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Vincent "Vinnie" Michael Qualls

June 14, 1993July 29, 2020

Vincent Michael Qualls affectionately called Vinnie, born 6/14/1993 - 7/29/2020, of Livonia, passed away on Wednesday July 29th.

He was preceded in death by his uncle Vincent Martyn and his great grandparents, Vince & Sarah Schieda, Charles & Virginia Martyn, and Ruth Clarke great uncle Charles Martyn.

He is survived by his mother Andrea Chisholm, his father Steven Qualls. His Siblings - Andrew Chisholm, Mikal Qualls, and Kyle Qualls. His grandparents- Billie Sue and Don Qualls, Sandra Cross, and Michael Martyn. His Aunts and Uncles- Angel and John Macchia, Michael Martyn (Diana). His great Aunts and Uncles Kay & Gary Steinhert, Norma & Bill Schaefer, Vicki & Gary Banovetz, Kay Smith, Ronnie & Susie Merritt. He was loved so much by his cousins and his extended family. Vinnie loved his family and he would do anything for them. He loved family gatherings and gave the best hugs.

Vinnie was a dog dad, he loved his German Shepard Rex dearly. Rex was his bestest buddy in the whole world and his purpose everyday. He had a birthday party for Rex every year and used to snuggle up with him on his bed or while watching TV. Vinnie worked on the Data Services team at United Shore in Pontiac and absolutely loved the company he worked for. He was so excited when he got the job there. He bonded quickly with his co-workers and spoke of them often in his day to day. He loved doing special team events , playing practical jokes on his coworkers and finding any reason to make them laugh.

Vinnie was truly at a company he felt was family to him. That isn't easy to come by and United Shore was just that to him "Family". Vinnie had a true passion for making the world a better place. He loved music, toured with his friends in his earlier days. He loved being healthy! He had his music going in his ears and he worked out. He ate healthy and promoted it to people. Vinnie loved to draw, he was an artist with his pictures and shared it by tattooing it on someone, selling prints or just for fun. He loved creating art. He loved tattoos! He loved having his or others art on display on his skin and he wore them so well. He loved nature, he recently drove from Michigan to Montana just to enjoy all the sites he could find along the way. He took pictures of Bison, Yellowstone, streams, and mountains and shared his adventures with all of us. He was always looking for where the next adventure would take him. Vinnie picked up rock climbing, after day one of going he said, I love this! and boom the next go at it was planned. He loved the freedom of the outdoors and taking in life!

He was Charismatic- When you met Vinnie you couldn't not love him! It didn't matter who you were, he was a good conversationalist and could talk to anyone about anything. He was an inspirer- He always backed up his friends and coached them through the dark times. He was a giver- Even if Vinnie was low on cash he would have given every cent he had to help someone in need. He was an enthusiast- Whatever Vinnie had an interest in he learned all there was to it and would continue trying until he perfected whatever it was he wanted to do. He was Loyal- Vinnie was the type of person who had friends in various circles and remained loyal to them always. He was a master chef- Vinnie's love of cooking was amazing he always made every dish with love, he would prep all the ingredients in little bowls and make it pretty, cook it to perfection, plate it perfectly and then send you a photo of the delicious food you wish you were eating and tell you just how good it was. He was compassionate- Vinnie had a huge heart and often wore it on his sleeve . He was a sounding board to many and tried to always help people reach their goal in whatever they were doing. He was patient- He had the patience of a saint when helping others and was always calm, cool and collected. He was a jokester- Vinnie had this way to make even the littlest thing funny. His mind was already ready for the next way to make someone laugh, even at his own expense. He loved laughter so much and just seeing people over all happy. He would put anyone before his own needs, he was truly that guy.

Vinnie had so many friends from different areas of his life. All of Vinnie's friends meant so much to him. he talked about his adventures, conversations, and more with so many Eric and Regino, Vinnie loved you like brothers. You guys celebrated so many things with one another and went from these scrawny little kids to grown males with lives and stayed in touch always. Your loyalty and friendship to each other is unmatched. His tattooed arms showing your initials because you are always "forever" to him. Charlie, Damien, Tyler- the memories you had will remain always, you made his days brighter. There are so many that were special to Vinnie and I just can't name everyone. Vinnie will always hold a special place in all of the hearts of those who have loved him.

The world will be a little dimmer without his love and light, but that light will remain in our hearts forever.

A memorial service for Vincent will be held Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 12:00 PM at Harry J Will Funeral Home, 37000 W. Six Mile Road, Livonia, Michigan 48152.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at the online guestbook for the Qualls family.


