Clara Szego Roberts

March 23, 1916December 6, 2017

Arrangements under the direction of Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memoria, Los Angeles, CA.


Clara Szego Roberts

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Lee Friedman

April 19, 2020

Some teachers you just never forget. Here I am now, looking back at having graduated UCLA with my Bachelor degree in Biology in 1984. And the name I've never been able to forget is yours, Dr. Szego.

I took a shot in the dark and wrote an email to you in 2008. It would have been a week before your 92nd birthday. I did not get a response - but I sent it to your UCLA email so perhaps it never got to you. In any case, I'll share it here because it says it all.

Dear Dr. Szego:

You may not remember me- in fact I wouldn't expect you to. My name is Stuart Lee Friedman - you knew me as Lee (middle name) - and I took a couple of your courses in endocrinology back in 1983-4 or there-about. I was absolutely thrilled that you invited me to join your graduate seminar on contemporary topics in endocrinology (I was an undergrad at the time).

What I REALLY remember was your terrific teaching style - all of us moving our little desks in a circle and having very engaging conversations about many of the current ideas in endocrinology. I remember your teaching style was to cast yourself more as a peer than a lecturer, and the free-flow of ideas was fascinating to all of us - including yourself. You were among that rare breed of teachers who learned much from their students. I remember your office door was plastered with cuttings from envelopes addressed to many creative variations of your name's spelling.

I have now been a doctor after a previous career as a pilot. Veterinary medicine is certainly fulfilling and I believe I was born to do this. It is the work of my heart. There are a handful of teachers who I remember well, who are with me when I think through a difficult case, and who help me bring healing to my patients and their owners every day. I imagine I am not the only one of your students who carries you in their heart and in their best memories of school.

I hope you are well, and I extend my best wishes to you.

Lee Friedman
Bachelor of Science 1984