Ronald Papa Ron S. Nowicki "Papa Ron"

June 14, 1939May 4, 2013

Ronald S. Nowicki “Papa Ron” Age 73 May 4, 2013 Ronald was the loving husband of Rosemary. He was predeceased by his daughter Laura and is survived by his children; Kevin (Patty), Paul (Robin), Jim (Mary), Jennifer (Mark), Ronnie (Donna), Colleen (Denny) and 16 grandchildren; Danny, Megan, Michael, Adam, Molly, Felicia, Rachel, Caitlyn, Maria, Jamie, Mitchell, David, Kelsie, Andrew, Danielle and Caroline.

Ron and Rosemary were married for over 53 years. He retired as a Sergeant from the Detroit Police Dept after 27 years of service and a recipient of the Purple Heart. He served his country as a Sailor in the US Navy from 1956-1960.

Papa Ron treasured his family. He gave them their roots and their wings. He taught them how to love, honor and respect each other and to have no regrets. Ron was a man of utmost integrity, loyalty and faith. He enjoyed a great game of golf, fun at the casino, playing cards, backgammon and vacationing in Virginia Beach with his entire family. Ron loved a good political debate.

He is loved and will be remembered by all who knew him.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the charity of your choice.

Visitation will take place at Harry J. Will Funeral Home, 37000 Six Mile Rd. Livonia, MI on Mon, May 6, 2-9 pm with a rosary at 7pm. Mass at St. Mary’s of Redford on Tues. May 7, 11am, in state at 10am. For more information go to


  • Visitation Monday, May 6, 2013
  • Rosary Monday, May 6, 2013
  • In State Tuesday, May 7, 2013
  • Mass Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ronald Papa Ron S. Nowicki "Papa Ron"

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Colleen Roland

March 14, 2014

So many years we have shared,
since my first trip home,
to my first day of school,
the first time I threw a ball,
and the first time I caught it,
the times I was scared,
the times I was happy,
these times you were there,
these times we shared.
So many years, side by side,
the times I followed you,
the times you followed me,
the times when we walked,
Hand in Hand,
One by One,
Side by Side.
So many years in my heart,
you were a part
of the life I lived,
you were a part,
forever in my heart!
All my love,

Colleen Roland

March 14, 2014

Just by us all thinking that we are each dad's favorite, goes to show you how much love he had for each of us. In showing us that unconditional love by his words and actions, he was able to lead us all to believe we were the best and his favorite.
He made us all feel so important, which led to raising a wonderful group of people.
We are a very close knit family.
We tell each other how much we love one another.
We give each other hugs and kisses and always have.
I remember asking my mom once why we would give everyone kisses every morning before we left for school and work. I realized that not everyone does this and it wasn't necessarily normal. She said because dad was a police officer and we never knew if he would return home that evening.
Well, you never know.
So, as you leave here today, remember that.
Tell the people you love that you love them.
Give them a hug and a kiss.
Today, I say goodbye to the greatest man I have ever known.
Dad, you worked hard and I applaud you on a job well done!
Dad, I love you with all my heart!
Until we meet again...xoxo

Ron Nowicki

March 14, 2014

As a Dad- he was strict, but fair. Dad would help me with my problems and sometimes make me figure them out for myself. Dad was always there for me and the rest of the family, but never forced us to be someone we weren't. A lot of my family and friends say I am just like my dad. I have to be on time or even 15 minutes early. I have to have the house straightened and the laundry done. Dad liked things done a certain way..."his way", a trait that has definitely been passed on to me.
I believe he raised us all to succeed in life and be your own person. If I have to be like someone, my dad is the man I want to be!
As a friend- I remember becoming friends with my dad. It was after high school and I realized the advice he had been giving me all of my younger years had been right all this time! As friends, you have secrets and promises. My secrets will stay ours, but one of the promises he made me make, was to take care of Mom! As most friends do, we shared so many great times together- golfing, playing cards, or talking on the phone pretty much every day. We could hang out and just watch TV, sharing a beer or maybe two, as friends tend to do! I am truly going to miss my Dad- My Best Friend!

