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Patricia E Kelly

Passed away on July 13, 2020

Patricia Ellen Kelly died Monday, July 13, 2020. Patricia Kelly was a remarkable courageous woman. Pat once remarked on how her upbringing influenced her lifes’ path. “I feel very fortunate we had fabulous parents with good values that taught us to treat people right.” Born April 3,1935 inTrenton, NJ to Edward John Kelly and Mabel Cecilia Kelly, she was the youngest of four children. Pat graduated from Cathedral High School, Trenton, 1953, and earned a BS in Elementary Education at Caldwell College, 1957, and an MA at Trenton State College, 1965. Pat’s teaching career took her to Fonteret, France, and Berlin, West Germany for the Department of Defense. She taught for 35 years in the Trenton Public Schools; almost entirely in second grade.

Pat had a real zest for life and laughter. She loved her homes in Surf City, NJ and Naples, Florida, and had a knack for entertaining her wide circle of close friends. She also had a love of travel, experiencing other cultures, and meeting people around the world. She cared deeply for her dogs, and held an extra special place in her heart for her Bichon, Jean Jacque (JJ).

Pat was raised in a family of faith, and lived her life as a devout Catholic, first practicing at St. Anthony’s, Trenton, St. Francis, Brant Beach and St. Elizabeth Seton, Golden Gate, Florida. She gave wherever she saw a need; especially supportive of local artists and the Democratic Party. She lived her life by the motto “do every day.”

Predeceased by her parents Edward and Mabel, brother, Edward J. Kelly, and sisters Virginia Kelly and MaryAnn Kelly, Patricia is survived by her sister-in-law, Edy of Colorado, her nephews, Shawn (Sandi) of Australia, Dan (Elisa) of Wisconsin, Joe (Trina) of California, her nieces, Kathleen of California, and Jen (Tom Gruber) of Colorado, and 11 grand nieces and nephews.

Pat’s goddaughter, Susan Laughlin, would like to thank Margaret, Pat’s caregiver for over 15 months of unwavering care and compassion for Pat as she battled the devastating effects of diabetes. She is also appreciative for the comfort given by Angelic Hospice, and Pat’s faithful caregiver friends, Fran and Kathy Hoyer.

Special thanks to Surf City Police and Volunteer Fire Company for checking in on Pat each day. Please consider a donation so they may continue to support those in need in the community. Surf City Volunteer Fire Company 713 North Long Beach Blvd. Surf City NJ 08008.

“Lucky stars above you, Sunshine on your way, Many friends to love you, Joy in work and play, Laughter to outweigh each care, In your heart a song, And gladness waiting everywhere All your whole life long!”


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    Friday, July 17, 2020


Patricia E Kelly

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Jennifer Gruber

July 28, 2020

It makes my heart so heavy to know that I can no longer call my Aunt Pat. When we were children, it was always a treat to get a card in the mail for special occasions from Aunt Mary Ann and Aunt Pat. They never missed a birthday. What a thrill it would be to open the mailbox and see something with your name inscribed on an envelope. It made you feel so grown up. As I became older, we would write letters back and forth, which still gave me the same excitement, always wondering what kind of grand adventure they were up to. They would regale us with stories of their travels and doings. Even on those occasions when there was nothing out of the ordinary happening, Aunt Pat’s tales had an air of mystery, excitement, and humor. She was always such a wonderful storyteller. When I was older still, I would love to talk to Aunt Pat on the phone. What a magical new layer was added to these stories. There is nothing like hearing her speak about something. When I was an adult and finally able to see her in person, talking with her was absolutely the most fun. She was extremely animated and engaging; and, more likely than not, she would punctuate each recitation with her signature infectious laugh and, as Joe mentioned, “Here we go!” I can see her face and those sparkling eyes now when I think about it. I can just imagine she is now enjoying swapping tales with my dad and Aunt Mary Ann as I write. Oh the things those three will get up to.

Joe Kelly

July 19, 2020

Having grown up a couple thousand miles away from Aunt Mary Ann and Aunt Pat (in my mind, they’re forever and indelibly one) we didn’t get much face to face interaction, but that didn’t stop them from expressing their generosity. When writing letters to Aunt Pat, there was a bit of a dance that was required. Diligence was required to make sure not to drop any hints about events that were coming up, because you’d quickly receive a check to help pay for it.

I got to know Aunt Mary Ann and Aunt Pat a little better when I lived in Florida. At that time, Mary Ann and Pat started making yearly snowbird pilgrimages to Florida, and I’d make my way to wherever they were staying at the time. We covered a lot of ground in Florida - we toured Sanibel Island, Clearwater, St Pete, Disney World, St. Augustine, and Naples. They were so full of energy that they easily outpaced this 20-something college student - I recall being thankful to stop walking at the end of our sightseeing days! My feet are still recovering 20+ years later!

My most enduring memories of Aunt Pat include her sense of humor and extremely contagious laugh. There are few people whose laugh is any more enjoyable to hear, and it came from deep within, usually while she worked to get out the phrase, “Here we go! Here we go!” I never understood where it was we were going, but I was always willing to find out. I’ll miss hearing that phrase and the accompanying laughter, but I can take solace that where she has gone is truly a place worth going. Her faith was central in her life, and every decision she made was informed by it. While we will temporarily be deprived of her presence, she is now in the presence of our savior, and is reunited with her brother and sisters. I wish I could hear their laughter and celebration now, but I look forward to when I can experience it in person.

Rest well, Aunt Pat. We’ll see you again soon.

Shawn Kelly

July 17, 2020

I remember as a kid that Mary Ann and Pat always sent us books. It was always a big deal when we got a package, and we couldn’t wait to read them. They always had a terrific feel for good children’s books, and I think this was a significant part of fostering my life-long love of reading. This is something that I have passed on to my own kids, reading them many of the same books that they sent us as kids.

We miss you.


Sandra Kelly

July 15, 2020

Every year I would produce a calendar for the Kelly family and I would be often interviewing Pat and Maryann about their life and their family. I have been so fortunate to enjoy sharing these memories with both Pat and Maryann, and learning about the Kelly family history.
Pat had a delightful sense of humor - almost wicked - and always saw the funny side of things.
For a little insight, this was a bit of her life story we did for 2009:
"I had curly hair and my grandmother used to like to comb it. Later on, when I could take care of it myself, I would brush them out–of course, my hair was thick and bushy. All Ed would have to do was draw a triangle in the air–meaning that was how my hair looked–and the fight would be on. "
She was very caring and generous as all can attest. I asked her about her loves -
"I love travelling. It is finished for now. I met so many interesting, talented people. At college I was pretty practical and more concerned about my father than dating. The good ones were gone, and frankly, I felt I was better off by myself. If there was someone on the white charger, I would have been happy."
She loved many, paying for college, exceptionally generous gifts and sharing her love for travel for her nieces, nephews and God children. We all love her.
I promised Pat a long time ago that I would find out where in Ireland the Kellys came from. I have discovered a lot of things, one being that Pat's DNA is 100% Irish! That is amazing! The Kellys are from Munster / Nth Ireland+Glasgow / Ulster - but I have no exact locations. Pat will need to guide me from Heaven!
I treasure the family photos, family memorabilia and even heritage Christmas decorations she has shared with us.
We are far away now (our family lives in Australia) but I was glad I had the privilege of visiting with her in 2018. She was failing in eyesight and mobility but she was the perfect hostess... as always.
Rest in Peace, lovely Aunt Pat!