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Beryl Harriet Curry

April 8, 1917August 31, 2020

Beryl was born in Parshall, North Dakota on April 8, 1917. Her mother was an elementary school teacher and her father worked for the railroad. They both loved the Lord and raised Beryl and her younger sister Lila in a home filled with love and joy. Throughout her life, Beryl loved playing games, pets, her family, and found real joy in nature. There was plenty of snow, sagebrush, and sand in Othello where she spent her earliest years. Later in Marysville, she had fun taking trips in her father’s Star Car or on the train to visit relatives. She learned to cook, clean, sew, & even do some carpentry work as the family worked through the depression years. Living in a tent, raising vegetables, and farm animals was fun with the encouragement of loving parents and community support. Church and worship became an important focal point as she committed herself to the Lord and began to dream of becoming a missionary nurse. Her dream/plans started to become a reality as she went to the University of Washington and earned her nursing degree. Not long after, she met her future husband, Frank, as they worked at Harborview (she was a nurse and he was an orderly working on earning his M.D.). It was love at first sight and they were married about a year later on August 11, 1940 at University Presbyterian Church. They were beautifully matched in vision and goals for a God centered life. Laughter and playfulness kept up the spice in their long happy life together (65+ years).

As the children started coming, so did World War II, but after a stint in the Army for Frank (mostly in France) they were able to start making their dreams come true as the war ended. They were sent overseas to India as medical missionaries by the Seattle First Baptist Church and ended up serving almost all their lives in India and the Philippines. Hospitals were built, diseases bodies were healed, but in addition to that, Beryl shared God’s love and her natural compassion and love to all while keeping the family of 6 kids and husband happy. She truly had the gift of genuine interest in others, generosity, and selflessness. Their mission to serve God was fulfilled in so many ways.

In time for retirement they went to live with their daughter Patty and her newly adopted daughter from India. A true and everlasting bond was forged at that time and it was with regret (on daughter’s part) that 7 years later they moved to Judson Park (retirement home). They again became part of the community of senior adults and lived life to the fullest by participating and enjoying many of the activities. Frank preceded Beryl in death; she lived on for many years past his death, continuing to be active, loving her family and community to the max. God and family were so important to her and she was truly a blessing to all. Beryl was also preceded in death by her son Frank Lee. Surviving family members include her children; Bob, Patty, Dave, Priscilla, and Paul; 10 grandchildren and 14 great- grandchildren who remain a part of her legacy. Beryl was cherished and beloved by all.

In lieu of flowers, the family prefers donations to Judson Park Retirement Home’s Benevolent Fund (which helped to cover the costs of Beryl's care in her final years) Checks can be made out to the Judson Park Endowment (with "In memory of Beryl Curry" in the memo line) and mailed to:

Judson Park Retirement Home, 23600 Marine View Dr., S., Des Moines, WA 98198

Alternately, a gift can be given online at https://www.humangoodfoundation.org/ways-to-give/make-a-gift/


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    Thursday, September 17, 2020


Beryl Harriet Curry

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Michael Allen

September 17, 2020

I always remember grandma’s ability to say the right thing at the right time to help your see the whole truth of a situation. Along with her advice she had a practical sense to pull out a piece of gum from her purse when your breath was not on point. She was so good an being invested in the conversation and asking sincere and authentic questions that made you feel important and loved.
She had the patience and a sense of caring for others that will be sorely missed. Most of all, she was truly an example of how to live as Christ in service to others.

