Mrs Nancy Elizabeth Camacho

April 11, 1934December 1, 2018
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Nancy Elizabeth Barron Camacho

Nancy was born on April 11, 1934 in Youngstown, Ohio. She graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio with a degree in English and later earned a Juris Doctor Degree from the Atlanta Law School. She moved to Smyrna, GA in 1967 and remained a Smyrna resident for the next 50 years. A retired government employee, she worked for several federal agencies including, NASA, DOL & EPA.

She married Fernando Camacho in 2007. The couple moved to Temple, GA where she passed away on December 1, 2018. She is preceded in death by her parents, John Alexander Stansbury and Irene Ridgely Casler, and brother John (Peggy) Stansbury. She is survived by her husband, Fernando Camacho, and her children, Irene (Sean) Eubanks of Warner Robins, GA, Robert (Heather) Barron of Temple, GA and John (Dawn) Barron of Altus, OK, 14 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren, and Fernando’s children, Evelio (Janir) Camacho of Alajeula, Costa Rica (CR), Yolanda (Gregory) Kortman of Marietta, GA, Beatriz Camacho of Guapiles, Limón, CR, Wilberth (Susana) Camacho of Turrialba, Cartago, CR, and Héctor (Kristina) Camacho of American Fork, Utah, 17 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.


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Mrs Nancy Elizabeth Camacho

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Nancy Elizabeth Stansbury Barron Camacho

Nancy was born on April 11, 1934 in Youngstown, Ohio, to parents John and Ridgely Stansbury. She had one brother, Jack, who was 16 years older. Her father was a Captain in the Navy and she spent many of her early years moving every couple of years as her father was transferred. She was a child during World War II and had memories of that time. Her father was the Captain of a refrigeration ship that delivered supplies to the U.S. troops in the South Pacific. He wrote to her faithfully during that time and kept those letters. She missed him desperately.

As Nancy grew up she became involved with music through piano and organ lessons, as well as voice lessons. She had a strong soprano voice and was a soloist in her college choir.

She graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio with a degree in English. Nancy was thrilled when she was hired by NASA to be the editor of their newsletter. Throughout her life she was fascinated by astronauts and space exploration.

While working at NASA she met her first husband, Robert Barron. Their first child was a girl, Irene. During her second pregnancy she knew that she was pregnant with twins, but her doctor did not believe her. Near the end of her pregnancy she finally convinced him to check and an x-ray revealed that she was indeed pregnant with identical twins, Johnny and Bobby.

The young family soon left Ohio and moved to Georgia, where they settled in Smyrna. As the children got a little older she decided to return to school and earned a law degree from the Atlanta Law School, graduating second in her class. She soon passed the bar exam and began her career as an attorney, where she had trouble earning steady income.

Around this time she and her husband divorced. As a single mother, Nancy struggled to provide for her children. With little to no support from her ex-husband, Nancy worked hard to raise her children. There were some very lean years for the family. She didn’t discuss the challenges with the children and they never realized just how dire their circumstances were at times. She later described to her children the dinners consisting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because there was no money for groceries. One story cherished by our family took place on a Sunday evening. After the children were in bed, Nancy fell into despair because she needed to send lunch money to school with her children the next morning and she had no money. As she wondered what she was going to do, a thought came to her that she hadn’t opened the mail recently. As she looked through the mail she found a plain envelope. Upon opening it she discovered it contained a small amount of money, just enough to pay for the children’s lunches, with a note that read “God loves you.” She broke down and cried at this message that God was with her. She never found out who had put the envelope in her mailbox.

After several years Nancy accepted a position at the Department of Labor in Atlanta where she handled claims filed by employees to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Some time later she moved to the Environmental Protection Agency where she eventually served as president of the government employee union before she retired.

Nancy was raised a Presbyterian and attended Catholic school while growing up. She believed in God but wasn’t always a regular church-goer as she felt there was something missing. She tried attending different churches but never found one that felt right to her. She had a friend who invited her to attend his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After turning down several invitations, she decided to give it a try and she and her three children went to church. This was where she found the church that did not have something missing. The missionaries taught the family and they were all baptized on July 23, 1975. Irene was 11 and Johnny and Bobby were 8 years old.

Nancy grew up making many of her own clothes and was an accomplished seamstress. She became interested in family history and did much research on her ancestors, organizing the information into her family tree. She also served as a family history consultant for many years at church where she helped others research their own family histories.

She discovered beading and jewelry making and made a number of fabulous pieces of jewelry. This became quite a big hobby for her. She loved going to bead stores as well as rock & mineral shows to buy new materials for her creations. She met a group of ladies with whom she met at least monthly to talk and bead and they developed close friendships.

Nancy met the love of her life, Fernando Camacho, at church and they were married in 2006 in the Atlanta Temple. For a time it was as though she was a school girl – giddy with love for Fernando!

At the time of her death, Nancy had 14 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren, who called her Geema.

Holidays were always a special time for Nancy and she created many wonderful memories for her children and grandchildren. Her children have fond memories of the wonderful Thanksgiving meals she prepared each year. The children were thrilled each year when the Christmas decorations were brought out and the tree was decorated.

After her children were grown and started having children she created new traditions for her grandchildren. Each year she would host an Easter egg hunt at her house for all the grandchildren. At Halloween she would have a party where all dressed up in costumes, played a few Halloween games and of course ate lots of candy! But perhaps her favorite holiday was Christmas. Each year the family would gather at her home for dinner and gifts. She loved to buy gifts for her children and grandchildren. The grandchildren were always thrilled by the large pile of presents, both from her and from the family gift exchange. During the last few years of her life one of her biggest pleasures was shopping for Christmas presents from the many catalogues she received.

Many of her grandchildren got to experience “Geema dates.” These began when each grandchild turned 8 years old and continued each year after. She would pick up the lucky grandchild and take them out. They would go to see a movie, eat lunch at a restaurant and she would end the “date” by going to a store and letting the birthday child pick out a toy for a present. The younger grandchildren eagerly looked forward to turning 8 so they could go on their own Geema date!

Tragedy struck in 2007 when she had a stroke. She made almost a complete recovery but still struggled at times to find the proper words to express herself. Gradually over the years her struggles grew more frequent and her health began a slow decline. Two years ago she and Fernando moved in with Bobby & Heather where they cared for her until her death.

Her children honor their mother, Nancy, for all the sacrifices she made for us

them as a single mother. They are grateful beyond measure that she made the decision to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as it has affected all their lives for the good ever since. We know that she is at peace and enjoying freedom from the deterioration of her physical body that she lived with for many of her last years. She has been reunited with the father she has dearly missed since his death in 1964, as well as other family members and friends. We are grateful that we were sealed in the temple as a family and know that we will reunite again after this life. When the day comes that each of us are called upon to leave this life we know she will be there waiting to welcome us.