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Brandon Paul Crafts

Passed away on May 8, 2020

Brandon Paul Crafts, 39, passed away of a heart attack at his home in Durham, North Carolina on May 8th, 2020.

He was born in Brunswick, ME on June 29th, 1980 to Paul and Sylvia Crafts. Brandon Graduated from Lisbon High School in 1998 and started his lifelong mission of playing music, working on computers, and bringing weirdness to the general public. He was employed at PS Salon & Spa as their Vice President of Technology for 9 years. The people at the company were another family to Brandon and he was very proud of all of the work done during his time there. Brandon was a drummer by nature and a exhibitionist at heart. He was happiest when he was on the stage or being the center of attention (although he would never admit that). He enjoyed adventure, laughter, and squeezing the maximum out of life. Brandon had the incredible gift of living his life the way he wanted to. He found the time to enjoy the people, places and things that made him happy - regardless of what people thought of him and, in some cases, what the consequences meant.

He enjoyed going to festivals. During one month it might be a heavy metal music festival in New Jersey and the next he was off to Louisville for Lebowski Fest, a festival to celebrate the movie The Big Lebowski. Much like every other aspect of his life, he relished these gatherings, often getting pictures taken with other festival goers, celebrities, and his family and friends who were lucky enough to be with him.

He touched so many people. There is no way a list could be created of the folks Brandon impacted in his short life. However, those people know who they are. Brandon was there for those he loved and made the fact known on a regular basis.

He was predeceased by his father, Paul Crafts and his aunt Sheila Walton. He is survived by his mother, Sylvia Crafts of Lisbon Falls, his brother Travis Crafts and his wife Kelly Crafts of Durham, his aunt Meredith Michaelis and her partner Bob Kelly of Auburn, his Uncle Charles Walton of Auburn, his cousin Michael Michaelis, his wife Jennifer Michaelis and their children of Auburn, his other brother Tyson Curtis of Richmond and his special lady friend and accessory to mischief, Charlee Halphen of Durham, North Carolina.

A celebration of life that will shake the Earth and remind people what it means to be truly alive will occur as soon as the pandemic allows.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made at https://alzfdn.org/support-us/donate/ to help support those with Alzheimer’s disease in their lives, in Brandon’s memory.

If there is a lesson to be learned from Brandon’s life it is this - live your life. Not someone else's life, not the life someone else thinks you should live...live your life and march to the beat of your own drum.


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Brandon Paul Crafts

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Steven Grove

May 24, 2020

Brandon and I met in 2002 from an ad that said “Drummer available. Tool, Pink Floyd. No Cobains.” During our first rehearsal at one point he asks, “Do you know any Slayer?” and we proceeded to play Raining Blood, which we would return to frequently playing in bands over the years. One of the last text messages I have from him was, “just woke to Raining Blood as the alarm.”

We had some great and memorable times over the years, many I hope to share with you all in a celebration of his life some day. I considered Brandon one of my closest friends, I loved him like a brother and I would have been there for anything he ever needed, even if he stubbornly wouldn't have asked.

When Brandon was coming to visit NC from Cleveland a few years ago I expected him to stay with me for a night or two, but on the day of his arrival he stopped responding to my texts. Disappointed, I drove home from work and as I pulled into my driveway and my garage door opened I see an exposed leg subsequently revealing Brandon, dressed in a Cleopatra costume, with his leg sticking out a slit in the dress. I’m sure laughs and jokes were as abundant then as they were nearly every time we let loose together.

This was difficult my friend, I do wish you didn’t have to go so soon. I looked forward to every time we were together, I know we all did. You were certainly a unique individual and I feel fortunate to have called you a friend. I’m thankful for the impact you made on my life, my brothers, and many of my friends lives. I’ll miss your random check ins, “How ya doin’ out there?” I’ll miss your pragmatic advice and being able to rely on you to give me your honest opinion. I’ll miss that laugh and the sly way you would pitch ideas to me behind a cigarette.

I hope you rest easy my brother. I hope you are sharing a laugh with Bill Hicks, an adventure with Hunter S. Thompson, or discussing Cthulhu with Lovecraft.

So long my dear friend, until whatever happens next...