Andrew Curry

September 15, 2020

In 1989 I was a freshman at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Every other weekend I would travel by train to visit my grandparents in Mukilteo, WA. It was there my grandmother would share stories with me about their missionary work and adventures around the world. We would play Yahtzee, drink tea, read devotionals and just enjoy each other's company.
I will never forget her heart for serving and looking out for people who were less fortunate. God was her compass in life and she lived to please Him. Christ was always shinning through her life.
Thank you grandma for your example of faithful service, compassion and love. I will miss you but look forward to the day we meet again in Heaven.
Your grandson,

Robert Curry

September 13, 2020

It is so hard to say good bye to our Mom after 103 years of life and 78 years of mothering.
Mom made a decision in her early mothering years that family would come first. So what followed was 6 kids to be raised on the mission fields in India and the Philippines. We all have so many memories. I remember home schooling. How she put up with Lee and me for 3-4 years of Calvert was a miracle! It's probably why some of you were sent to boarding school! The pain in Mom's face as she said good bye to Lee, age 15 and me, age 17, when they left for 5 more years on the mission field and we stayed in the US. I know that look was there each time any one of her children left home.
When I visited Lee just a few days before he passed away - he told me "If the Lord wants me now I am ready to go". That is
exactly what Mom used to say.
Pat, thank you for keeping me up to date and giving Mom your love and time in her later years. Thank you also to Priscilla, Ray,
Dave, Paul and Teena for all you have done. We are all so lucky
to have had Mom in our lives all these years. Bob

Sara Lennerblom

September 12, 2020

Beryl was an amazing lady, my Grandma, that went to be with Jesus on August 31st, 2020. What a legacy of faith in Christ through all life's sorrows, love for others, and prayer dependence she has left. I knew everyday that our growing family was well loved and prayed for by name. Her whole family was loved so well by her as well as were the many that came in contact with her. Many were probably prayed for and didn't even know it! I pray that as I live my life, I will follow in her footsteps and leave a heritage of hope in the gospel for the ones after me.
The world has lost an amazing, generous, adventures soul, but oh what a day of rejoicing she is having in the long awaited arms of her Savior.
Psalm 16:11 " ... in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

Your Granddaughter Sara :)

Priscilla Allen

September 10, 2020

In her later years Mom became increasingly forgetful. Ray and I loved spending time with her. We learned to "just enjoy the moment"!

-Enjoying an iced coffee or chocolate milkshake
-Counting the seagulls on the roof
-Watching the many planes flying over
- Hearing her "POP" her chewing gum
-Singing “You are my Sunshine” or “Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World”
- Rolling and getting a Yahtzee
-Reading the many cards and postcards she received
-Taking naps; then going on a short walk; reminding her to stand up straight and take in deep breaths of FRESH AIR
-Taking her for many drives as she read the signs along the way
-Hugging a tree at Point Defiance State Park
-Coming home with us for the holidays so she could be with her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids
-Showing her how big the California Redwood Burl (BERYL) tree, from her, had grown
-Listening to her words of wisdom, being the recipients of her kindness, her sense of humor, and how easily she welcomed and accepted everyone

We loved to just sit and quietly hold her hand. She blessed us simply by her PRESENCE. We thank her for all her prayers. One of her missionary friends shared that she remembers "BERYLING" which she explained was "doing what Beryl would have done!"

Pat - thank you for loving and caring for Mom. She loved sharing lunch; reading to her from the Bible; and bringing her fresh cut flowers from your garden!

Allow me to share my last MOMENT with Mom on August 20th. Due to Covid-19, fully gowned, gloved, and masked we were allowed 30 minutes each. Pat visited first and thankfully found her pocket talker to communicate and wake her up! During my short visit, we listened to some songs and I spoke to her the words I needed to say. Then she said "I am tired and I need to go to bed." Then squeezing her hand firmly I bent over to tell her I loved her once more, I got four kisses, a delightful smile, and a wave goodbye. Remember and just enjoy the MOMENTS!