Jennifer Guadagni

March 14, 2014

Seeing you all gathered here today is a wonderful celebration of my dad's life and what a life he had!
There is so much to share about my dad, but not without including my mom. They were the love of eachother's lives and because of their love, they created our amazing family.
They taught us by example. They instilled in us morals and values and how to be the best we could be!
I was definitely my dad's favorite. He called me his "Yonena," which is Jenny in Polish. He was very much involved with my sports through school. I could always hear his deep, bellowing voice cheering for me from the stands at basketball games. I am pretty sure Mom had to sshhh him a few times. He also coached my softball team. All my friends loved him and often commented on how good looking he was.
My dad joked about Mark calling him when he and mom were 3000 miles away in California to ask permission to marry me. He not only approved and gave his blessing to our marriage, but they became great friends- spending many hours sipping vodka and playing a competitive game of gin.
Even though we lived in Ohio most of Felicia and Mitchell's lives, my dad was always involved and interested in what they were doing. He made them feel special as if he was just around the corner.
His strong, deep voice was intimidating to some, but he was the most gentle, sensitive man with a heart of gold! Family was everything to him...
He showed incredible strength and faith until the end. He was my hero!! He had his family with him and we will always remember all that he taught us and we are comforted and assured of his everlasting LIfe with Christ...
Love you forever!

Paul Nowicki

March 14, 2014

My dad was larger than childhood memories of him wearing his police uniform; riding up on the Harley Davidson motorcycle, in leathers and helmet, wearing his 38 caliber...gave me the feeling that he was invincible, he was our protector- he was the Law and he was my dad.
As a kid, I was proud of my dad and a little scared too. Dad was a strict disciplinarian. He had that deep voice and when I did something stupid, he would say with his deep, booming voice..."Paul David- what in the hell are you celebrating"
I remember thinking, "Oh, I don't know...My birthday, I guess..." He gave me that look and I knew.
Over the years, with mom's influence and more children, dad mellowed. After years of giving Kevin and I crew cuts in the garage, he let us grow our hair long. Even dad grew his hair. By the 70's, dad was rocking a fro and a leisure suit with a mustache and sideburns.
When I think of my father, what comes to mind is his strength and his stubborn nature. Dad was a physically strong guy. He always jumped up to help, carry bags, do the heavy lift. So, 8 years ago when Robin, Adam, David and I visited, it stood out that Dad didn't run out to the car and grab the bags.
The boys were so excited to play poker with Papa and within a few minutes, Dad, the boys, and I were playing cards. Of course Dad won, you know his philosophy when playing to win...
He leaned back in the chair and passed out. The boys had thoughts he was pretending to be asleep, but Dad was having a heart attack. When I pulled Dad to the floor to pump his chest and perform CPR, what was going through my head is "don't you dare die on my watch." Dad survived the heart attack and the bypass surgery. He was a fighter. He had told me that he wanted 10 more years. He got close. He got eight.
I am so grateful that we had the extra eight years. They were a gift. He was a great father, grandfather, husband, and friend. We are all fortunate to have shared our lives with him and he will be greatly missed.

Kevin Nowicki

July 13, 2013

My Dad—A Labor of Love

My Dad wrote his autobiography. Some of you have read it and others are familiar with the stories he wrote about and of course the life he lived. It should be coming to bookstores soon. He called it a Labor of Love. And that title really summarizes his life. It was a Labor of Love. As we all know, sometimes Love is not always easy—you have to work at it—and it can be hard work. But as My Dad used to say—things are worthwhile only if you have to work at it.

My Dad expressed his love in many ways—and one way he did so was by making sure we followed the rules—especially his rules. That could be hard at times—and some of us rebelled in various ways—some of us more than others. But my Dad was able to teach us to internalize the importance of following the rules—and doing the right thing. He was a man of integrity—and I admired him for that integrity.

I think that was one reason he loved the game of golf so much. It is a game which has many, many rules—and they are rules that the individual golfer is expected to follow. You might be tempted not to count all of those swings—or that putt that lips out—but my Dad always followed the rules. He always counted his strokes. He even counted my strokes. Some of our best times together were on the golf course.

Some have remarked that My Dad—who is also known to many as Papa Ron--may have mellowed a bit over the years—and I think he did—for which I must give a special thank you to my Mom. Of course in some areas he remained very strict—as you learned very quickly if you were unfortunate enough to renege in a euchre or pinochle game—especially if you were his partner.