Christie Cermak

May 20, 2020

Brandon, thanks for making me feel like I was a good friend. You will be missed. The most unique friend I think I ever had. Christie

Sue Ramsay

May 19, 2020

Dear Sylvia and Travis,
I was so fortunate to have Brandon as a student when he was in fifth grade. From day 1 he impressed me. His confidence, intelligence, easy going nature, willingness to help, and skill with computers were all skills that stood out at that young age. He was constantly trying to fix problems we had with the one antique apple computer we shared with the other classrooms!

Little did I know that his computer knowledge would rescue me repeatedly again when he was in high school! How many times did you catch him in the hall while the kids were changing classes, Sylvia, because we managed to get into some computer disaster in the Adult Ed Office? There was no such thing as an IT department in the schools, then, but we were lucky because Brandon always rescued us!

I always admired his courage. He never hesitated to participate in the Dinner Mystery Theater productions, or to work for GWI when the internet was just starting to take off. I don’t think he hesitated at all to move to Atlanta to take a tech job shortly after graduating from high school. His “can do” attitude kicked in, and away he went!

Brandon lived his to the fullest, and was never afraid to take on challenges. I thank God that Brandon touched my life.

Kyle Cottle

May 19, 2020

I enjoyed the time we shared together livin it up at Lebowski Fest. Brandon was a good Dude. My heart goes out to his family and special lady friend Charlee.

peggy rhein

May 18, 2020

I worked with Brandon for years at PS. I loved this guy! He was so darn funny & intelligent. I loved talking music with him. One of my best memories of Brandon was the fun we all had in Nashville at a Leading Age Conference with PS. He was always the life of the party after conference. During work, if we would call Brandon about tech issues we were having , his reply would be "go to settings" if that didn't fix it then he would start to explain other possibilities in words I did not understand :) . He would always dummy it down for me so I could grasp what he was saying. Brandon Crafts was one of the Good Guys and the footprint he left on PS will live on forever!

steve holl

May 18, 2020

The countless hours shared in a band together create a deep and complex relationship. So many stories, amazing times, and bonds over oddities found in the corners of life. There is a treasure trove—thank you Brandon, for the embers will still glow.

But what I have been thinking a lot about this last week is a generic memory of some those special moments—between those basement walls where our band practiced. Ever critical of performing, once in a while their would be perfect synchronicity, vibes overflowing, the perfect moment. We would finish the song, and you would jump up from the drum throne and shout ‘F@#$ yeah!’ Yes, a rise from the drum throne and suddenly ‘King for a day.’ This was an infrequent moment, but the feeling we chase as musicians. And the feeling Brandon chased as he lived his live putting his passion toward areas of interest.

Okay, one more. Steve Grove is learning piano. He want to show off playing and walks over to spontaneously play and sing an Aerosmith ballad. It comes to the bridge—Brandon joins in and is singing at his max and nails the high notes and wide intervals perfectly (with precision like he practices this part in the mirror as part of his morning routine). Little did I know much of Brandon’s theatre history. It engrained him, and he chose the times to flex that muscle. Random moment of bliss, for another perfect moment.

Just miss ya, buddy.

Jude Bellas

May 18, 2020

Wherever Brandon was, my son, Adam was most likely with him. They played, laughed, worked and often did things I was better off not knowing about. Brandon was a big part of Adam’s life, therefore he was part of mine. I remember him as far back as middle school in Lisbon, to high school and beyond. My fondest memory is when Adam, Brandon and friends made “Mountain Dew Candy” in my kitchen. His laugh was contagious as was his love. He was loved by many and will be missed by all who knew him. R.I.P. and take the stage up there.

Jocelyn Gray

May 18, 2020

Brandon was a special person and sopprted my family in multiple ways. I was the annoying little sister he and Travis never had and I will always have the memory of being awed by his singing in high school chorus

Erin Stevens

May 18, 2020

He was an amazing guy. He was a great class president. If he wanted something, he got it done.

Jeanne Comeau

May 16, 2020

Like a Transformer, Brandon Crafts was "more than meets the eye". He had many layers. He made me feel special and important. I could say anything to him without judgment. He is missed already. I didn't get to see him everytime he was in Maine, the last time was about 3 years ago,but we talked often and text each other more. Hanging with him was easy, his personality drew people in, fun and carefree. His intelligence intimidated me, he knew it, and he laughed at it. He was real, he didn't sugar coat things. I take comfort in rereading our messages and remembering who he was. I know he wouldn't tears.


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