Baltazar Nievares

September 9, 2020

It was 1956 when I was introduced to Beryl Curry as their house helper and gardener. I was in third year high school at Filamer Christian Institute,
Roxas City, Philippines . The very first memory I will not forget was seeing and watching Beryl drive a car. In the Philippines at this time there were few vehicles and mostly driven by male drivers. And to see her operate and control the station wagon was to me surprising and overwhelming.
On some saturdays Beryl would order me to prepare drinking water and carry food stuff in the wagon for the family trip to Roxas City beach. There in the mission beach house, she and family spent the day swimming or just passed time away.
W,hen the family went on vacation in Baguio City, Beryl would left me the house and Lady (? ) the dog to care and watch for.
When I graduated high school in 1958 as salutatorian, I was to give a speech before the valedictory address by the valedictorian. I wanted very much my widowed mother to be present but instead she sent my older sister in her behalf. I felt so sad, I cried the whole afternoon before the graduation rites. But just before the ceremony began, my mother appeared. It was later I found out Beryl saw me crying in want of my mother, drove all the way to our barrio and brought my mother in time for graduation ceremony. This was a never- forgotten memory of Beryls kindness and goodness tome and my family.
When I went to university with my half-free tuition as salutatorian plus a work student position at Central Philippine University.sity, Beryl and family supplied me weekly financial allowance for the next five years of my electrical engineering degree. When the family was back in the US for furlough Beryl was sure to keep my weekly allowance through Dr.James Knox who incidentally was our dean of the College of Engineering at that time.
When I moved to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1969, my family visited Frank and Beryl at their residence in California . Rest In Peace Beryl.

Patricia Curry

September 8, 2020

Memories of time spent with my Mom are so very precious. She and Dad wholeheartedly and joyfully came to live with me in Mukilteo as I adjusted to becoming an adoptive Mom to Teena. Such a beautiful example of love and selflessness as my Mom helped with childcare, cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. What a legacy of hospitality and Christian love she exemplified for me.

Then to add blessing upon blessing I was able to help care for her as her abilities diminished while in retirement at Judson Park. She was loved by all who helped care for her and retained her joy and sense of humor despite memory loss. We loved taking our frequent fresh air walks, whether it was to the beach or just outside, and she always had to pick a few daisy like weeds or rocks on our adventures. She saw everything with a sense of wonder and newness and delighted in the sweetness of treats that I would frequently bake for her. She also loved her gum and was well known for her “popping” technique. We could hear her halfway down the hall! Ice cream remained her most special dessert and we would often go up to the solarium and count the number of airplanes flying overhead as we ate. She was so polite and would always say “thank you” for whatever was given.

A special part of our meals together consisted of prayer time and it was always amazing how she said such beautiful, real prayers even though she was unable to carry on conversations. She could always talk to God and we often started with the Lord’s Prayer which was so special to her. Another favorite thing of hers was to listen to me read some of her own stories from her childhood. She wrote such great stories and had so obviously cherished her Lord, her family, and the world at large. She truly left behind a glimpse into her God filled world through her written words. How I’ll miss her!

Teena Curry

September 2, 2020

Over the span of her life my Grandma, Beryl Curry, sent and received lots of letters and cards. God speaks to us through the letters of others, that’s essentially what many of the books of the Bible are, letters. The letters that my Grandmother wrote were filled with wonderful messages to send greetings, share information, bring glory to God, and be a source of inspiration to the readers. So instead sharing about memories of her, I thought I’d share excerpts from a few letters where she's sent greetings, informed me of news, reminded me of God's goodness, and inspired me.

One note, sent to me after when I lived in abroad read "Greetings from DesMoines! Oh how we pour over your news we have enjoyed and do enjoy any and all news”. Another note sent to me when I was away at camp to inform me about what was happening at home, reads “You are missing scouring, cleaning, plumbers, painters, ect and on Thursday the rug cleaner”. I am sure I was happy to have been missing that fun at home.

It was hard to choose just a couple of letters in which my Grandma praised the Lord and inspired, because this was a constant theme in almost every letter. In my 13th birthday card, she wrote “God is the best guide for every aspect of life, just be listening always”. In a card celebrating the anniversary of my arrival from India she wrote “Stay very close to God and be open to His presence to always guide you”.

Finally, I'd like to share one last excerpt that reads like a benediction. She wrote this in birthday card given to me before I left to serve in Peace Corps, it reads, "I'm sure you have an interesting life ahead as do the rest of our family; we are all one family in Jesus. May you be blessed as you seek Him each day”.


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