Harold Edward Howard

December 10, 1945March 11, 2018

Harold E. Howard, 72, died peacefully on Sunday, March 11, 2018, at his home in Appomattox, VA. Harold was the son of the late John Pleasant Howard and Katie Harper Bowles and was also preceded in death by two brothers, Alfred Howard and Charles Howard. He was Virginia born, which he took great pride in, and the youngest of five brothers. He was a graduate of E.C. Glass High School where he was a standout for both the football and track teams. A true patriot, Harold volunteered for service in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam era, where he served honorably with the 82nd Airborne as an NCO. Harold received a Bachelor's degree in history and Master's degree in guidance and counseling from Lynchburg College. He was a great social studies teacher, football coach, track / field coach, and powerlifter at Brookville High School during the time of Jim Whorley, Eddie Martin, John Vasvary, and Principal Paul Brewer, all of whom he greatly admired. Actions speak louder than words and Harold accomplished what he set out to do. In 1971, he became part of the interpretive program at Appomattox Historical Park portraying an ex confederate soldier. His presentations at the park were so moving and powerful that he was featured on television and asked to present to numerous groups around the country including colleges, Civil War Round Tables, and the United States Marines. In 1980, he cofounded the Lynchburg Civil War Round Table, which continues to meet monthly. As president of H.E. Howard Inc. from 1980-2002, he published the Virginia Regimental History Series and the Virginia Battles and Leaders Series, which are comprised of over 200 volumes that constitute a permanent and incomparable contribution to the history of Virginia's participation in the American Civil War. In 2003, Harold was recognized by the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate with Joint resolution No. 817 for his extraordinary efforts publishing this invaluable history and honoring the Virginia Soldier. Harold was on the sidelines for every football game and sporting event that his sons participated in, always holding a cold drink for his boys. In addition to supporting his sons in their activities, he wanted to show them the world. Through many trips, he took them to all 50 states and 16 different countries. He was a Master Gardener and enjoyed sharing his beautiful work on his property with many. He moved to Appomattox in 1995 and loved his community. He made numerous close friends, helped with the Appomattox football program, and became a fixture at his gym where he was a formidable power lifter even in his later years. Harold is survived by two sons, John E. Howard and wife Adrienne of Forest and James L. Howard of Richmond. He is also survived by two brothers, James Howard and wife Lila of Goode, John Howard and wife Margaret of Petersburg and two grandchildren, Campbell and Jed. A celebration of Harold’s life will be held at the Brookville Ruritan located at 311 Beverly Hills Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24502 on Sunday March 25th from 3:00 – 5:00. The family invites all those touched by Harold’s life to come and share in his memory. Harold was a good father, brother, publisher, historian, educator and friend to many. We will always carry the great accomplishments and good memories of Harold in our hearts.


  • John P. Howard Sr., Father
  • Katie Harper Howard, Mother
  • James Howard, Brother
  • John Howard, Brother
  • Alfred Howard, Brother
  • Charles Howard, Brother
  • John E Howard, Son
  • James Howard, Son


  • Memorial Service Sunday, March 25, 2018

Harold Edward Howard

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Doug Smith

March 25, 2018

I am so happy I got to know Mr. Howard. I was fortunate to coach both of his sons, John and James. I will never forget how he would allow me to work with them individually after practice. He was the kind of parent who supported his sons’ teams without wanting any favoritism given to his sons. Both John and James always worked to earn everything they got in football (and every other area of their lives). My friendship with Mr. Howard didn't end when his boys graduated. We stayed close because he continued to check in on me. Mr. Howard would always give me a call when he felt I needed one (which he was usually right). When I lost my dad to cancer in 2009, Mr. Howard stepped up his contacts with me as if to fill in the gap. I could call on him regularly for advice that I would normally ask my own dad. When I began teaching and coaching In Appomattox, he helped me build a support base for the team by connecting me with great people in the Appomattox community. He continued to unselfishly give his time and resources to help our football program. Rarely missing a game, Mr. Howard was not one to stand in the spotlight, but could be seen standing by the fence opposite the Bragg Stadium scoreboard, giving me “the nod” as we entered the field. I would get a call Saturday or Sunday following the game (always with supportive comments). What I think I will miss the most is having lunch with Mr. Howard every other week - just to talk - most of the time about our lives. Even though we did not agree on all issues, Mr. Howard would allow me to share my relationship with Christ with him and always gave me a respectful ear. We finished most of our meetings with a hug and an “I love you” - which was always special. My entire family (Susan, Nichole, Noelle, and Austin) and all my football players will greatly miss Mr. Howard. John and James - you will remain in my prayers continually as I believe God has placed you both on heart. God bless you and your family!