Family was very important to my Dad and he instilled in each of us an understanding of the importance of family. Many people can talk about the importance of family—but my Dad lived his life dedicated to his family. He made sacrifices for each of us because that was the right thing to do. He took care of his family in so many ways. Growing up we celebrated every holiday, every birthday, every important event together as a family. We had dinner together every night, during which he would ask about our day—what happened at school, what was going after school. Some of us might not have been as responsive, particularly in our teenage years, but he still expected that we eat together as a family. And that is a lesson that we have tried to continue in our own families.

From his early years—he went off to the seminary for high school—and then realized that he did not want to become a priest because he wanted a family. He then joined the Navy—right after his 17th birthday—to see the world. Instead of seeing the world-- he ended up writing letters to my Mom almost every day—and hitchhiking home on weekends to see her. As he said, he joined the Navy to see the world and started his career in the Navy by viewing the Pennsylvania and Ohio turnpikes.

My Dad started his career as a policeman in 1961. My best memories were his years as a motorcycle cop—with the dark uniforms, mirrored sunglasses and jack boots. He would pick me up from school when I was in 4th or 5th grade—sat me on the gas tank of his 1200 cc Harley—no helmet of course—and off we went. We watched him on field day—doing amazing things on a motorcycle—x crossings at 50 mph. As a traffic cop he also liked to pull people over, especially his children—for a traffic stop. Luckily he let me off with a warning. Once he even pulled over my Grandma Hummer—she was not so amused at the time—but they had a good laugh later.

Some of my best memories are of our family vacations. One of our more memorable trips was when we rented a 20 foot motorhome. Imagine driving down to Disneyworld in Florida with 6 kids—with side trip on the way back to Gatlinburg. Especially fun was the harrowing ride over the 2 lane mountain pass after my dad made a wrong turn to get out of Indian territory in Tennessee. After that trip we started the annual vacations to Virginia Beach at the Colony. Hot sunny days, playing backgammon or cribbage with Dad, long walks along the beach, a great game of golf, visits to the dollar store, the pier, crablegs for dinner and then maybe a game of horse collar to finish the night. And then last summer, the Manistee trip. Mom and Dad nice and cozy in the love shack and long days lounging on Lake Michigan with the family. Many many happy memories.

As he grew older, I think my dad might have become more conservative—or as he would say he just became wiser. I think he is still hoping that some of that wisdom will be transferred to his more liberal sons—and that would be Paul and myself—not RJ of course—who is already the wise one.
And my Dad especially loved to debate political issues. I always knew he was feeling better after we had some more heated discussions. My dad was a very intelligent and insightful man. He even extended his political debate to his grandkids—including Michael and Adam. We will all certainly miss those emails that he circulated discussing some of the issues of the day—or poking fun at some of the people in Washington.

My Dad---Papa Ron---We have all been truly blessed. There was a plaque in our kitchen that said there were 2 things to give our children.
Our roots and our wings. Thank you Dad—you gave us both and so many other things.

I miss you

Butch Thornton

May 29, 2013

To the Nowicki Family, I'm praying for you! Your DAD was a strong man full of great insight and Love. I appreciated him as he supported me as one of the coaches of St. Mary's, he will and you will remain in my thoughts,always !

Patty Nowicki

May 26, 2013

Dear Pop, I will miss you for the rest of my life. I am so sad I did not get to be with you to say goodbye. I had two Dads. Some people never even have one. I had you a lot longer than my own Dad and I am grateful for every minute of our time together.. Thank you for including my Dad in your prayers every day. I often think I will have to take that over. Who else is going to pray the rosary for the 100 people you were praying for. Somehow I think you are in heaven still praying for us all. I will miss our talks, our coffee in the morning and our wine at night. Thank you for being such an important person in my life. Rose I know I am far away but you are in my thoughts everyday. Love, Patty


May 15, 2013

I remember the first day we met...KINDERGARTEN ROUND UP! My Dad and I had so much fun racing you and Caitlyn to school every afternoon. Who knew that one day we would become family? I sure didn't, but I am so happy we did because you are the nicest, strongest most sweetest man! May you rest in paradise, Love you bunches! ?

Delphine Tanski

May 15, 2013

We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone; for part of us
went with you the day God called you home. You left us peaceful
memories, your loved is still our guide; and though we cannot see you,
you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same but as God calls us one by one the Chain will link again.

I love you prayers are eternally with you.
God's blessings dear family.