9 August

Memorial Service

12:00 pm

Harry J Will Funeral Homes

37000 W. Six Mile Road
Livonia, Michigan 48152


Vincent "Vinnie" Michael Qualls

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Andrea Chisholm

August 4, 2020

Vinnie, you were my first born, my heart. You gave me the gift of becoming a mom.  I remember singing with you in the car when you were younger and holding your hand as I drove.  The way you looked at me with such love in your eyes.  You continued to give me so many gifts through the years with your smile, your kindness, your love, and that laugh was infectious. I still hear you today yelling MOM! As I turned to look at you , you affectionately flipped me the bird.  I am so proud of the man you became.  You always but others first. You always were looking at ways to evolve and become the better version of yourself, even when life wasn't always fair.  You worked hard always, I was so proud of your work ethic.  Your sarcasm and humor no one could match, always finding ways to make others laugh.  I love your sense of adventure and thrill seeking, you and I shared that love of adrenaline, heart pounding, feel good things.  Son, as your mother it was my job to raise you and teach you things through life, but you taught me things too. You made me a better human and mother just by being you.  I will love you forever my sweet boy.  This world will be dimmer without your light and love, but my love for you will be a light and I will share it with all those I encounter.  Love, Mom

Donna Streeter

August 2, 2020

I remember your communion when Uncle Mike and I became your godparents. Such an honor and and big responsibility. Thank God your mother was there to bring you up to be the special man you turned out to be. You got your moms humor, her smarts, sense of adventure and love of life.
Even though we didn’t see each other often, my favorite time was Christmas when we sat talking, catching up on your life.

Will forever miss you
Love Aunt Donna

Loyd Rosario

August 2, 2020

When i met you, you had became roommates with 2 of my best friends. we quickly bonded over similar interests. i remember when you got rex and how excited you where. id be at the clem house ever other day and we would always chill even if it ment playing xbox until i couldn't no more. we would always go to concerts and id watch your band play or our friends play and we always had a great time no matter how rowdy it got. i remember long nights of just being idiots and just saying the most absurd things just to make each other laugh. i recently talked with vinnie about hanging out like old times and i wish we could of gotten to do that. definitely gonna miss you homie, you will alway be by our side. -Love loyd

Vickie & Gary Banovetz

August 2, 2020

Vinnie was an amazing young man. If you needed his help he was there with a smile in less than a minute. Always a kind and thoughtful person. I was so amazed with his cooking skills, what ever he tackled he excelled at. He always made me laugh, when he would play with his brother Andrew. The world was truly a better place with Vinnie in it. You will be truly missed.
We love you,
Uncle Gary, and Aunt Vickie

Steve, Sr Qualls

August 1, 2020

It is with heavy & emotional sentiments I’m feeling as I pen this tribute. Primarily, I thank God for all the minutes, hours, days & years shared with Vinnie. I planned on sharing a few moments at the memorial on 8/9/20. However physical constraints have preempted that plan.
Thus, this written tribute will have to suffice.

As a grandparent I had far more time to spend with Vinnie than my own children. And being retired for most of Vinnie’s short life resulted in a natural progression to enjoy that time with Vinnie. I was able to witness Vinnie’s ups & downs, both happiness & disappointments My wife loved taking care of Vinnie & he was “the light of her life”. We attended all the major transitional events in his life.

In a utopian world we each grow-up with both parents present. However, as with many of us, that was not true. Which necessitates grandparents playing a more active role. I’ll always remember his graduation from high school, his first job, his leaving home to experience the “cold cruel world” and all its demands. Vinnie was always grateful for the role we played as grandparents. He knew that we were there for him.

Vinnie loved “MMA” & I would order pay-for-view & it was popcorn & much excitement!!
Vinnie never failed to call us every week . He would always say “ how you doing old man.” Or
“ how you doing old goat”. That was his secret code for “greatest of all time”. He loved traveling to national parks & always sent photos of Gods great creation. One time he sent me a photo of an old mountain goat on its last leg,walking feebly, with head hung down
And the caption “ from one old goat to another”. Vinnie’s passing will leave a huge vacuum in our lives. However, we have the great hope of seeing him again at his new address!! I conclude with the great scripture in 1st Corinthians 15:55 “ Where O death is your victory, Where O death is your sting? “
🙏 Rest in peace Grandson 🙏 💑

Samantha Endicott

August 1, 2020

Yvonne Steinert

August 1, 2020

Vinnie was one of the sweetest boys growing up. He had an amazing laugh and smile. I loved holding him as a baby, which was not always easy because my sister Billie Sue his grandma rarely let anyone but her hold him. I remember one day walking into her house and she was setting on the floor with a pot on her head and Vinnie was beating on the pot with a metal spoon. When I asked what she was doing, she smiled and said this is what Vinnie likes to do. He loved family very much, and will be missed so much. Love you Vinnie♥️

Gabrielle Navarro

August 1, 2020

vinnie is the type of person that ppl look up to. his talent, drive, and loving nature is clearly something that everyone admires about him. he’s going to be missed by so so so many...... until we meet again, in a better place. 🤍

Kendra Kirk

July 31, 2020

I can’t believe such an amazing man is no longer in this parallel of existence...
Vinnie was such an amazing soul, an incredibly beautiful being. This saddens me beyond belief.
You were such a loving and caring friend and we’re always there for me in times that no one else was... and I could never repay you for the impact you’ve had on my existence and my being.
You are forever loved, and will be eternally missed.
Rest easy my friend🥀🖤

Christina Mathe

July 30, 2020

I met Vinnie while we were both teenagers who were eager to be around music. We both got hired into a local agency together, started working on shows together, and eventually managed our first band (Smile and Anchors) together. I saw him every single weekend for about five years straight and those were the best weekends of my teenage years. We were always at music events. I cannot recall having a bad experience around Vinnie ever, and if anyone was ever in a bad mood he ALWAYS did something funny to lighten the load. I’m very thankful to have grown up with him, and to have experienced getting to understand how the music business works with him. It made everything a lot easier knowing Vinnie had my back. Vinnie forever. ❤️


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