Kelly Frady

March 20, 2018

THANK YOU MR. HOWARD FOR BEING AN INSTRUCTOR & SECURITY... 🗝🗝🗝. I was 17 yrs old when I was your Student!! I am 50 yrs old now... YOU WERE FIRM, STERN, & SMILED!!! ALL THE GOOD YOU HAVE GIVEN IS RESPECTED & ADMIRED.... you INSPIRED ME!! When nobody but Paul BREWER KNEW 🌸💯🌸🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸 I♥️♥️☮️🗝🗝🗝🥀♥️♥️♥️ I AM A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY BECAUSE OF YOU!!!

William Marvel

March 19, 2018

Like the good football coach he was, Harold had a tendency to describe many of his friends and acquaintances to me in terms that suggested their potential as linesmen. One would be "John Smith, six-foot-one, 220 pounds," and another "Joe Brown, six-three, 235." Somehow I suspect he never described me to others as "Bill Marvel, five-foot-ten, 156 pounds."

He very much enjoyed stumping me over the nomenclature of Virginia vegetation, most of which was alien to me. Knowing that I cut my own firewood, and was pretty familiar with forest species in northern New England, he once asked me to identify a tree behind his house. Assuming he was serious, I pondered the bark ("the right color for a red oak, but not rough enough") and the leaves ("something like a weird maple, or sycamore"), and after a couple of minutes of my hedging he finally said "Well, let's just call it a tulip poplar and leave it at that." I had never even heard of a tulip poplar.

It looks as though the weather will prevent me from coming down to Lynchburg on Sunday. We're still having twice-weekly snowstorms, and Ellen hurt her back badly enough this winter that she still can't shovel, carry firewood, or even walk back and forth to the garage very confidently unless I keep everything clear and sanded. She insists she would be fine, and can take care of herself, but that's how she hurt her back in the first place. I will be sorry to miss the chance to see the two boys (boys, now?) he was so proud of, and the inevitable cavalcade of friends, many of whom I know only by name or physical description.

Bill Marvel

Debbie Lewis Neighbors

March 18, 2018

Mr. Howard was my favorite high school teacher! He made history and especially the civil war come alive for us. I graduated high school in 1977 and only saw Mr. Howard once since then but I will always remember him.

Mark Storm

March 17, 2018

John and James - Our thoughts and sympathies are extended to you on the death of your Dad. From The Storm Family

Mickey Crouch

March 15, 2018


Tony Mann

March 15, 2018

Sorry for your loss. I only knew him for a short time but really enjoyed talking to him. He told a story to the Appomattox Raiders football team about his life and family, my son really enjoyed it. He did a lot for the team which was really appreciated. He was just a all around good guy sure am going to miss him. Praying for the family.

Betty Baldwin

March 15, 2018

So sorry to hear of Harold's passing. He lived across the street from my parents on River Ridge Rd. for many years. He was a good neighbor to them especially after our father died and she appreciated knowing that he was across the road if she needed help.

Kelly Parnell

March 15, 2018

You have my deepest sympathy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Steve Luther

March 14, 2018

Dear John and James.. I was heartbroken to hear the loss of your dad.when John told me and how quick it was I couldn’t believe it. Your dad ALWAYS took care of us boys on away football games. He was ALWAYS there cheering us on and giving us sound advice after the games. When he would take the entire football team out to dinner he took the entire team.. we had some great steak dinners, all you can eat buffets, etc. He treated all of us equal and fair. He is honestly one person from our playing days I will never forget. RIP MR HOWARD!! Thank you for all you did for us!! John and James we will be praying for y’all and your families!!