  • Stephanie Hamilton, Granddaughter-in-law
  • Tony Hamilton, Grandson
  • Malia Hamilton, Granddaughter-in-law
  • Robert Hamilton, Grandson
  • Joey Palazzolo, Grandson
  • Laura Palazzolo, Granddaughter-in-law
  • Julie Lupo, Granddaughter
  • Pete Lupo, Grandson-in-law
  • Jared Palazzolo, Grandson
  • Bryce Palazzolo, Granddaughter-in-law
  • Rosie Thompson, Granddaughter
  • Jesse Thompson, Grandson-in-law
  • Theresa Boyd, Granddaughter
  • Jeff Boyd, Grandson-in-law
  • Christie Edwards, Granddaughter
  • David Astuto, Grandson
  • Marisa Astuto, Granddaughter-in-law
  • Johnny Palazzolo, Grandson
  • Ashley Palazzolo, Granddaughter-in-law
  • Chet Haigh, Grandson
  • Courtney Haigh, Granddaughter-in-law
  • Camryn Haigh, Granddaughter
  • Cameron Haigh, Grandson-in-law
  • Courtney Sinnott, Granddaughter
  • Matt Sinnott, Grandson-in-law
  • Mike Hilding, Grandson
  • Angie Bruff, Granddaughter
  • Dominic Bloemendaal, Grandson
  • Damien Bloemendaal, Grandson
  • Clarissa Siles, Granddaughter
  • Will Siles, Grandson-in-law
  • Anthony Hamilton, Great Grandson
  • Logan Hamilton, Great Grandson
  • Zoey Rose Hamilton, Great Granddaughter
  • Owen Hamilton, Great Grandson
  • Dillon Hamilton, Great Grandson
  • Lucas Hamilton, Great Grandson
  • Salvatore Lupo, Great Grandson
  • Eliana Lupo, Great Granddaughter
  • Joseph Lupo, Great Grandson
  • Evan Boyd, Great Grandson
  • Finley Boyd, Great Grandson
  • Piper Boyd, Great Granddaughter
  • Arabella Edwards, Great Granddaughter
  • Emily Edwards, Great Granddaughter
  • Harper Thompson, Great Granddaughter
  • Alexa Thompson, Great Granddaughter
  • Jenna Palazzolo, Great Granddaughter
  • Ava Palazzolo, Great Granddaughter
  • Sabrina Palazzolo, Great Granddaughter
  • Angelo Palazzolo, Great Grandson
  • Jared Palazzolo, Jr., Great Grandson
  • Jayce Palazzolo, Great Grandson
  • Hunter Sinnott, Great Grandson
  • Charolette Sinnott, Great Granddaughter
  • Frankie Angeles, Great Grandson
  • Ava Siles, Great Granddaughter

  • Christopher Palazzolo, Jr.
  • Christopher Hamilton
  • Anthony Hamilton
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Joseph Palazzolo, Jr.
  • Jared Palazzolo
  • John Palazzolo, Jr.
  • David Astudo


  • Visitation

    Thursday, June 18, 2020

  • Rosary

    Thursday, June 18, 2020


  • Funeral Mass

    Friday, June 19, 2020


  • Graveside Service

    Friday, June 19, 2020



Rose Palazzolo

have a memory or condolence to add?

Denise Palazzolo

June 19, 2020

June 19, 1982; we became family. My Mother-in-law was a good lady & I miss her & love her :)

Toni and Tim Smith

June 18, 2020

Rose was a loving person. Most of the time she contacted me to see how
I was doing. She really cared about everyone.

Cameron Collins

June 17, 2020

Hello, I am Camryn Haigh's fiancé. I only met Rose over the phone and she was so sweet to me. She expressed how much she loved Camryn and how she prays continually for her, and how she would pray for our marriage. I could tell Rose had a very loving soul and I pray for her family through this. I'm glad I got the chance to speak to her before she passed!

Cyril Thomas

June 17, 2020

One day, Angie told me, Cyril I would like you to come to our house and take part of our family tradition. That day profoundly impacted my life. As my hands were deep in flour and dough, trying to make the perfect Italian cookies, Rose and Angie decided to tie a headscarf under my chin. From that day on, my name was no longer Cyril, but for both of them I was rechristened “Babuska”. Rose, I know you are in peace but that does not mean you need to rest. Continue bringing joy by making more of thoses amazing cookies that brought so much delight to everyone around you. Keep on this mesmerizing smile as you have done for many years during difficult or blessing times. Rose, I won’t miss you as your legacy continues to be present in the hearts of everyone who was blessed enough to have known you. This is a new chapter in your life. God will shower you with all his love as you have so generously done for your family, friends, community and me.

Gail McIntyre

June 11, 2020

I extend my deepest sympathy to the Palazzolo family.
I have never met Rose, but so enjoyed reading about her amazing and inspiring life. What a gal!
I did have the pleasure of meeting her son Chris through my daughter and son-in-law Suzy and Dave Morgan when he lived in Monterey many years ago.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Teresa (Palazzolo) Boyd

June 1, 2020

There are WAY to many memories to share, which makes it hard to pin-point just a few...that’s a good thing 💞
Grandma loved everyone one she would meet and everyone loved her. She was not only active in the community, but in her grandkids lives as well. Everyone knew Grandma. I mean EVERYONE. From her community, to the church, to the children’s hospital, our school, to the police department; everyone knew Rose Palazzolo.
The moment she’s step foot on school property, the kids would swarm her! “Grandma Palazzolo is here and she’s got CANDY!” Lol.☺️That’s how I would find out that she was there. She would always make sure she’d have something “extra special” for me and my sisters after the crowd died down. It was usually one of those candies wrapped in the strawberry wrapper or a caramel 😆 But we always loved her random school drop byes.
She would make rosaries for anyone who wanted or needed them. She’d even make them for the kids making their First Holy Communion. I would sit with her from time to time when I was a kid while she made them, and she’d teach me how and how to tie the knot the correct way.
She gave me the last one she made a few years back and I still carry it with me❤️
Grandma was not the person to challenge ANYTHING to...because she would do it in a blink of an eye or before you could even think of your first move☺️
We went to Vegas for my 21st birthday and to also celebrate Grandmas birthday as well. We came across a Jell-O shot counter and everyone who was with us had their Jell-O shot lined up to take them at the same time. I looked over at Grandma to ask her if she’d ever had one before and that we dare her. Before I even got two words out of my mouth, that women already finished it and asked what we were waiting for?!🙈...she had 5 before we even finish our 2nd😆
She was something else and truly one-of-a-kind. She was a Spunky Lady with a heart full of love, a smile on her face and a laugh like no other.
We’ll miss you Grandma❤️